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The creativity and its accomplishment correspond to a way of development of the personality. The person will be able to grow throughout its life, to grow for always higher levels and complex, as well as already she was seen with the searched authors. When understanding the art as a existencial necessity of the people and not as a luxury any dispensable one, also implies the quality notion, the capacity to discern and to evaluate. In the deep one, only from the accomplishment of the proper creative potentialities, it is that somebody has to acquire the respect and the necessary objetividade before the work of other artists, before autonomy and validity of its expressive forms. It will be able to better evaluate the work of the others and its proper one. Biography: Lev Semenovich Vygotsky was born in the extinct Soviet union, in 17 of November of 1896. lived great part of its life with the family, being as the son of eight brothers. Its family had a sufficiently comfortable economic situation and had chance to receive an education from high quality. Since early it demonstrated to interest for the study and reflection on some areas of the knowledge. Most of its education was made in house by means of tutors. to the 15 years it entered a private college where it frequented last the two years of the secondary course. It was formed in Right for the University of Moscol in 1917, frequented courses of history and philosophy and deepened its studies in psychology. Years later also Oliveira studied medicine due to its interest in working neurological problems (, 1993; Vygotsky, 1991) It worked in diverse places in then the Soviet Union, being professor and researcher in the psychology areas, pedologia (natural and integral study of the child under the biological, antropolgico and psychological aspect), philosophy, literature, physical and mental deficiency, acting in diverse institutions of education and research, at the same time that it read, it wrote and it gave conferences.

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