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In the same way that the advance of technology is improving every day the tools with which we can transform raw materials, works his administration with the tools for quality. Consider the following table: 1920 Property Inspection Period was characterized by the detection and resolution of problems stemming from lack of uniformity. 1930 Statistical Process Control Focused on process control and the development of statistical methods for the same purpose and reduced levels of inspection. 1950 Quality Assurance: There is a need to involve the departments of the organization in the design, installation and implementation of quality policies. Learn more at: Marc Lore. 1990 Strategic Management focus is made on the market and consumer needs, recognizing the strategic effect of quality as a competitive advantage.

Process Reengineering The technological and administrative systems proposes a radical improvement, start again, change the whole organization. 2000 e Rearquitectura quality Company aims to develop the intellectual capital of the company, “reengineering is the mentality of managers and break market structures in order to find new ways to reach the customer. There reason to believe that this will not continue to change, right? But it is not a reason for concern, in all cases there is a common denominator is the search for “improving” it is paradoxical, but “improvement” means change and in turn is the only thing that remains constant. Others who may share this opinion include Ashton Kouzbari. Change is a process and is fundamentally cultural, only organizations with systems for improving quality preparations can survive the changing needs of the markets.