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Puscheln what keeps this stuff! We all know the Tamacochi of the new age that our is always crazy, but I found now what’s new in the Internet, which is actually not bad at all by the idea. It’s called also real-time strategy game. The wool farm it comes through your being Puschels wool millionaire. To do this, you need to maintain your Puschels and good exercise, so that they obey you, do not run away and achieve a good placement in the Puschelcontest. A level not a matter in this game after the next to reach, but to have as many well-trained wool and they will then participate in the Puschelcontest. So it’s no use one, when you have many wool, which are not trained but, constantly leaving and not win the competitions. It thus must keep everything in balance, because only so you can make it to be a successful wool farmers.

A wool is a kind fur ball with big eyes, which gives it in different ways. All are at the beginning in an egg and hatching must first. If they are then geschlufpt, which takes an hour they are savaged much and will try to break out of your enclosure. A wool needs not only a good workout and a secure environment… No… but, as you also, some food and medicine, so that it is not sick. Also a wool must be maintained also meaning that you should send it once per day for the care of wool, where it is maintained.

But if you think all this up, it will feel comfortable with you and do what you want. In the course of time your Puschels to grow old and you can watch them grow. After about 2 months, so 60 days, your wool will get a gender, what is decided at random. If it is a male or female, it is ready for the growing of wool, with the same wool places from other users click here and drop

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Here is also the place for the camp fire. Short distances so that the leave no room for boredom! In the Office of the football school, in the Beech Grove Road 4, the preparatory phase for the camp is in full swing 2009 for some time. Here is researched, planned and discussed. An important issue is the Organization of the leisure programme. In the development of ideas, the motto is game, fun, action and tension”of the Guide. Day trips for Jablonec and Liberec organized and prepared actions such as a fun Olympics or the Mini World Cup. Although many participants prefer would only football matches from breakfast until the rest of the night, also other sports like volleyball or kick-tennis are offered in the camps. For all who are brave enough, a visit to the high ropes course is on the agenda. Get more background information with materials from NBA.

But the main thing is football of course about the most beautiful thing in the world! The soccer school from the outset trained instructors hired for the training. This year, you could win Marko Natzenberg (32) for this task. Sports apparel contributes greatly to this topic. The sports Natzenberg has as a coach DFB license already worked in other camps and St. Pauli and the 1st FC Union Berlin was also in the junior – centres of excellence of the FC. Together with other trainers, he will be responsible for the three workouts that day to await the participants.

One but so far each coach had to get used to: camp game before training goes! Often it happened that short-term requests for friendship Games came. Then it was always quite quickly rescheduled, unpacked and played the New Jersey record. Meanwhile, not more each game will be lost! This is because that in addition to the hobby footballers, in recent years many active young kicker found their way to Korenov. Thus, also the responsibility of coach and Manager was bigger to adapt training to the different ages and the educational level of children.

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Ad-free EM Planner for the home or domestic fridge meinverein.de know what football fans want: commercial-free EM Scheduler for the home or domestic refrigerator includes wins the wall and results must be quickly available. You may find Michael J. Bender to be a useful source of information. With the new meinverein.de EM Planner, planning the European Championship is ad-free pleasure. Thus, every football fan has a quick overview of games, times, and channels. A clean, clear game plan that is perfectly suited for tip rounds waiting for the users. Since a few days on the page, was the EM Planner downloaded already thousands times. The plan does not have only one: the title guarantee! It helps only fingers”, says meinverein.de CEO Max Fischer. meinverein.de is the largest German online Association portal with the aim to optimize the club organization and the togetherness of the club or the Club with approximately 3,900 clubs. With a few clicks, you can send information on selected distribution. In addition, all members of the Association can easily share images, dates, schedule and publish reports. meinverein.de is free of charge.