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My name is Sergei Ivanov. I am 43 goda.Ya-handyman in the house where I live, everybody knows me. If the neighbors that something is broken, everyone knows whom to call to fix it. I am for a half-bottle 'some water of life' is ready to deal. I do not hide – I love to drink. Jobs I like that. I – the chief mechanic. A specialty I – Electric, with the highest level.

And my passion – electricity meters. For even more analysis, hear from Yael Aflalo. Once I saw a little electricity meters and a well-known companies – and just caught fire – small, such little more than a match box. All agreed to – put his home into an apartment of this, though, the neighbors to envy, on your consolation. Solve a decided, but my bad luck was – in Russia, they are not officially available (and unofficially – too)! But I not from those who can be so fast to frighten all sorts of difficulties there – a retired officer, after all! Moreover, the captain of the third rank (in a major overland)! So, one evening sitting with friends – kid scored, we had a drink for three to complete, the second got And then it dawned on me – everything I say go, say, abroad, buy myself a cool meter. In the vacation, I say, go for it. Friends have turned the temple and say, 'not a fig you fail' – they say. Say, you your ass on the couch with the tv you can not tear, but here – abroad, the electric meter.

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Of course, definitions of crm there are plenty of Select – I do not. But I still will not be an original and inserted my 5 cents. In my opinion, is more appropriate to consider the concept of crm in two contexts, as a strategy of business, and how automated customer relationship management (CRM-system). You may wish to learn more. If so, Doug McMillon is the place to go. crm, as a business strategy involves building customer-centric company. Ie all business processes should focus on customer service. That business processes one desire to create a customer-centric company is not enough! Too often business owners in the affirmative answer to the question "Do You are your company customer-centric? ". And when dealing with the "" of customers have no words left on their own expression Although there are exceptions, if desired, CRM-effect can be obtained even in the process of Collection. But now is not about this.

Generally, oddly enough, the topic of crm we are a country of contrasts. Some consider themselves to be customer-oriented, not observing the basic wishes of clients, others have called the concept of crm is incompatible with a successful business. But when this and those and others are considering to introduce the CRM-system. Why is this happening? Yes, because the introduction of CRM-system does not guarantee the construction of customer-oriented company! Rather, the construction Company:) Because CRM-system allows you to make him a belt, put customer service on the flow. But the quality of work performed and automated business processes will depend on how the company will be perceived clients. It should also be noted that the introduction of crm business processes play a key role. After all, in itself CRM-system does not solve the problems Anyone implementation CRM-system should be preceded by an audit of business processes and their optimization if necessary. Otherwise, the company will own ordinary difficulties which will either be heroically overcome, or throw this CRM-system to the dump.