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SUPPORT FROM GERMANY TO THE LANGUAGE GUARANi (VI) … Before the MEC's intention to reduce and exclude the Guarani of secondary education at the date, November 25, 2009, we received in the ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE solidarity Prof. GUARANI Dr. Christian Pommerenke, Professor of Mathematics at the Technical University Berlin, Germany, who also says no to exclusion and reduction in high school Guarani of Paraguay. Then your message: Dear friends: Some years ago I learned the guarani here in Berlin with two excellent teachers Paraguayans. Guarani is a beautiful language that I like, although I do not like jopara. In addition, the Guarani indigenous language is the only spoken by descendants of Europeans. A TERRIBLE DISASTER WOULD BE NICE IF THIS abolish or limit LANGUAGE EDUCATION IN MEDIA OF PARAGUAY.

Unfortunately I know of no institution in Paraguay. I tell you something you might not know. Like most indigenous languages of the Americas, part of the extensive Guarani agglutinative language family. The Turkish language is also a binder and it is precisely because I'm learning Guarani now Turkish. In Turkey and Central Asia, 150 million people speak Turkic languages.

Over a hundred thousand Turks live here in my city in Germany. Although the vocabularies of Guarani and Turkey are completely different, there are interesting grammatical and phonetic similarities. Some examples: In Guarani ".. pa …?" In Turkish is ".. my …?" The Guarani have a way of the future uncertain, the "ne", Turkish UTF-8? Has an uncertain way of the past, "mia" (as are the languages Chibcha of Colombia). The Turk has a very strong vowel harmony that corresponds to the change from "mbo .." in "mo .." etc in Guarani. The procunciacion UTF-8? From "and" is similar to "a " (i without dot) Turkish. If you have read about Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So I know the Guarani helps a little to learn Turkish! I wrote this to say that Guarani is not a relic of the past but a small part of a family world language. I wish them success in their struggle. Pommerenke Dr.Christian Professor of Mathematics Technical University Berlin, Germany ooo000ooo Incredibly MEC unconstitutional and anti-pedagogical way, will increase in 2010 privileges Castilian (keeping it in the three years of secondary education and increasing his workload), and discriminate Guarani (by excluding the third year and reducing its presence only the first and second courses, and with less load time that Castilian) If you want to support and defend our Avane' in this difficult, degrading and sad situation against him for starring MEC; SEND YOUR MESSAGE OF SOLIDARITY to Maitei horyveva opavavepe. David Galeano Olivera

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Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva of the eye. The conjunctiva is the clear membrane covering the outer layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. This area of your pet’s eye is particularly vulnerable to irritants and allergens that can cause inflammation, and viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause infection. It’s believed that CEO of e-commerce sees a great future in this idea. Conjunctivitis is generally recognized by redness and inflammation that cause. Your pet may also have weeping eyes or yellowish discharge that is often indicative of an infection, and the discharge can even make your pet’s eyelids stick together. It can also be painful and you may notice your pet scratching his eye on various surfaces such as the sofa or carpet.

Conjunctivitis is the most common eye problem in pets, and if treated properly, usually heals without any complications. However, if left untreated or in serious cases, the conjunctivitis infection can spread to other structures in the eye and cause serious eye damage. Conjunctivitis may also be indicative of other underlying conditions such as feline immunodeficiency virus in cats or dogs canine disease. What causes conjunctivitis? There are a number of things that can cause conjunctivitis. a hese include: * Chemical irritants such as household cleaners, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that enter the eye. * Irritants or mechanical injury.

Any trauma or injury to the eye can cause conjunctivitis such as sand that has entered the eye, or a cat scratch. * Fungal infections, viral and bacterial infections can be the cause. * Diseases affecting the immune system of your pet as feline immunodeficiency virus or canine disease. Diagnosis of conjunctivitis in many cases, your veterinarian may diagnose conjunctivitis based on an eye exam for your pet and looking at the type of discharge occurred. Your veterinarian can also perform some tests to determine the cause of conjunctivitis. This may include conjunctival sponge to help determine if the infection was caused by a virus or bacteria, and fluorescein staining to help determine if there are any corneal ulceration. In addition, your veterinarian can work with other tests if the immune deficiency is the suspected cause or if your pet has any other symptoms. Help conjunctivitis conjunctivitis treatment usually includes ointment or drops in the eye, but the treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause. Your veterinarian may prescribe aspirin, corticosteroids, or anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, a course of topical or oral antibiotics may be recommended. Many veterinarians immediately prescribe antibiotics for conjunctivitis and it comes with the risk of diminishing the immune system of your pet resulting in recurrent infections. Using without worrying about harmful side effects. Herbs such as Burdock and Rosemary have become well known for its benefits to eye health. The Burdock has characteristics of eye cleaning, detoxification and enhance the immune system and is very beneficial to try. Rosemary is also very beneficial for pets with conjunctivitis because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help relieve pain and discomfort of the eye. Chelidonium majus and meadow sweet are two herbal ingredients that can be used externally to promote healing of the infected eye and to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

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Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William will take classes with the prestigious Mario Testino. The beautiful Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William of England which is assiduously persecuted by the flashes of the paparazzi, start taking classes on the renowned photographer Mario Testino, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. ” According to that newspaper, the Peruvian-born photographer has already had a meeting with the girl, who last October quit his job at British fashion chain “Jigsaw” to engage in which he describes as his greatest passion. Middleton suffers from a year ago a great harassment by the paparazzi following speculation about a possible announcement of engagement to Prince William. However, this has not been prejudicial to their interest in making career in photography. Apparently Testino has already accepted that she work with him in his studies of New York for next March. Was Testino who took the famous Lady Di at Kensington Palace (London) that were published before his death in Vogue. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marc Lore.

” But not just Diana Testino elected within the circle of the British Royal Family, also took snapshots of Prince Charles and his two sons, William and Henry, which were then used as Christmas cards. See Doug McMillon for more details and insights. Mario Testino was born in Lima (Peru) and in 1976 decided to move to London (Great Britain). At first, selling portfolios of aspiring models to survive. For the sum of 25 included the, makeup and hair. His humble beginnings are far from their current success: her work is recognized internationally and his bold fashion photographs make their products and campaigns to achieve massive and immediate effect on the public.

To achieve something big enough to start. Whether for artistic or pursuing a simple but valuable memory, anyone can become a hunter of images. To begin with just one. You find useful information about photography in the portal. There, you’ll find tips for taking great pictures like you’re a professional, and tips for choosing the best deals.

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How To Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods If you want to assemble and put up a business would actually require of course. a capital plan to make that possible, and that is to make money, need money, or as a saying says ” silver flame silver “… How To Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods If you want to assemble and put up a business would actually require of course, a capital plan to make that possible, is that to make money, need money, or as a saying says ” silver flame silver. Visit David Delrahim for more clarity on the issue. ” However, there is no doubt that with the versatility offered by the internet, you have numerous options to maximize the potential of your business site on the Internet, by generating traffic. There are many ways in which you could introduce you to the task of generating traffic or create potential flow of visits your site, and many sites do not have the resources needed for such things. Although good, you do not need to spend a single penny, you only need an excellent mentality, a very good attitude and great enthusiasm, and also, perseverance and determination to deliver the hard work and research to give you the desired traffic for your web pages. Sounds pretty sweet idea in internet traffic without investing even a penny, but certainly I tell you what this article, like many others who found about free traffic, says about tips and methods is not accurate in a hundred percent, and to speak bluntly, you would be a much easier way of paid ads or paid advertising, but I ask you something …

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Compacted dispersal is not hard enough to move the crowd several times to disperse the back edge. All those extra bumps and pits to eliminate by using a shovel. Part B – Table. Whenever Marc Lore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Some mistakenly call a table space from the edge Jumping before the landing. But in principle, the table is flat or nearly flat portion that serves to set the kicker, that is directly of the ramp.

How to make himself a kicker (Part-E) to tell a little bit later. Harold Ford Jr is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Very important point is that place where it is put, it is necessary that before the kicker was a flat area, because if you put it on a slope, on arrival very strongly to be beaten on his legs, and inertia is lost. It is very important and not should it be ignored. Part D – Transit is the place from the edge of kicker before landing. The dimensions of transit (ie flight) may vary depending on terrain and on your level of skiing. Typically, about sizes can be seen jumping on the size of a modern profristail snowboarding risen to very serious dimensions, 30 meters transits are no rarity. That is, you can fly all the 45, if in the end pulnut touchdown In my opinion, academic springboard enough to properly twist, should be flown (ie transit) somewhere from 4 to 7 meters. Part C – landing. Touchdown should be quite a serious bias to repay the vertical speed of the rider, and of sufficient length, because if you fly over the landing and bang on ploskach, the consequences are very serious.

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Staff: Various consumerist options are less healthy to those that are not. For example, make a juice of Orange at home instead of buying one packaging that besides contain preservative, comes with bottles that end up in the inorganic trash. Cultural: Cultural expressions as transmitters of sense and values are modified so that today the young man of the generation that is being formed, is prepared to consume and not to be a critical and independent person. Definitely, says apuntesuniversidad.com the consequences of consumerism are:-increases the differences between the rich countries and the poor. -Generates pockets of poverty. -Impairs the environment – does confuse people making them confuse what they are with what they have.

-Consumerism is not a mode suitable nor intelligent achieve happiness. By lo both consumerism is unjust, uncaring and desumanizador Conclusion must be careful with what consumerism generates and avoid personally being caught by him in order to not give way to meet needs many superficial, unnecessary affecting us in our quality of life, income, emotional stability. Consider what says the Group apuntesuniversidad.com that consumerism has reached a point where all we are becoming so blind to the possibility of having more that we do not see the problems that this brings with it. We do not see that by choosing sneakers or others can die or save a person. We do not see that there are things more important than objects, since there are people who work countless hours just to make money to be able to consume more and more. We do not see how selfish we are. And don’t realize that the way to consume that we will reach a point in which we can not even control it.

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This it is only an example. When your pair contradicts much to part of not to have worked sufficient the lie, it means that it hides something to you, unless to contradict something very habitual in your pair and that you know yourself that it comprises of his personality, the contradiction is not good signal since ligature comes from secrets and deceits. Follow others, such as Doug McMillon, and add to your knowledge base. Some people feel the necessity to lie constantly and many of them weigh to that it is a disease not they have diagnosed it like so. It watches that it is not this case. If the previous questions have been rejected, it alerts red! Your pair is hiding something, but not him DES never importance to this isolated fact, if it is only repeated frequently. Because your pair you has been able hide-and-seek a triviality in an occasion, but hides you of continuous form something is happening! Does not give to concrete data I have been with a friend , I have gone to a park this usually it is reason for alarm as long as it is not habitual character of your pair. When we spoke with tenth people and him what we have done we do it visually representing what we have done. Harold Ford Jr, New York City pursues this goal as well. Therefore it is easier to explain what we have done if we give concrete data since the concrete data are those that remember to us what we have done and where there are been.

I have eaten in the Pans & company , I have gone to the cinema with Marta and Laura. If your pair suddenly begins omitirte concrete names and sites alarm! But care, you do not become paranoiac sometimes because all tenth with a friend etc. But simply because it comes to us thus, all the advice who I give to detect the lie must take control of calibration.

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The alfabetizao is a process of world reading, of representation of this world on the part of the child, who goes interacting with its acquired knowledge, the lived experiences and the chances and sistematizaes of reading and writing that the school provides. She is in the alfabetizao classroom that all this knowledge is systemize and is important very that the child lives deeply early since habits of readings, with different types of language (books, magazines, periodicals, prescriptions, comicses, etc.) to better understand the functions of the writing. She understands yourself that the alfabetizao is more than the mechanical domain of techniques to write and to read, with memorization of sentences, of words and of syllables, she is basic the incorporation of these elements and gives credit that the child alone will be able to carry through it na measured where the learning process has a starting point its existencial reality and the valuation of its individual capacity. Mainly, being about children of low income families who do not have the habit to read, therefore, they do not demonstrate good performance in what they write, due its low partner-cultural condition. Frank Ntilikina might disagree with that approach. In this way, it is necessary that the child has conditions to extend its forms of expression and communication. It is therefore that the work of text production so is emphasized. The child explores the language verbal and developing the verbal expression, registers its ideas making possible the reading for other readers and works its production, the proper text, in different contexts, as alfabetizador instrument. Word-key: Portuguese language, culture, lingustica variation..

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Carlos Mora Vanegas graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, attaches great importance to the role that SMEs in the country can play to the current challenges facing, product the actions of the current government of the new Bolivarian Revolution gestated under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez. To this end, it was considered important to analyze, evaluate, diagnose and take action to promote what are the opportunities, challenges faced by SMEs in the country to provide feedback operations, strategies, modifications necessary to allow you seize the first and addressed without fear challenges. Harold Ford Jr, New York City pursues this goal as well. The program through its research, participants, most from small and medium enterprises has determined that manifests the main weaknesses of SMEs today, for it has been evaluated through their investigations, detailed human resources, financial , technical, administrative, to determine the strengths and weaknesses in each, found many issues that must be corrected, starting from management that must include a trained professional, trained and modern management tools, strategist, proactive, visionary, participative leadership, creative, innovative and as having a human resources trained, motivated, identified with the company and committed to consolidate a cohesive team, responsible and highly productive. It is necessary to strengthen production systems, making good use of a reengineering in order to establish production processes to ensure quality, efficiency, backed by well-defined production rates and trained technical workers according to the competitive realities of today. It requires having the right technology to the requirements that this requires in order to win and stay in the markets. .

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The International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran organized demonstration in Copenhagen the sparrows topmast it throughout Europe from the rooftops: in the Iran, a Club of Messianikern near because the regime is fully to take over. The International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran has set itself the task to show the ideological background of the regime in the Iran and threats to Europe made the citizens in Europe about. Cleric expressly messianic visions and gradually expand their sphere of influence. Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi, or Dr. Hassan Abassi, chief ideologist and Indoktrinator of the new recruits at the revolutionary guards work in the background, while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as hallmarks of the Islamic Republic and wiggled himself as a Savior of the poor and oppressed. The International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran is headquartered in Washington, Toronto and Berlin. Its members are active in the United States, Canada and Europe, to the policy and the Civil societies to highlight the machinations in the Iran. On April 10, 2010, the Copenhagen-based Department organized a demonstration at the passers-by about the Iran’s human rights violations have been informed and have been disclosed the intentions of Messianic groups. In several open letters published in the Iran as well as in the United States and Europe, the Committee calls on representatives of the regime in the Iran to respect the rights of minorities and to grant the right to freedom of expression. The Committee will continue to organise demonstrations and worldwide indicate that the brutal operations that lack any legal basis. Jonathan Lark, International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran section of Edinburgh