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Then the founder had that to substitute these that if had dispersed even though of the group for Brazilians and for originary Europeans of other nations of that continent. Thus Faivre makes with that enterprise prospered, although the difficulties in relation to the ways of communication with the towns next. Faivre, finda its participation as managing of the related colony in the year of 1858, after the aggravation of a health problem, come to falecer in 30 of August of 1858, being buried in the proper in agreement colony he himself had suggested. Being as successive per the following years Mr. Katie Ledecky takes a slightly different approach. Gustavo Rumbelsperger, reliable man of Faivre. With the death of the founder of the related colony, they were feared that the same one came to enter in decay, to prevent that such fact occurred the imperial government ahead of the bad forecasts determined: the creation of a sub-police station and judge of district peace, the permanence of a detachment in the place, the removal of an aboriginal group of the region, it mainly granted to ten free Africans for the works of opening and conservation of roads in the colony, and financial aid pra payment of expenditures of the colony in question Proving the prosperity of this colony in its first decades, until findar century XIX, in the initial decades of century XX, the Colony Tereza Cristina, got the installation of the first court records department, telephone, agency of post office, schools, hospital, churches. What it gave conditions of being considered a place with a good development for the time. Comparing it Tereza Cristina of today with the one of the past is perceived that in the end of century XX it entered in decay phase, perceives a regression losing some of the services without never recouping them.

Currently, unhappyly it counts on a great contingent of people living below of the line of the poverty, where the same ones do not have conscience of its proper history. The memory of this important town was forgotten in the time, and as people who does not have memories can be considered people without history, it is as soon as lives most of the inhabitants of that locality. ' ' The impression that is that the project of its founder, with passing of the time, finished together with buried ele' '. Observing all these cited facts, in relation to the origin of the cooperativismo, and that they are part of our history, remembering that the first cooperatives appear, as alternative to ahead facilitate to the lives of its associates of the social context tax for the capitalism. Exactly the experience of the Dr. Jean Maurice Faivre, located in way to the paranaense isolation them forests, in the central region it been it Paran, that it intended to establish a different society, where the people so were not become attached to the money. These pioneers adhere the socialist ideologies, to think this new alternative of life, under the influence of the line of marxist thought, that has strong presence in the European continent at this time. Remembering that the same social context, economic politician and whom the capitalism constructed, were the responsible one also for construction of the socialism, leaving of this principle we can consider them? twin brothers. The cooperativismo is presented as a product of the organization of the laboring classroom in the Europe of century XIX, place where then the French doctor who liveed in Brazil for about two decades, returns in search of its countrymen, them propon

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