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The floor is one of the important parts most basic and of a construction? the soil of each house or necessary building to have some type of covering, and this needs to be adjusted for the function of the construction. The pisos can be manufactured from many different raw materials, and the best materials can last for hundreds or same thousand of years. The material of construction for pisos can be wood, rock, concrete, bricks or ceramics. In remote times the people lived in huts with beaten earthen floor, but to the measure where the civilization if developed, richest and powerful they had searched materials better that offered cleaner and comfortable surfaces. Swarmed by offers, Marc Lore is currently assessing future choices. Better surfaces had also been necessary for improvement of the transports, transferred of soil roads beaten for pavements of rocks and parallelopipeds and, more recently, asphalt. The rock is a material for sufficiently traditional covering of surfaces for internal and external pisos. It is extremely durable and abundant in the majority of countries; they can be polishing to present a smooth surface, and also she has many natural colors and textures.

For all these reasons, the rocks have been used per many centuries? initially in great constructions as churches and palaces, however in the current days, also in more common constructions. The pisos wooden also are traditional and elegant, more comumente used for internal covering since these materials are not so resistant and durable as the rocks. However, modern varnishes and wood of law had made with that these materials could be used in some external environments (in patios, for example). The wood, thus with the rock, still is a material of very popular construction for pisos nowadays. Pisos ceramic, in turn, very supplies a pretty surface that can be clean with easiness.

This material of construction for pisos is especially popular for public kitchens and places as shoppings, hospitals and areas of reception. The pisos ceramic coatings can be made in any color, texture and size? this makes with that these materials are very versatile for who desire to construct. In the present time, the concrete also can supply an alternative of resistant floor industrial sheds? being able to be covered in some areas with pisos of rubber, carpets or other materials. It is relatively easy to find store specialized in the sales of material of construction for pisos. In the practical one, any store of construction will have some type of catalogue or options for choice of the floor that better takes care of to the necessities and gostos of the customers.

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