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The paper of the professor of science and biology tends to supply to evidences and relevance of education. The searching professor, a perpetual apprentice, is based on the participativo plan and democratic assumeing the role of orienting and mediating professor, understanding that he has three levels or three you make continued and in connection: scientific initiation; understanding of science: scientific education. Thus the pupil must receive compatible mental and material stimulaton with the intentions and position from science, recognizing scientific methods, being capable to make comments of phenomena and the nature, to identify and to formulate problems. The pupil must be capable to transform problems of the daily one into research. To the end of average education engloba the education in general.

For what if it learns of Hennig, in the process of education and learning will have an individual scientifically educated and a scientific educator whom it will have acquired, evolved and applied the scientific thought. scientific education is, therefore the object biggest of the education of sciences. (HENNIG, 1998, P. 49-51). A professor (a) who teaches its pupil (a) to write, to read, to interpret and to problematizar perpetual will be remembered by educating with gratitude. In the truth if he does not learn in the graduation because already not if wise person in basic education and average education. Therefore always he will have relevance or influence of the science education. All scientist must make scientific spreading, therefore without it she will not have weight in the academic resume. It is of basic importance that professore of science and biology they also divulge in the school so that the pupils, parents professors, employees and too much actors of the community can reach, informing of its scientific knowledge. According to Luna (1996, p.15) the research aims at the production of new knowledge.

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How much to average education the increase of the approval was of 16,3%, which also made with that the approval tax went up of 71,28% for 87,58%. still reduced index of pertaining to school evasion. of initiatives and the news as soon as the necessary country to publish so that the schools and all the involved people in the education have interests that its school also can is receiving these technologies, and developing for optimum learning. In the state of Sergipe the College So Paulo COC is a good example of the application of the NTIC in its practises educational as we can see in the appendices its infrastructure and the didactic material: The didactic material of the COC-CSP is one of the great reasons of pride of the institution. After all, the COC was pioneering in offers of didactic material in digital language, going deep thematic axles and the excellency of the contents.

The CDAs – Notebooks of Digital Support, that integrate didactic material COC, strengthen and complement, with resources multimedia (films, animaes, photos and sounds), the contents of books and notebooks printed matters. This technological support allows a jump of quality in the estudantil routine, guaranteed for a bigger motivation and interaction with the boarded subjects. (removed information of the site of the school) 3. Consideraes Final the education is a function of the society, then, it has a necessity of that the education folloies the changes that the society backwards I obtain. Thus it can affirms that the current society more this walking the long steps route the Technologies of Communication and Information, becoming them the members of the society each time dependents of all this technological apparatus. Not to cause the digital exclusion to the learning it is necessary to start to change practical the educational ones in order to introduce the NTIC in the lessons and special in it disciplines of mathematics, to become them the construction agent of its knowledge with the disciplined development of its logical-deductive reasoning.

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It is promoted joint of the educative actions directed to the activities of protection, recovery and partner-ambient improvement, and of potencializar the function of the education toward the cultural and social changes, that if the Ambient Education in the strategical planning for the sustainable development inserts. The school, inside of the Ambient Education, must sensetize the pupil to search values that lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the destruction inconsequential of the natural resources and some species, therefore the objective of this article is to analyze the importance to learn and of if knowing what it is the Ambient Education, making possible to all knowledge, felt of values, active interest and attitudes necessary to respect, to protect and to improve the environment. To detach the importance of the Ambient Education in the school. to show how much it is basic that if it knows nowadays on this subject. The work was developed in the State School Dr.

Issac Sverner, situated in street J N 79? They are Jose – Stage B II, Manaus, Amazon. Where by descriptive form and with the use of date show in expositivas lessons and other didactic resources as books, articles published in the press, news articles of television, everything with the purpose of the pupils to take knowledge on the boarded subject.

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It is important to understand that education is basic for the life of the human being. It is a considered task demanded for the life in society. The science that analyzes the theory and the practical one of the education in its bonds with practical social the global one is the pedagogia. The Didactics is one disciplines that it studies the objectives, the contents, the ways and the conditions it process of education in view of educational purposes, it if it bases on the Pedagogia; it is, thus, one disciplines pedagogical (LIBNEO, 1994). 3.3 Practical Educative and Society the professor has its work as integrant part of ampler the educative process by which all the ones that are part of the society are prepared for the social participation. Practical the educative one is a social phenomenon and universal, it is an essential activity human being to the existence and functioning of all the societies. At last, the education is a social and universal phenomenon (LIBNEO, 1994).

According to LIBNEO, (1994, P. 16 – 17): Practical the educative one is not only one requirement of the life in society, but also the process to provide the cultural individuals of the knowledge and experiences become that them apt to act in the social environment and to transform it into function of economic, social necessities and politics of the collective. The individuals are capable to establish an active relation and transforming in relation to the social environment, through the related educative action to the social environment, it is a question to recriarem these influences. We can relate influences to the knowledge, experiences, values, ways to act, beliefs, groups, techniques and customs accumulated for many generations of individuals (LIBNEO, 1994). It affirms Libneo (1994, P. 17): In ample direction, the education understands the formative processes that occur in the social environment, in which the individuals are involved in way necessary and inevitable for the simple fact to exist socially, in this direction it practises, it educative exists in a great variety of institutions and decurrent social activities of economic organization, legal politics and of a society, the religion, the customs, the forms of convivncia human being.

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In to other hand, playfulness is theme that has reached its spot within national scene, and it has acquired space at high school, allowing the pedagogical work that could increase the opportunity of knowledge production. Based on these considerations, this study aims you analyze the contributions offered by the playful, in particular in mathematics context the pedagogical practice in the elementary school teaching-learning process. I raise, we emphasized aspects related you the importance of playful will be development of the teaching-learning process, from survey of the most common you cause of difficulties in the teaching-learning process, the part of both students and educators. Thus, adds comparisons were made between pedagogical practices with the school context. This study is finalized with descriptions and discussions of research results based on research questions that have been developed by researchers of this study and based on published dates.

We? ll point out adds contributions of this study, setting out adds paths you be given based on the results.

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In the truth it is not only acquired with comments, and yes, through a constant search of resources and actions that make possible this practical. Here the mathematics professor cannot leave to use analogies, demonstrations, experimentations, examples, against-examples, representations, also the sequence that of to the contents and the ordinance of a subject in different topics, as pedagogical tools. The curricular knowledge says in them that the depth and the language used for different groups, being one same content, is different, that is, must be different: Therefore it must worry about the understanding of what it is taught, through practical reflections on used. Each mathematical planning that if makes, also has educational objectives and contexts of education. The planning of the lessons is a search of resources, aiming at to improve these and to fulfill with the idealized objectives.

The same it happens to each day, it is a moment of reflection, critical analysis and of what the proper educator, made, is making and goes to make, referring to the specific one of the classroom, didactic subjects, contents, methodologies, resources and evaluations. An initiated time the practical one, is needed to reflect on the same one. It is basic that the reflection is used as a tool to all improve practical in classroom and relation the surrounding pertaining to school. The mathematics professor must be constantly reflecting on what he makes in the interior of the school. On this Frizzo he argues that: it is necessary to revise our resumes, our language and practical social, in a reflection challenge on the conditions and way as the knowledge is produced in the school. For in such a way, the operacionalizao of any action requires that if it understands the pedagogia, contends vises of world that they make possible to produce and to reproduce this world. (FRIZZO, 1998, P. 63) the reflection must be the identity of each professor of mathematics.