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Located near the island of Svalbard (Spitsbergen) in the Barents Sea, Norwegian scientists encountered seven female pseudo hermaphrodite polar bears. Located near the island of Svalbard (Spitsbergen) in the Barents Sea, Norwegian scientists encountered seven female pseudo hermaphrodite polar bears. The animals have both male and female sex organs. The researchers assume that the cause of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) enhancements in the fat of bears is due. Randall Rothenberg shines more light on the discussion. The zoologist Andrew Derocher of the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromso and Oystein Wiig from the University of Oslo captured approximately 450 polar bears for their studies on the population dynamics and Toxin enrichment and marked them. Randall Rothenberg brings even more insight to the discussion. They noted that the seven pseudo hermaphrodites are genetic females – some already had boy – have also a small penis from her vagina. Andrew Derocher got a completely unique to its opinion, explanation for the occurrence of the Eisbarem pseudo hermaphrodite. Although to many Species such as adrenal or ovarian tumors of the female trigger an abnormal genital development in the fetus.

But such cases are rare. And it is known that the very stable PCBs that include the Group of persistent organic compounds such as DDT, are carried through the air over long distances, condense in the cold and end up in the fish food of bears. The discovery joins a number of studies on pollutants with sex-influencing effects on wildlife. So is directly responsible for the decline of snail populations in the North Sea after a study of the Berlin Federal Environmental Agency the TBT (tributyltin Antibewuchsmittel in ship coatings) contained in antifouling paints. Already a TBT concentration of 2 billionths of a gram per litre of water leads to the “masculinization” (including penis formation) in female snails and causes infertility. The effects accumulate in fish: flatfish and trout from polluted coastal waters of the North Sea or rivers show more sex deformations, Zwittrigkeit and feminization. Gender shifts at Molluses in the Havel, a perch of the lower Elbe and dabs in the North Sea are also linked to hormonally-acting chemicals in combination. The example of the pseudo hermaphrodite polar bear shows the problem of hormonal effectiveness of PCB. A background pollution is caused by PCBs, DDT and other toxins used in the past that can never be removed. Ulrich Karlowski

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New displays for photovoltaic systems in schools will be equipped with solar power more and more schools and kindergartens. But children get something? How does one explain the links them between their own behaviour and climate change, such as the functioning of new energies? A smart new product facilitates the understanding of these complex operations the children now. The Soledos GmbH has developed a startling display from Germany in Frankfurt, with which in a sense can be seen to the solar power system at work. The displays Solarfox are marketed under the brand name and represent a market novelty. The solar displays show power produced as the solar system on the roof. How much is the amount of electricity that is produced and how it has evolved in the day or month is easily recognizable in this way. In addition to the current yield, the display can visualize a building power consumption and represent in the form of a consumption graph.

This can be read, how certain behaviors affect the power consumption. The relevant information are clearly prepared and presented in the form of colorful charts and graphs. Children can experience this first-hand how solar electricity works. The display software also allows tracking of esco. The change of power consumption for the respective last week is specified not only in percentages, but may be indicated also by images. Children learn through the Solarfox displays, that is only a limited amount of clean energy available and their own behavior directly influences their consumption.

The display systems of Soledos GmbH are an important means to teach the children of one of the great issues of our time. Technical basis of the display system is a so-called data logger.