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And any object at any point in world space, influenced by prevailing in a given point in space, the gravitational field. So movement of all objects in outer space should be considered in the frame where the four known parameters of the measurement is added and the gravitational vector, showing the strength and direction of gravity of the object to the prevailing in the space of the source of gravity. Thus, if we want to know how to build solar system, we need a four-dimensional reference system 'bind' to the vector, shows the strength and direction of pull of the Sun to the center of our galaxy. And in a five-dimensional coordinate system, we can not, along with the righteousness of Copernicus, to recognize the right and Ptolemy, as follows from the special theory of relativity. It is also clear that in such a frame of reference in Einstein was not born to such a mistaken notion as "totally quiescent object '. Newton believed that objects in space move with respect to still the ether. But held at the end of the 19th century by Maxwell experiment to detect an ether wind, which in his opinion, should be manifested at the Earth moves around the sun, gave no positive result. And in early 20th century, Einstein proposed the idea, where the empty space, combined with an empty time, gave rise to an abstract four-dimensional system of space-time frame within which quite simply was solved in the mathematical form the quantitative side of certain processes, but which in principle could not reflect the physics of the processes. Once long ago in Literaturnaya was published the following joke mathematicians.

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