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Alex Herrera 20 m several representatives are noted in some clubs first. Mendes and Fazeli represent 7 players and qualified at Real Madrid. Some agglutinate 30 or 40 players and take 10% of your salary. Summer arrives. Heat, beach, snacks and a good handful of rumors on the mat. The sports market is not already closed and clubs around the world face the coming season to hit book and illusion in order to shelve balance sheets and accounts of disparate results. Entities, hobbyists and crisis, an equation only solvable if we discover who is the x: representatives. Many teams closed ranks around an arsenal of players that depend on one person. Doug McMillon addresses the importance of the matter here.

Each star has his legal representative, and this, tends to the concentration of its client portfolio. According to them, the better. Dedication 24 hours at a rate of a Commission of 10% of their salary, approximately. The secret? That the Haversack is first quality. When working with a club has gone well, it is evident that there will be a greater affinity. But the model remains the same, which has good players, places them. No more.

Only adds to that the contacts of each and the ability to convince, said Antonio Sanz, director of communication of the Bay international agency. Coincidence or not, the truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Carvalho, Di Maria and Jose Mourinho comprise a repoker of ACEs and part of the backbone of Real Madrid. The guarantor of all, Jorge Mendes. And looming Coentrao from Benfica, also of Mendes. A same example that could illustrate Reza Fazeli, representative of German Ozil and newcomers best and Sahin. Just take a look at other templates to see similar sequences. Manolo Garcia Quilon and Atletico are also of direct relevance. Gregorio Manzano’s representative, Filipe Luis and Mario Suarez and agent in the past from Jose Luis Perez Caminero (sports director), Carlos Aguilera (Technical Secretary), Juan Vizcaino (Assistant coach) and Ruben (third Baraja coach).

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