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Staff: Various consumerist options are less healthy to those that are not. For example, make a juice of Orange at home instead of buying one packaging that besides contain preservative, comes with bottles that end up in the inorganic trash. Cultural: Cultural expressions as transmitters of sense and values are modified so that today the young man of the generation that is being formed, is prepared to consume and not to be a critical and independent person. Definitely, says apuntesuniversidad.com the consequences of consumerism are:-increases the differences between the rich countries and the poor. -Generates pockets of poverty. -Impairs the environment – does confuse people making them confuse what they are with what they have.

-Consumerism is not a mode suitable nor intelligent achieve happiness. By lo both consumerism is unjust, uncaring and desumanizador Conclusion must be careful with what consumerism generates and avoid personally being caught by him in order to not give way to meet needs many superficial, unnecessary affecting us in our quality of life, income, emotional stability. Consider what says the Group apuntesuniversidad.com that consumerism has reached a point where all we are becoming so blind to the possibility of having more that we do not see the problems that this brings with it. We do not see that by choosing sneakers or others can die or save a person. We do not see that there are things more important than objects, since there are people who work countless hours just to make money to be able to consume more and more. We do not see how selfish we are. And don’t realize that the way to consume that we will reach a point in which we can not even control it.