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Summer without ice cream is only half as good! The sweet feast simply belongs to the leisure programme. In the hot season, the cold delights young and old in the ice cream parlor curl. Refreshing, creamy and tasty because no one can resist. The crowning nor a generous portion of whipped cream and a neat shot syrup on top! Caution: So seductive ice on hot summer days may also be the hidden calories even sporting feast make life difficult. The goodies land directly on the hip of the ice cream cone and the summer character is gone.

But it must not come! Dream weight and fun at the Naschmarkt are preserved with a sharpened awareness of calories. Cool milk ice and co. – sins with cream hood chocolate, vanilla, Stracciatella, or do you prefer fruit ice cream? The selection is huge, everyone will find the right thing for his taste. But what kind of ice cream has the most calories? Depending on the individual recipe, there are of course small differences between the individual ice cream parlors. But the classic calorie bombs are always the same. Milk ice occupies the leading position clearly: who can resist at vanilla, eats 100 kcal per ball (a50 g). Stracciatella and Walnut arrive even at 115 to 119 kcal. However, the ever-popular chocolate ice cream with at least 120 kcal per ball is unbeaten.

The fruity varieties show somewhat less sinful. Most figure-friendly lemon ice cream turns out nearly 60 kcal. Strawberry ice cream however, dangerously approaching the border of 100 kcal per ball. Because the summer enjoyment in the waffle is rarely limited to a ball, the numbers go up accordingly. So what to do? Who does not want to go without as chocolate lovers on his favorite variety, can omit the classic fat makers such as cream and syrup, sauce. So, he or she saves approximately 160 kcal.

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