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If you think that blogs are not for your business, then you should consider this very seriously. Many people simply don’t use the blog, because they see these as if they were daily website, and do not know that they are losing a lot of traffic, and hence no longer earn big money. Are you in this group? The blog is much more than simply web journals. They are actually a system of content management, whose system allows an easy publication in different formats, text, audio, video, etc. They also have the capability of having an RSS Feed that is like having a powerful traffic magnet. I have prepared this article to indicate these 7 reasons why every company must have a blog and an RSS feed. 1. The publication of a blog updated regularly helps you stay in touch with your existing audience and / or customer base.

You can publish updates, news, or thoughts on his blog, as well as answer questions. 2. A blog can help to attract new customers. The post on your blog (articles, thoughts, updates, etc.), will become the magnet for search engines in order to attract new customers. This will make visitors from seeing your blog as another qualified place where to return to search for information. 3 Blogs and RSS feeds are often in a higher range than traditional web sites search engines. To the search engines they love blogs and RSS feeds; If the design of your blog is adequate, then every time that update you the search engines they will be notified.

Even if you don’t regularly use ping, most search engines will return to review your blog more often. In addition a blog itself organising lends itself to tracking and good ranking in search engines.

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