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The related author argues, in an article published in 1998, that: (…) the landscapes possess symbolic meanings because they are the product of the appropriation and transformation of the environment for the man. (…) all the landscapes are symbolic, although the linking between the symbol and what it represents (its referring one) to be able to seem tenuous. (…) (the symbolism) it serves to the intention to reproduce cultural norms and to establish values of dominant groups for all the society (COSGROVE 1998, P. 108 and 106). Credit: Frank Ntilikina-2011.

As one of the boarded points in the project it is centered in the agreement of as the user sees and feels the spaces and services offered for the terminals, needs, thus, to bring to tona the quarrel on landscape, and, as Cosgrove (1998) places above in the citation, to try to understand which the meaning of the terminals for they frequent that them, that is, spaces that stop are seen under the optics of the transports, for others the services and existing relations in the interior of the terminals are perceived by. Centering part of the quarrel proposal for the project, I understand that the space conceptualization becomes indispensable the elaboration and agreement of the ocorrentes relations, for in such a way, has the necessity of if appealing the authors who if detach in the production of works that deal with the subject. For Saints (1985), the elements that the space composes are structuralized by its papers, its states, relations and conditions and not for the particular and physical representation. The space structure more as an event that a physical element, endowed with concrete structure.. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak contains valuable tech resources.

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