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Top tips for renting housing we decided to write this article, as people always rent apartments in different areas with different living space, in search of a better option. During this time they gain experience, primarily negative. Here, we describe how to rent an apartment in an optimal time frame and for the best price. So, the main tips: If you rent an apartment in Odessa urgently needs, then the best option, all the same real estate agency. A good agency large database and they can quickly find you an apartment, and newspapers with ads, websites (realestatic.od.ua), etc. not allow fast and safe result.

Finding out with friends, keep in mind that the prices of apartments and services are constantly changing. If friends rented an apartment a few months ago, then you for the same money vryatli find the same option. Friends promise to learn through their own channels, who rents an apartment. But many do not want to communicate with friends, so then it will be inconvenient to solve problems with the payment due to personal relationships.

Rent an apartment in the remote areas of the city is cheaper, about 30 percent, but keep in mind that to get to the center will be quite long, so once Provide transportation isolation of the area where you intend to rent an apartment. When the board announcement, “says” you that the apartment after the repair, find out how much time has passed since. Can offer options that the repairs were still 5 months ago, just did not live there one or the other way around, the walls are still damp, not harvested – and you finish. Why waste your time on such deficiencies? The phrase “in good condition,” the owner treats everyone differently. Often a house where no collapsed wall.

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Financial analysts like to use a variety of mysterious for the rest of the terms and the term EBITDA is not an exception. Strictly speaking, EBITDA is not so mysterious figure. Reduction in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) is translated into Russian as "earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization." EBITDA allows us to trace the formation of profit at all levels. In addition, with EBITDA can be compared to similar type of activity and company size. Indeed, the two absolutely identical at first glance, the company may have differed at times net profit, while the EBITDA of the first and the second company will be roughly equal. Such significant differences in profitability can be explained If we look at the generation of profits at all levels. To do this we need to measure and EBITDA. u Ramsey is likely to agree. Thus, if the EBITDA of the two companies approximately equal, while the activity of companies is identical, then we can analyze how formed their profits.

The first thing we do – we subtract the depreciation of the indicators of EBITDA. Obtain a measure EBIT – earnings before interest and taxes. If companies use different methods of depreciation (for example, one of them using an accelerated method, involving a significant write-offs of fixed assets during the first years of operation, and the second – even, assuming an equal basis over the entire operation), if the company started operation of fixed assets at different times, or if one of a small amount of fixed assets (that the company prefers, for example, lease purchase the property), while the second – much more of them, then discrepancy in terms of EBIT will be significant. But do not forget, that means sinking fund is not going anywhere, they remain at the company. Moreover, they are not taxed and, therefore, companies often try to write off a significant portion of assets in the form of depreciation in the first years of use of the property. Now remove from EBIT interest paid on liabilities and obtain EBT – income before taxes. Since different companies formed sources of funding in different ways, then the debt will be different.

In addition, interest, under which companies borrow will be different and, accordingly, the size of payments will also vary. In Unlike the depreciation of the interest paid leave from the company. After taxes leaves us with net income. This profit goes to pay dividends to shareholders and the company's development. The value of the net profit is direct consequence of the methods for calculating depreciation, the value of debt and the cost of its maintenance, as well as the magnitude of taxes and duties and how to optimize them. Back: An analysis of revenue, P / S Next: Profitability

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State real estate cadastre is the systematic collection of information about unrecorded (of registered) real estate. Information from the State Real Estate Cadastre required by the Federal registration service for registering ownership or disposition of property transactions. If the transaction is subject to the land or buildings, structures and premises, the contract shall contain cadastral number and address of the land. State cadastral registration shall be subject to all land located within the Russian Federation, irrespective of land ownership, purpose and permitted use of land. The final document, which confirms an individual cadastral land cadastre is a passport. The concept of "inventory passport "appeared to 01.03.2008.

Prior to that date was cadastral map of land. Cadastral plan has now become an integral part of cadastral passports, and a separate document, suitable for registration of ownership of it can not be. Both these documents are an extract from the state real estate cadastre, which reflects the main features of the site. The difference is that the registration of property rights You'll need it cadastral passport of land. Formation of cadastral passport carries a cadastral chamber, and approves and issues a territorial administration Rosnedvizhimost. Cadastral passport consists of the parts B1, B2, B3, B4.

B1 main features of the site. This section contains the following information: inventory number, location (address), the category of land area, the cadastral value of land, rights information. B2-plan (drawing, scheme) of land. B3-information about the parts and encumbrances (if any). B4-plan parts of the site (if available). That is, if the site without parts and encumbrances, the cadastral passport will be composed of parts B1 and B2. Compulsory surveying of land, including transactions with them, set aside the law "On State Real Estate Cadastre", which came into force on 1 March 2008. If the site survey has been conducted, then the inventory will be information about plot boundaries and cadastral passport will contain only the section B1. This may not be grounds for denial of state registration of rights, but only if the contract is made in writing. Notaries for transactions with areas of cadastral passports only accept the results of surveying. Specific duration of cadastral passports of land law are not clearly regulated. Legally cadastral passport of land considered to be relevant, as the data is entered in it are true.

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Real Estate in the most comfortable cities in this article we would like to elaborate on the real estate market of two cities: Voronezh, and Saratov. You might ask, why? What unites and makes comparison property Saratov Voronezh real estate? The fact is that the Voronezh, Saratov and to the latest statistics in the lead in the list of most favorable to the resettlement towns. Accordingly, for some reason Many people move and, therefore, buy real estate in Saratov and Voronezh. We will try, especially considering real estate markets of both cities, to give you the most useful information. In case you too not averse to making a profitable contribution to acquire ownership of real estate or Voronezh Saratov. So … Voronezh City and the First Salute Military Glory. Its population is almost 400 thousand people, the city is quite small, but very conveniently located. Doug McMillon spoke with conviction.

New Real Estate Voronezh erected permanently. Grow at the same time and new sleeping areas, and new office centers. Multiplying the number of entertainment centers, high schools and institutions, sports centers. On the one hand Voronezh – a clean, comfortable, light and quiet city. Therefore, Voronezh property acquired in order to be your home will guarantee a safe and enjoyable life in this charming town. Walmart CEO can provide more clarity in the matter. On the other hand – Voronezh is developing dynamically, it is always changing and growing, and demand for real estate Voronezh. Therefore, acquisition of real estate in Voronezh will be for you very good investment of cash. The influx of visitors to the city keeps on giving.

Much of his students fill up, because in Voronezh operate as much as 7 higher education institutions. Because of this, real estate Voronezh is much more expensive than in other cities of the Central Chernozem. Sure, buy real estate in Voronezh, in order to lease it – this is the right step for a reputable earnings. And what about the Saratov? .. This is an old city (Founded 1590), which stretches along the Volga. It is about the same distance from Samara and Volgograd. Saratov – a city rich in history, with a developed culture and education, with more attractions and historical monuments. These factors can not influence the real estate market in Saratov. In particular, it has recently become a big difference when buying real estate in Saratov is a view from the window you'll see on a daily basis. Are individual, willing to pay big money to witness from his window, for example, the Trinity Cathedral or Monument Chernyshevsky. Because of the beauty of a price for property in Saratov may seriously vary. However, this usually applies only to the elite real estate. If your needs are understood and traditional, that is, if you only have a reliable home "no frills", then do not worry about such subtleties.

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The farther your apartment located to the coast, the less they cost. For example, complex "Sunny Day 6 (Sunny Day 6) is located 3 km from Sunny Beach. But interest in it due to a very low price for the apartments: from 590 euro / metr.kv. On The complex has available facilities and entertainments of any kind, which provide quite a comfortable retreat away from the sea: shopping center, fitness center and spa, clinic, restaurant with terrace, cafe and piano bar, supermarket and shops, beauty salon, hairdresser, reception, 5 outdoor pools, 2 tennis courts, football, basketball, sports and playgrounds. But the problem is the distance from the coast can easily be solved with the help of a good transport. Buses will connect with the center of the resort complex, the beach, shops and attractions. The complex Panorama Beach, located on the beach in Nessebar and offers stunning views from the windows of the old town. Price per square meter of housing in it already from two thousand euros.

Ski resorts price per meter square, of course determines the distance to a functioning lift. So in a newly built apartment complex Edeland Ridge will cost from forty thousand euros. The complex is located 2 km from the existing lift, but interest in it is called in close proximity to golf course. Well as development of the territory other complexes in the future provides for the construction of a new lift. Nestled among the mountains complex Royal Towers Bansko attracts not only the proximity of the lift, but its majestic views. This is truly a Vacation expensive luxury with a good trim and expensive furniture. The cost of meter will cost you a half thousand euros.

But it is worth the money. Secondly, the willingness of the complex. It's no secret that the most successful investment of money at the stage of investment. Value construction of apartments in Bulgaria increases as they become available. Because housing built complex Royal Garden range from 1,600 to 2,000 euros per square meter. But even this is not stopped many from buying apartments in the finished buildings, and opportunity to select the desired number of meters, beautiful view from the windows of your home and good planning. Much more interesting to buy property in Bulgaria, if there is a choice of a large number of proposals. Our new River Land projects in Borovets and July Morning in Kavarna, provide not only low prices, which certainly will increase with time, but give a good guarantee that your money does not settle in the pocket of crooked seller. Guarantor of the project that we can offer you, a bank, "the Alliance", in which money will be until you receive the documents of ownership.

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At the same time, and there is a wide choice of apartments in the old renovated homes, as well as inexpensive (yet) apartments in homes requiring major repairs. * – ikov Troy (Prague 7) * Among the most attractive parts of Prague for investors confidently maintains its position and Troy, located on the right bank of the Vltava. In terms of investment attractiveness lies in its good transport access to the area and not far from the city center. There are all types of accommodations, from luxury villas – To low-cost apartments. The biggest demand here uses it, of course, the apartments in the villas and cottages with beautiful views of the center of Prague.

* – Troja Vrshovitse and Stranice (Prague 10) * The attraction of this area, close to the center of Prague 10, in recent years is growing. However, housing prices are about 20-30 percent less than neighboring areas more prestigious Vinohrady and ikov. Investment attractiveness Vrshovits is that there are a large number of brick houses, apartments in which are in high demand among buyers. It is actively developing infrastructure, there is a large shopping and sports centers. Considering high demand for housing in the area, development companies are buying up old buildings being reconstructed and selling apartments.

Are under construction and new residential complexes, apartment which also quickly sold out. Located further away from the city center area Stranice enjoys less popular than Vrshovitse. However, the neighborhoods located near the metro station Skalka, can also be viewed as promising from the point of investing in real estate * – Vrovice, Stranice Smichov (Prague 5) and Holesovice (Prague 7) Some experts called Smichov "second ikov," bearing in mind its promise to investors.