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The mediocre evades the tasks and is always looking for that other performing its work. The mediocre is aware that nobody is dying to rest. The mediocre always leaves for tomorrow what should be done today. Biden: the source for more info. The mediocre says himself: If the job is health, dealing with the sick. When the mediocre feels wishes work seeks a quiet and waiting patiently as those desires are pass him. Be excellent instead greets the new day with thousand projects by performing. Be excellent knows that to enjoy the rest must finish the day without drop of energy.

Be excellent enjoys the night after a long day struggling to reach for stars. Be excellent challenges to those around him to fight. Be excellent renounce everything that hinders their dreams. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hall of Fame and gain more knowledge.. To be excellent work means the medium to achieve anything they want. Be excellent wrest tasks and as a leader always goes forward. Be excellent is aware that these are times of build and longer need time in eternity to rest in peace. To be excellent the day is short, for everything that has to be done.

To be excellent worse disease is to feel useless. Be excellent knows that your wishes is the dimension of its accomplishments. Be excellent does everything what the mediocre would not be able to perform and is convinced that only through your generous and unconditional delivery the world can improve, is the protagonist of the change, is the Architect social time, being excellent is of course a winner. In the end, dear entrepreneur, many are the obstacles you have to overcome if you want to realize your new venture, and step them outbreaks also are an obstacle. But you nothing that might disturb you face the decision that you are about to take. I just can tell you to watch the movie should be entering the cinema, from the outside is not. To win the game you must be part of the team, from the rostrum will be only spectator. Not be what will be your project or venture but if he has got you this opportunity has not been for nothing not even by chance. Things occur when it should be, never before. To bid farewell to thee I leave another small paragraph that I picked up the book the seven laws, and it reads: uncertainty, on the other hand, is the soil of pure creativity and freedom. The uncertainty is to think of the unknown in every moment of our existence. The unknown is the field of all possibilities, always fresh, always new, always open to the creation of new manifestations. Without uncertainty and the unknown, life is just a vile repetition of worn memories. Forward with faith and desire! A lot of luck.