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Should athletes boycott the Olympics in China? Due to the unrest in Tibet voices have become lately, often loud, calling for a boycott of this year’s Olympic Games in China. Even the EU Parliament President Hans-Gert Pottering, has now pulled a boycott into account if no talks with the Dalai Lama will lead the Chinese Government. “Signals of communication fail, I think boycotts justified”, said Pottering. “We want successful games – but not at the price of the cultural genocide of the Tibetans, Lama speaks of the Dalai”, so Pottering.Am Wednesday will advise the European Parliament about the situation in Tibet, Pottering promised. “I urge the EU, to speak in defense of human rights in Tibet with one voice.” But not even the athletes who have been training a year, if not even years, for the Olympic Games, should have a voice? Finally, there are their Olympic Games.

Of course can you deny that the human rights and freedom of the press in China are not considered. It is also known that the Chinese Government does whatever it takes to prevent an “education” in terms of democracy. However, help people. Take only Google. The search engine has settled to a filtered version of China.

From this version, all topics or search results have disappeared in the area of democracy, human rights and freedom of the press. Can you tolerate something like this and allow? In my opinion not. But back to the Olympic Games. I believe the Olympic Games should not be boycotted. Because who else can as the sports connect people and draw attention to grievances. Our athletes and all others could help to make also the rest of the world, perhaps far too long has seen off, attention to these circumstances. I can’t find the possible absence at the opening ceremony, which some athletes have already indicated that as a solution. At this opening ceremony will the eyes of the world on China, and the athletes be directed. There, the athletes that their clear decline compared to the behavior of the Chinese Government chance to show and to clarify that are not satisfied them with the contempt of for human rights have. Something has to happen, so much is clear. However, it should be remembered that the boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow has brought nothing. Sports has nothing to do with politics, and should also not be used as a bargaining chip. Sports builds bridges. We need to see that they put down roots. Lisa Walters

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