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Mendoza is the Department of Rivadavia, which seems to have been especially created to dazzle tourists, with its amazing landscapes ranging from the harshest deserts to lush and luxuriant vegetation. In this province, the tourism has been extremely benefited by numerous reservoirs and dikes built to make farming in an arid and inhospitable area possible. Rivadavia attractions are good proof of this. The El Carrizal dam emerges as a true oasis in the desert of the voyage. True miracle of life that infuses one breath of fertility to these arid lands by nature, none of the plantations and vineyards that are the pride and the prosperity of the area would be possible without its existence. As well nor any of the modern cellars installed in the vicinity, and receiving tourists with its varied and tempting range of tours, tastings and outdoor activities. Although much of the tourism arrives at the villa El Carrizal to practice sports or activities aquatic.

Proof of this is that many are unaware of even the real name of the village in which they are housed, actually called San Isidro. Such is the influence of the imposing presence of the El Carrizal dam in the area. All sorts of aquatic vehicles circulating by the reservoir. Tourists should only choose what sensations wants to experience that day, to be eligible, e.g., a walk at full speed in jet ski or watercraft, or relax aboard a sailboat. Or maybe, why not, fun aboard a catamaran with music including dance and catering. The dam offers all kinds of options to relax and recharge. The quiet pace of life in his villa wrapped with his benefactor influx of visitors, and nothing is more urgent or important than devote placid afternoons fishing, swimming or family trips, or serene nights contemplating the dike lit by the Moon and the stars.

But in Mendoza, tourism always offers one proposal, and the area of the El Carrizal dam is no exception. Visitors not only You can enjoy aquatic activities. Read more here: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The rugged and delicious scenery that surrounds the dam also invites camping under the stars or take part in horseback riding, walks, mountain hiking or trekking circuits. Original author and source of the article

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