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In Hong Kong, flew the equestrian about the obstacles directly to gold. There were not only top-trained horses, but also the air pad surprise under the saddle. In addition to fitness, motivation, and perfect preparation the Olympic champion put on a revolutionary and innovative world novelty by medical horse product (MHP): the air-pad surprise. Behind that a saddle pad made of high-tech foam, which picks up the body heat of the horse and adapts to the horse’s back like a second skin. The rider weight is optimally distributed on the back and absorbed, the result is a noticeable performance improvement of horses. In addition to the reduction of backaches, saddle constraints and pressure points on the horse, positive effects even when the rider: spinal disc problems can be significantly improved.

Also double gold medalist Hinrich Romeike (Nubbel) is convinced of the air-pad surprise. With his Holstein wonder mold of Marius, he directed the successful course of his career in Hong Kong. For several months, Romeike used the pad while jumping. Be Team-mate Peter Thomsen (Kleinwiehe) has collaborated in the past two years largely on the development of the air-pad surprise and always brought the pad: my horses feel good and go loose, and the saddles are also problematic back better. Thus, we ride all our horses in dressage, jumping, and terrain. The air-pad surprise is designed in close collaboration with top athletes for the different needs of dressage, show jumping and versatility horses. A variant for Western saddles Salzmann one of Germany’s most successful Western riders currently in collaboration with Oliver, developed.

The shelling of the air-pad suprise consists of a high-quality and sturdy-enabled material that is free of dirt and water repellent and Fluorocarbon coated (washable up to 60 ). The air-pad surprise comes with a Slipcover of your choice. The surprise of air-pad fits under most common saddle sizes and is available in various strengths (25 and 30 mm). Also individual Special designs are possible. The recommended retail price is 129,-incl. shipping. See for more information about the air-pad surprise.

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