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They also contemplate this category: salesmen, dressmakers, bordadeiras, estofadores, masons, workers of preparation of foods and drinks, manufacture and confection of paper and cardboard, workers of tourism services, workers of protection and personal security guard (that they are not part of regional unions), waiters, collectors of collective transport (that they are not part of regional unions), barmen, painters, plumbers, soldering irons, chapeadores, mounters, ceramists, vidreiros, fiandeiros, teceles, tingidores, jewelers, workers of tanning, clerical silversmith, operators of machines, digitizers, operators of telemarketing, attendants and comissionrios of services of passengers, workers of the energy net electric and telecommunications, masters and foremen, marceneiros, mechanical workers of usinagem of metals, adjusters, mounters of machines, operators of installations of chemical processing and supervisors of production and industrial maintenance. Obs.: In some regions unions exist and collective conventions of these categories, of which, they will be able to practise different So Paulo minimum wage of the considered one for the Government of the State of So Paulo. The third band goes of R$ 620,00 for R$ 710,00 (14.52% of increase), that they are represented by the following professions: agricultural administrators (farming and forest), workers of services of hygiene and health, heads of services of transports and communications, supervisors of purchases and sales, agents technician in sales and representatives commercial, operators of station of radio and TV, equipment of sound equipment and cinematographic projection and technician in electronics. Source of the information: Secretariat of the Job and Relations of the Work, being able to be also consulted the site They will be benefited by return 1 million of people who do not count on support of collective agreements of category. It will have to exceed the house of the R$ 100 million for month in the pocket of the So Paulo worker, who will help to restitute purchasing power of the previous period. .

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