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The active ingredient of rice-specific is included in the Amata care capsules. The new supplement of rice bran and rice bran oil is now available in all pharmacies. Munich, June 8, 2009 since June there is in all German pharmacies a supplement with Gamma oryzanol. In recent months, olympics has been very successful. An active ingredient which occurs only in the rice and can significantly reduce the cholesterol and blood lipids. The natural ingredient stimulates the metabolism in a natural way for the muscle formation and has a digestive. Under the name of Amata care of Pemium, by community Pharma Vertriebs GmbH & co. KG in 82041 Munich, now also in Germany a new supplement offers.

The capsules, with the Pharmazentralnummer PZN 5039171, available at the pharmacy. Active ingredient of the product is Gamma oryzanol. A vegetable fat, called also added phytosterols, which occurs only in the rice. It can significantly reduce the cholesterol and blood fat levels and protect the cardiovascular system. Keep seems a digestive and prevents fatigue. Gamma-oryzanol as a natural ingredient of rice germ oil stimulates the metabolism of muscle formation. It is not about anabolic steroids or hormones.

The product was developed active substance of 500 g rice in a capsule of Mrs. Dr. Somrudee Aursudkij, a renowned Thai doctor. It is recommended daily intake 2 capsules of 1. The active substance of 500 g jasmine rice is contained in a capsule. In Japan, Gamma-oryzanol is used for almost 40 years due to the antioxidant effect as medicine. The active ingredient complex is obtained from rice bran and rice bran oil. For Muslim consumers suitable the capsules are manufactured from vegetarian-raw materials and free of genetic engineering. This user that would waive a dosage form of animal origin due to their diet or their religion, can easily take the product. Amata care capsules have the halal certificate and are suitable for Muslim consumers. Importer of Amata care capsules is the thailanidsche company of CTF, Branch Office Germany. The manufacturer, the Amata International public co., Ltd. is a Thai group has so far been in Asia, Oceania and America. The company has leading-edge research technologies and occupies leading positions in its key products. The portfolio comprises products for health, personal care and cosmetics. The founded in 2001, Amata Group employs almost 1000 people and generated revenues of $47 million in 2007.

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