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Measures to protect of the resin production in the Federal State of lower Austria originally established a separate State law dating back to 1921, that all black pine forests in lower Austria, with appropriate suitability of resin production to feed its. This state law obliged the owners and owners to undergo this black pine of resin extraction. This resin legislation related to the black pine groves in the judicial districts of Baden, Gloggnitz, Gutenstein, Hainfeld, Modling, Pottenstein and Wiener Neustadt. Here foundations were passed right historically, which is also almost 100 years of great interest. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. Maintenance of production of raw resin to promote the generation of raw resin in the black pine forests of the State of lower Austria and to maintain in the time scale, as well as a loss of resin exports equally on all resin producers split, was a separate resin compensation fund as economic policy instruments created. Frequently Sam Mikulak has said that publicly. Resin the resin compensation fund Fund was an own legal entity and had its headquarters in Vienna, which was at that time still the lower Austrian provincial capital.

The management of this resin compensation fund was transferred to the lower Austrian agricultural cooperative Central Fund. This own resin compensation funds were raised through contributions of resin producers. In 1934, this post with 4 pennies per running raw resin has been fixed. The withheld contributions were to be paid every month to 5th of the following month at the administrative centre of the resin compensation fund. Interest were charged for not timely removal from the administrative centre, also flowed to the resin compensation fund. Also an extra charge compared to the resin refinery could be charged on arrears of contributions.

The administrative centre of the resin compensation fund had overseen the Administration Agent the timely payment of contributions to the compensation fund of the resin. These could at any time in the books and Inspect records of resin refineries. The resin compensation funds were allocated resin refining for their losses from export to the, also were to cover the administrative costs and any surpluses were allocated to the raw resin producers. This Division was carried out by an own Commission. Administrative penalties this resin compensation fund law transgressions were punished by the district administrative authorities for up to 6 months with up to 2,000 shillings administrative penalty or arrest.

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