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The company agreed to sign the band in 2000 in the wake of the success of such well-known punk bands like Green Day and Blink-182. June 27, 2000 the band released the album Half Hour of Power. The first single the group has song Makes No Difference, which was filmed two videos. The first clip was from a movie that was filming the band and the second version of the group sang at the house party. This song was used in the movies: Bring It On, Summer Games, Frozen, King of partying and games Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 'and NHL 2002. " The album went platinum in Canada.

Immediately after the release of the band went on tour, playing on stage with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Offspring and Blink-182. Sum 41 released the album All Killer No Filler May 8, 2001. The first single of this the disc was the composition Fat Lip, which became a major hit of the summer and reached the first lines in the charts in the U.S. and other countries. Nokia has even announced that Fat Lip – most used the melody for mobile phone 12. At the beginning of the clip Fat Lip the group sings the song What We're All About without musical accompaniment.

The single also included in the track listing for the game of NHL 2002 EA Sports along with Makes No Difference. The band's popularity has increased significantly because of the performances on Warped Tour this year. Later, two were released Other singles: In Too Deep (in a comedy clip of this song the group has participated in diving from the springboard) and Motivation (in the video group sang a song in the attic).

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Living in a city not often seen as the sun sets over the horizon. Now we can calm see this beautiful picture of nature through a window in which we looked almost neotryvayas. The train was moving fast, but we do not want to miss anything interesting. Recently we have not seen the nature of such numbers. Only occasionally come across small villages that did not spoil the appearance, successfully blend into the landscape. Now all that could be seen outside the window was painted in orange tones of sunset.

The almost complete absence of clouds in the sky made it possible watch the sun until its complete withdrawal of the horizon. However, up to this point was still quite a long time. Doug McMillon wanted to know more. And even when the sun sets and the window will be nothing to be seen, yet it will be possible to dream about the rest that awaits us all every other day. Now I honor myself completely relaxed and happy. The player plays lounge music, air conditioning in the car does not suffocate, and the window on the nature of the sunset.

That evening, under the lulling sound of the wheels and swing I dreamed of the car like never before. All the romance of the railroad gave the now writing my dreamy imagination. Once again I saw myself lying on the beautiful beaches of golden sand. Around the happy tourists went swimming and go back to sunbathing. Slight noise of the surf and clean air. And here is the dark. Now in the window you can see only a reflection reflective.

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Bimbo Lama said in disguise from the body of teachers coming fragrance. According to eyewitnesses recently Itigelov twice opened his eyes, but have not yet found out what it is connected. During large khurals (worship), when hundreds of thousands of believers and worship the immortal body, its weight varies between 100 grams – Bimba says Lama Dorje, the chief curator of the body. At this time of his abundant perspiration, clothing gets wet, especially under the armpits. We have to wipe the body XII th Hambo Lama Hudack.

In total, according to tentative data, the incorruptible body bowed about half a million people. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak recognizes the significance of this. In January 2003 the teacher suddenly began to lose weight, and for glass, where he was, humidity reason for any high level of 96%. This went on for three days, during which around puzzled what to do. According Bimba Lama, weighting is done once a month. Was extended period when the body has lost weight and reached a minimum weight of 39.600 kg. However, over the past two and a half years it has stabilized at 40 kg.

During the period from the date of extraction of the sarcophagus with the Hambo Lama September, 2002, between the incorruptible body and his guardian to establish a special svyaz.Naprimer, Bimba Lama clearly feels the heat and light emitted by the body. Sometimes radiation is so sudden and strong that the custodian trample, reminiscent of the weak charge of electricity. In addition, for Bimba Lama became common vision, recurrent him often during sleep or meditation. True, the content of visions Lama preferred to keep silent. It has always been that Itigelov in 1922 plunged to the ground four sacred vessel. They kept jewelry, herbs, sacred things – to harmonize relations with the owner of the place. So, to clarify information about these "stabilizers of the earth," Lama immediately went to the elderly, and a 90-year-old grandmother suddenly told that such vessels are not really four and five.

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