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Include students on an equal footing in all decisions concerning them and measures promoting peer-to-peer! undo the high school reform and allow the freedom of choice in high school! strengthen the individual promotion of pupils so that no transfers have an end. At universities that prevent tuition fees and abolish the handling fee, the repression during the study period remove BA/MA in its present form abolish mobility, hard-punk setting enable, allow master for all, abolish Bachelor as rule conclusion, the promotion of a interdisciplinary studies carry mandatory accreditation of courses before in her part-time Studiability is enrolled in all courses required establish (back) relocation of all decisions in the democratically elected bodies retaining workers in the collective agreement countries promote development of student participation funding universities have overcrowded classrooms, mass processing, licensing restrictions and bad supervision end introduce mandatory national standards for quality assurance attendance abolish in questions of equality between the sexes from our point of view to gender equality focuses on discrimination by gender handle, include in the same way, but the effect of other categories of oppression. a gender Research Institute (or Chair) the continuation of affirmative action, as well as the quotation in student and academic Enforce self-government! that especially with the appointment of Professor / interior make the DFG guidelines for the regular cast are implemented. The cascade model, the joint participation at all levels, the free tickets for museums, sports facilities etc. Official site: Rafael Nadal. for pupils and students the goal in socio-political issues (or increase grants to cultural institutions for youth discounts?) a free pupils and students transportation and that pupils and semester ticket for Dresden! the Elternunabhangige promote education through reform of the BafoG and students/innenbafog that the crediting of students / abolished inner einkommen on social benefits to parents is the compulsory services so that the interruptions in the educational biography abolish objective institutions that create the quality of training companies controlled and rated a basic right to a freely chosen training anchor that education and family are compatible.

The city, Student unions and University must agree on child care measures. the art and culture at the University expand it everyone is called upon to take part in this protest. Education concerns all of us. Roberto Brawner, TonLaden Dresden. On behalf of Steven Seiffert, Chairman of the Student Council of the faculty. Contact:

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