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or: How can alternative living look else? Who has not heard of him? The forest people? Drop-out? The one that ate also worms and snails? PUBLIC public shows what the people seems impossible – a life outside of civilization… and that in the middle of Germany. Movies with and about him have been shown in several times already and the stomach turned around some, if he ate snails with relish. It also snails are only a small part of the food chain, in some countries even a delicacy. When you consider how expensive is such as caviar and considering it where this comes from, then must surprise it a little, so the eating of snails to be nauseating. Like terms are then used as granivores to discriminate against people. For more specific information, check out Ian Cole. Now grain or herbs, fish or meat, man cannot live without food.

Most can no longer imagine outside Nahrungsmittelbesschaffung of shops and supermarkets. There is rarely questioned under what circumstances languish animals before they are slaughtered, it will grow barely scrutinized circumstances in which vegetables, fruits and herbs before they are harvested. Many toxins are now required to ensure the profitability and few ask price at which this is happening. Since Quadratmerter is for square feet of nature destroyed, concreted over, platt made anywhere in the world – and one forgets that one eludes the livelihoods of the people, in the long term, thus. Is this a part of the evolution? Is this the life that the man eventually destroyed itself? PUBLIC public and the rest of the world – no, he’s not, fighting he lives! Again and again he finds followers who stay even for a while, but eventually wins most of the unreasonableness. You again return to a “normal” civilized life. Manages only a few to understand the thoughts and ideals of this “forest people”. But interest, show that everyone, especially the media.

It may be that here is a Is basic need of many people addressed? Right! More and more people, especially in Germany, are looking more and more for the nature and its processes, as well as for the dependence of people from the same. Increases the inlet at the wilderness schools and interest in nature, thus at the same time indicating where the trend is going. Those who are interested can find out more at and who would like to meet offi or enter into a dialogue with him can do so at schenkerbewegung.plusboard.de. There, each Museumsbetreuung will find also information about the donor movement founded by public public. Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)

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Vet like tips & tricks, how you increase the fitness of your pet. Elisabeth explains various ways Kasper in her post in the free PDF magazine GreenBalance greenbalance.at to increase the fitness of your pet. Gymnast is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The spring is suitable also for our pets particularly well, to make cleaning and Detox. The main work of the detoxifying function is the liver, followed by the kidney, is less well known that even lung and skin used for detoxification of substances, which must dispose of the body. The spring should return but also more verve and energy in life. The time of the couch potato “bullied is over, the bacon should slowly but surely down and rebuilds the muscles.” Cats who have free access to outside, suffer less obesity more and get what they need to move, mostly even.

You can animate apartment cats with more motion games. “It is important that you the workouts” slowly increases. Dogs please make a slow, but targeted advanced training. We humans, animals have after excessive exercise muscle soreness: there are elevated levels of lactic acid in the muscle, the muscle braced himself, blood supply is this worse, pain comes and if Act then maybe still wet or cold air, starts a painful vicious! Read more about diet and muscle building for dog and cat in the free PDF magazine GreenBalance.

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More than 1,000 live Sechsbeiner es kreucht and fleucht in Hamburg is collected in the Hamburg Wandsbek Quarree, January 11, 2010, because the largest insect exhibition of the city opens its doors. More than 1,000 living crawl, creep and flight animals cavort from 8 to February 20 in the Wandsbek Quarree. The absolute highlight of the baby show is the so far unique in Germany’s nursery”of insects. In a Rundpavillion, the visitors experience the individual stages of development of an insect. With a little luck the laid of a praying mantis slips and more than 100 Cubs start the way to large”. Also the longest insect in the world, the stick insect is incomparable. With its length of 30 centimeters, it is even in the Guinness Book of world records.

First fascinating press photos can be found at eyecansee.de/dl/insektenausstellung_quarree.zip but also their more than 1,000 other conspecifics have a lot to offer. Whenever Marc Lore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In large cases, visitors admire colorful butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, cave crickets, Rod – and Ghost horror and countless more Sechsbeiner. Superlatives, such as the longest insect in the world, tennis ball sized beetles, plate-large butterflies and the champion of the Tarnens, the walking leaf, open the viewer a world of fantasy. Numerous pavilions symbolize the respective habitats of the far more than 40 displayed different kinds of crawling -, creepage distances and flight animals. There is a special service for school classes: this can even sign up for guided tours of the exhibition. Then, the little researchers observe how a praying mantis starts a Grasshopper and eats.

Also include is allowed. We want to reduce the fear of people from insects with this interactive exhibition”, explains entomologist Christian Schweizer, the owner of the exhibition. For more information about this and other events in the Quarree Wandsbek found on the website of the Shopping Centre. About the Wandsbek Quarree: The Wandsbek Quarree is one of Hamburg’s largest and most attractive Shopping malls. Round 35.0000 square meters more than 90 shops offer a great mix of goods. Every day, about 40,000 people visit the Wandsbek Quarree. In addition to the shops are also the Cinemaxx with 1,400 seats, a library as well as several doctors and pharmacies. The Mall hosts regular markets, actions, events, concerts and exhibitions.