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During the last ten years, the chronic degenerative diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer, among others) have been the cause of death of about 35 million people in the world (1). Gymnast spoke with conviction. Cardiovascular diseases account for 30% of global mortality and reduce by 10% the years of healthy life. In Mexico, are within the first five causes of death (2). Various scientific studies have shown that a healthy diet can help prevent these diseases (3). After epidemiological studies found that the Greenland Eskimos (comprising diets rich in Omega 3 fatty acids) have lower rates of cardiovascular disease (5) emerged the hypothesis that their regular consumption could reduce cardiovascular risk and have been identified as functional foods. From this hypothesis, clinical studies, epidemiological and observation have shown that habitual consumption of fatty acids omega 3 have beneficial effects in the reduction of the concentration of lipids, blood pressure and the risk of death in patients with known heart disease (3). The name is les gives to this type of fatty acids is because they have a double ligation of carbon in the third position from the omega end and its usage has been recommended by the American Heart Association as part of the preventive guidelines of cardiovascular diseases (4). Two mechanisms by which Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the concentrations of lipids (particularly triglycerides) have been found in animal studies: the first is through the decrease of synthesis and hepatic secretion of VLDL particles through the inhibition of different factors of transcription of enzymes, and the second is through these fatty acids increase the activity of lipase lipoproteinicawhich leads to an increase in the removal of the quilimicrones (6). This type of suffering patients should look for milk without cholesterol Alpura has a specialized milk without cholesterol in order to prevent or treat any cardiovascular disorder. Milk is a food which is one of the best sources of protein which contains all the essential amino acids (those who must necessarily consume diet) and, as it is well known, is one of the best sources of calcium.

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