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As Blacksmith Grandson (1989, p.78) ' ' The pupil athlete is? bought? with donation, scholarships of uniforms, job for the schools of the particular net, in one? commerce? harmful its formao' '. The practical one of the sport in the lessons of Physical Education gained dimensions in elapsing of the years through the authoritarian regimen that for more than lasted in our country twenty years. However the esportivista movement still hangs in some public schools, as source of discovery of individual values supported by the Ministry of the Sport. pages. With the failure of Brazil in International competitions mainly after the Olimpadas de Sidnei 2000, the government Fernando Enrique Cardoso retook the quarrel and elaborated projects so that the sport could be taken shaving the schools of basic education of all country (BRACHT, 2002). 2.4 The paper of the professional of Physical Education With the objective to spread out the true paper of the professional of Physical Education, therefore even so many enxerguem the lessons of Physical Education that if they structuralize in the practical esportiva with characteristics of a competitive sport, determined for the faithful obedience the laws regulate that it, emphasize the knowledge and the execution of the technique, rules and tactics, searching the excellent performance, evidencing the discrimination and the selectivity between more and little adept ones and disrespecting the characteristics and proper conditions of learning of each pupil; it determines behaviors and functions that if adjust to the esportivas normatizaes, in order to consider the professor as trainer and the pupil as athlete; it strengthens the idea to be successful whatever the cost, feeding some times, the desire of social ascension by means of the sport, in accordance with Bracht (1992). As Bracht (1992.p.79) ' ' In the current school the professor is orientation point, and pupils must observe it, therefore it is the beginning and the end of what he has pra to make. .

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