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The paper of the professor of science and biology tends to supply to evidences and relevance of education. The searching professor, a perpetual apprentice, is based on the participativo plan and democratic assumeing the role of orienting and mediating professor, understanding that he has three levels or three you make continued and in connection: scientific initiation; understanding of science: scientific education. Thus the pupil must receive compatible mental and material stimulaton with the intentions and position from science, recognizing scientific methods, being capable to make comments of phenomena and the nature, to identify and to formulate problems. The pupil must be capable to transform problems of the daily one into research. To the end of average education engloba the education in general.

For what if it learns of Hennig, in the process of education and learning will have an individual scientifically educated and a scientific educator whom it will have acquired, evolved and applied the scientific thought. scientific education is, therefore the object biggest of the education of sciences. (HENNIG, 1998, P. 49-51). A professor (a) who teaches its pupil (a) to write, to read, to interpret and to problematizar perpetual will be remembered by educating with gratitude. In the truth if he does not learn in the graduation because already not if wise person in basic education and average education. Therefore always he will have relevance or influence of the science education. All scientist must make scientific spreading, therefore without it she will not have weight in the academic resume. It is of basic importance that professore of science and biology they also divulge in the school so that the pupils, parents professors, employees and too much actors of the community can reach, informing of its scientific knowledge. According to Luna (1996, p.15) the research aims at the production of new knowledge.

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