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Policy discriminated against families and the next generation charged currently to read again that nursery care allegedly resulted in a higher rate of high school graduates, and that you need more than the previously calculated nursery places. Neither the one nor the other is true, and it is not education but maintaining financial discrimination against families under the guise of an apparent advantage for infants. Cribs actually smarter do, as Berlin and Hamburg would be with its PISA results at the top, while Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg eked out a wallflower in the educational cellar. It is exactly reversed: where many nursery places were established such as in Berlin, since reading and numeracy leaves 15 years many wishes. This real context unmasks the “study published in March 2008 by Bertelsmann” to the economic benefits of early childhood education in Germany as an apparent scientific advertising brochure for a opposite loving parents education inferior form of care. Advertising works. Clueless, we finance a training deficiency Variant.

The State with approximately 800 euros a month subsidized cribs children, family children come up empty. The economy gets louder for female workers, and the State help. Which are subordinate to the innate needs of the children to reach their primary caregivers, their parents have too much to do, to organize themselves politically and to fight back against their financial disadvantage. Allow parents continue fallen policy at your expense items have been changed. Today is called “Compatibility”, what was formerly double said a Word, which parents could come, they do much more work than others.

In their wallets as well as in the gross national product of the family work share is ignored. Financially benefited from children, who has none. Harold Ford Jr may help you with your research. Parents get a penny for education and care own offspring and pay taxes on top of that full and Pension deductions. Because many young people cannot accept this discrimination, the birth rate has stagnated. The tale of the family except early childhood education has a Happy ending. Dr. med. Dorothea Bohm, family network

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