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Many readers probably would react with hostility to the phrase 'chemistry of love', that is, in principle, of course, because there is a definite association – '… God's gift to the eggs. " Natural and other reaction to this phrase – 'There is no need to paw a high sense! ". To know more about this subject visit Walgreens Pharmacy. For the same people who believe in 'the divine origin of the human race' is a phrase and does seem offensive. As for those who believe in panspermia – the cosmic the origin of life on earth, it is hard to predict their reactions uniquely, because some of them believe in the extraterrestrial origin of humans only, and others – all living things. And even supporters of evolutionary theory of Darwin is phrase can 'warp', because the person who has become the crown of evolution, as it were detached from the rest of the world. Therefore, in the first place is to make a reservation – to emphasize that this phrase referred only to 'animal' part of this feeling, which is the basis of purely human love, is not available to 'our younger brothers'. Although we must acknowledge that for centuries were sung emotions caused by this natural love. And still lovers do not realize that their happiness and euphoria of love – it's just a 'gift of nature', whose goal is banal reproduction, and already drama on the basis of love – the mismatch of the natural optimal pair with its social optimality. It is natural, 'biochemical' love for a short period of time makes a couple of complete strangers personalities, not just relatives, but also the most expensive and necessary to each other 'like air'.

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A man who loves a woman very much, asks her to marry him – that is, change his name, quit his job, bear and rear his children, waiting for him when he comes home from work, to move him to another city, when he changes jobs. It is hard to imagine what he would have demanded that the woman he loves me not. Geybriell Barton A little history … Love appeared in people’s hearts for a long time, about 5000 years ago, scientists believe. According to legend, wife of the god Osiris, Isis, has revived the dead was considered a muse and founder of all loving, all the goddesses and gods of love. Since many of the earth. Lakshmi – India, Aphrodite – the ancient Greeks, Venus – in Rome, Lada – the ancient Russia and so on.

And young people whatever gods they made sacrifices, asking for happiness, using many forms of love divination, which gives a glimpse into the future and makes it possible to find a lover or sweetheart. Preparing for a wedding. Since ancient times, marriage is considered one of the major events of human life and every nation has its own wedding ceremony special features, customs and traditions. Here are some of the Russian rites: Courtship. Wedding ceremonies.

Sacrament of marriage. In the modern wedding is sometimes retained some elements of wedding ceremonies and traditions, as for example in courtship, which is preceded by an agreement between young people themselves and with parents. It includes only some elements of traditional dosvadebnyh acts (the agreement on the number of visitors and expenditure on food, exemplary menus, and sometimes the number of gifts from the bride), and stores function approach dating and future relatives. Preparing for a wedding takes time, perseverance and imagination. Therefore, the most important thing in preparing for the wedding to choose what is right for your wedding. Must take into account what the contingent (financial situation, age, status and so on) will be present at the wedding, and only then choose a wedding scenario, and contests. Bride. As in ancient times, modern wedding begins with the bride. The main actors in foreclosure – a friend of the bride and groom with their friends. That the action was really fun and interesting, be prepared for it in advance. Bridesmaids in led by the witness to come up with fiance various tests, propose a riddle. They also have to prepare and decorate the scene, hanging on the walls of the house, porch, front door and apartment door with cheerful posters drawings and humorous text, such as: Rent brides. Organization urgently needs a young person to the position of the groom. Money on the table, and the girl at the table. The groom and his ‘entourage’, too, must prepare to learn what some poems, songs, stock up on everything that will serve as a bridesmaid: candy, fruit, and small coins. The bridesmaids can come up with anything, so the groom should be prepared to sing, to dance, to show their culinary arts, such as the ability to peel potatoes, to practice swaddling baby (doll).