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Who currently takes up loans to buy a house or an apartment, comes as cheap money like never before. St. Gallen, 17.10.2013. The world has seen where that can lead. Monetary expansion of by central banks does not cause inflation, which only makes itself felt in a row by rising prices already the inflation which is monetary expansion. The money will be devalued by printing always new. This in turn weakens the people’s confidence in the currency.

They will spend their euros because they fear their bills could be worth it soon less. The money will flow into the markets and pushing up prices at the height. If then still borrowing we are in the midst of a largely uncontrolled inflation. The irrational exuberance is clearly evident: Dax and Dow Jones climbed to new highs, the indexes marked even the highest level in its history and are thus in the fast lane. According to the “Handelsblatt”, the analysts have their earnings Outlook for 22 of the 30 companies in the last quarter in the Leading index decreased.

Still be the prices through the roof. But it seems the stock markets to go splendidly. This fact can be attributed only to one: the financial markets by central banks worldwide doping. Contrary to all expectations, the Fed wants to without stifling its monetary policy, but continue monthly pumps 85 billion US dollars in bonds and real estate papers, to stimulate the U.S. economy. What is reason for some people to the joy, drives savers, however, worry lines on the face. They are the clear losers of this development. Thanks to low interest rates, which prescribe the banks with the flood of money the monetary authorities, their assets decreased continuously. If you look at the General level of interest rates, the savings of many people are already eaten by inflation. This in turn could lead to significant gaps in retirement. The workers, savers and pensioners, which financial assets, insurance benefits and pensions will be inflated away among the losers so. The Alliance has to do this recently a frightening number is calculated: the low interest rate policy of the ECB cost savers alone in the year 2012 5.8 billion in the balance. The clear winner, however, are the investment banks, which get their money at no cost. The monetary authorities will not put aside so its plan to stimulate the economy with the music press, foreseeable. Until further notice, the savers thus stuck in the case of interest. For more information,

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