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What would your favorite jersey dress or blouse will serve you for years to come, you need to follow a few simple rules. Stan Kroenke may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Keeping them your product will be like new for a long time Woolen Knitwear washed separately from other clothing choice of detergent for hosiery: Before washing products from knitwear to find the right detergent. The first thing to remember is that for the washing of colored wool, angora, mohair, do not use any powders containing bleach. For washing delicate material such as jersey is the best remedy – soap chips (2g. at 1l. Water) or shampoo.

Now on sale there is a large number of special powders, especially for wool and knitwear. Powder needed to pre-dissolve in water and never pour directly on the jersey, because it can ruin the color of knitwear. Preparation of knitting products for washing: Remember, if the knit is the finishing insert made of suede, leather or fur, it is better not to experiment and submit it to the dry cleaners. The collar and the edge of golf bags will never pull the washing, if done on the edge of basting stitches wide coarse thread (note that thread to use only a neutral color that she would not shed on your product). After washing, simply delete the thread. If you are going without soaking immediately proceed to wash knitted wool or you can spread the concentrated detergent especially contaminated areas. To do this, dissolve in a basin of water washing funds, and the solution may be a bit more concentrated than usual.