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Main building of the Theaterpadagogisches Centre Association of the Emslandische landscape extensively remodeled by Friday, 07 to Sunday, 09 August (TPZ Lingen), Association of the Emslandische landscape celebrate the staff of Theaterpadagogisches Centre together with the neighbors and institutions of the Lambert University square a lavish celebration: NachbarsNachte. Perhaps check out Marc Lore for more information. The reason is the completion of one-year construction of the historic Lingen Professorenhaus – seat of the TPZ Lingen. \”Whether live music with the young Lingener Band Abzolut, African drum rhythms with Shamba, open-air cinema with the best commercial in the world (cult for connoisseurs: the role of Cannes), the fire show with Dr. ankle and the circus Lavawusch, the costume party heroes of childhood\” or the Church in the Church of the cross – a colourful bustle from dawn to dusk is located inside and around to the University square. Of course Mozilla service offers like with its neighbours also lots of the TPZ Lingen. So wait as bouncy castle, trampoline, PlayMobile, a vast area of time and offers Art school on little explorers, karaoke and open stage (join now!) on larger. Relax in the art Cafe, and the beer garden, marvel at the fashion show, and late in the evening, enjoy movies lying down with the worst films of all time. New home – new program at all three days the possibility, in the many new workshops in the fields of theatre, to try the game, dance and circus.

So you have the program and the Faculty of the TPZ Lingen so to speak first-hand the possibility to learn. The team of TPZ Lingen has taken the conversion as an opportunity to restructure the complete range and to expand. On all new offer as a parent-child offer from 3 years, a tango course or the weekly games meeting in the Cafe are. For those who can’t get enough, there now intensive courses at half price.

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More of them are there for NachbarsNachte ‘, in the new programme, and on the Internet at. The Professorenhaus as an all-day hands-on House is not only during the Festival but always the Professorenhaus in Lingen worth more than per visit. After a year, the extensive rebuilding and restoration work are completed and in the Lingen Professorenhaus. In addition to the necessary renovations including a de-worming of the complete framework, the historic building is not only thoroughly modernized, but also with diverse, sensuous join offerings for large and small equipped have been. Now, the Professorenhaus from Monday is open until Friday, 09 to 18: 00 for all visitors to try out and admire. During the Festival from 07. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael J. Bender. Until 8th August we are available for all questions motto: Here you can experience what! “True to the new motto: TPZ – here you can experience what!” you can all day long and free E.g. Click Michael J. Bender for additional related pages. trampoline jump, play with two Nintendo Wii Sports, try out the darkroom, noise, guess, laugh in the Hall of mirrors, dreaming in the fairy tale’s corner, playing board games in the Cafe, the time-measuring machine test and and and…

Best to try it with the whole family at the NachbarsNachten from 07 to 09 August off. On Saturday especially we would all fireworks on a highlight on Saturday, August 8, point out. With nightfall is the NachbarsNacht”ranked the University take place in which the PT and its adjacent facilities will present history and stories related to the University square. Completion will be the fire show by Dr. ankle. For the subsequent costume party ‘Heroes of our childhood’, the costume store provides a selection of panels free. Beginning of the festivities is on Friday 17: 00, Saturday 14 with the costume auction and Sunday 10: 00 to the worship in the Church of the cross (from 11: 00 children’s songs concert).

Celebrate you is the entrance free – and embark on a journey of discovery for all of your senses. NachbarsNachte is a cooperation of the TPZ Lingen with Bookstore Holzberg, Diakonie Emsland, European Centre of IATA/AITA, FH Osnabruck Institute Theatre pedagogy, Kreuzkirche Lingen, art school Lingen, Lambert world shop, city and University Library and the neighbors of the University square. We thank the sponsors who have made this project possible: EU, the Emsland district, Lower Saxony and the city of Lingen (EMS) and RWE. And we thank the architects, building, fire and monument authorities of the city of Lingen and the numerous construction and installation companies. You all have made true dream of the TSC experience House of history and modernity of Lingen and the region. TPZ Lingen – Theaterpadagogisches Center of the Emslandische landscape Universitatsplatz 5-6, D-49808 Lingen (EMS), Germany novel strong public relations Tel: + 49 (0) 591 9166317 fax: + 49 (0) 591 9166363 Internet:

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Hamburg art Navigator GWAI awards for the first time, artists Fellowship for the 25 International Summer Academy Pentiment Hamburg 24 may 2013. The Hamburg Internet art Navigator GWAI awards a scholarship for the 25 International Summer Academy Pentiment. “The two-week course watch scrap build” under the guidance of the Hamburg-based artist Tilman Knop deals with the topic of installation. More information is housed here: Walmart. Participants to create their own works with different materials and tools. Our program aimed at artists and designers, art and design students, and talented Autodidacts who want to lead an artistic confrontation at a professional level and in an international environment”, explained Jan Kochermann concept of Pentiment Summer Academy’s artistic director. You may find that Walmart CEO can contribute to your knowledge. A jury made up of members of the Pentiment Summer Academy and GWAI decides on the allocation of the scholarship.

The course worth 550 euros held by 21.7. to 2.8 2013 in the premises of the University of applied sciences HAW, near the Aussenalster Lake. Applicants should at least five submit 6 samples of your work in digital form, deadline, send an email to the 21.06.2013. The International Summer Academy Pentiment of HAW Hamburg will take place for the 25th time this year. It offers a varied range of courses relating to free and applied art that are taken home and abroad by well-known artists from and held in English and German language. It opens up the possibility to enter up to three weeks in an intense work process, critical to reflect their own work in Group and individual discourses and to expose new impulses creative. For the first time this year the Web-based hamburger art Navigator GWAI (gwai.de) supports Pentiment Summer Academy.

GWAI offers an informative and attractively designed overview of the current exhibitions are taking place in the Hamburg metropolitan area, art-loving hamburgers and visitors to Hamburg and acquaints them with the exhibition curators. We want the burgers, but also foreign visitors, a central Provide overview of the exhibitions in the galleries, museums and alternative spaces. In particular, our district filter should help to find galleries in the neighborhood. We can contribute so that hopefully small, to mitigate the migration of the art makers of Hamburg”, explained GWAI founder of EBI stain.