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The increased cost that will face the Spanish government debt, does nothing but make the situation more heavy. And if the reduction in qualifying was bad news for Spain, it is also for other economies such as Italy, Ireland and Portugal are in a similar situation. Olympics might disagree with that approach. As the N1H1 virus, economies are contagiaran rapidly and access to funding will have to higher costs. The euro did not feel safe from the black day that lived the last Wednesday and returned to see the floor. The eurozone currency reached new annual lows and remained bearish perspective, with the target set at break the floor of US $1.30, but yesterday, the expectation of the rescue of Greece, gave him a little air and managed to recover against the dollar. Despite relief yesterday, lives a tense calm in Europe. The situation in which Europe is comparable with the worst moments of Latin America where the crisis is expanding to through borders leading economies to a destructive recession of the productive apparatus. Perhaps after this tragic experience, and he lived in the crisis subprime, the developed world can better understand the emerging economies and their problems, in particular, to Latin American economies.

And as it was the case with the Argentina debt rating in 2002, this time S & P has decided to lower to trash the the sovereign debt rating of Greece that is now BB + (category of speculative investments). I think that S & P should not be so wrong this time in your score that Greece continues to surprise, to evil, with the magnitude of the need not to fall into default rescue: 135,000 million euros, according to ensured the German economy Minister, Rainer Bruderle, which would be provided by the European Union and the IMF. Just the help you need in these times Greece is triple than expected at first. It will be enough or you need more? And what to do if the needs of? Greece are even higher? If we consider that the rescue is the lesser evil, not want to imagine what can happen to the European and global economy in the event that Greece did not receive help. If the numbers are correct, Spain should disburse some 11,700 million euros to bail out Greece but who will rescue Spain? A fact that reveals the importance of preventing a possible collapse of the Greek economy: according to the estimates made by Standard & Poor s, in case of a bankruptcy in the Greek economy, the bondholders only recover between 30% and 50% of the nominal value of the bonds, so the estimated loss would be about 200 billion euros. Any similarity with the Argentina of 2002 is pure coincidence and believe me that I would not be in the shoes of that bonista be cheated by the Argentine bonds decided to entrust their savings in countries of a continent with better background as Europe and decided to seek a minimum of profitability betting on Greece. Continue reading OPPORTUNITY of investment – the actions recommended in our report of value investment portfolio MUNDIALsuben 20% in just 2 months, an annualized yield of 120%. If you begin to follow our recommendations on Wall Street and have 20% more money on your account as our subscribers of world value, continue reading here.

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Fourteen are the natural protected Areas of Mendoza, fully expressing the importance attached to the preservation of its rich natural heritage the Cuyo province. Reflecting this concern, note that the stretch of the popular Dakkar rally that crosses the mendocino territory has been diverted in part to prevent the passage of vehicles through one of these protected areas. For tourists arriving in Mendoza without cars or race bikes, on the other hand, there are no restrictions to enjoy some of the most beautiful and imposing the planet’s landscapes. Mendoza holidays are not such if they do not include a visit to the legendary cerro Aconcagua, within the provincial park of the same name. But the mythical paradise for climbers and mountaineers is not the only attraction of this area of the province.

There, the high mountain landscape fascinated from the mysterious Puente del Inca, natural monument of strange beauty, until the Crystal lagoon of los Horcones, making the area the ideal place for the practice of trekking and, of course, mountain climbing. The scenery changes radically in the desert plain Center-North of the province, scarcely interrupted by the almost miraculous forest Gilvicollis, biological reserve of incredible wealth, totally implausible in that framework of complete dryness. One more of all the surprises that tourism in Mendoza reserves to its tourists. Special mention deserve the reserves of the South of the province. There, the amazing rock formations of the castles of Pincheira, furrowed of murmurantes arroyitos, are the ideal location for fans of camping, while they are an optimal starting point for all sorts of excursions on horseback and by bicycle, safaris photographic and observation of flora and fauna and, once again, for the practice of trekking. In the Llancanelo lagoon, is imposed the observation and sighting of birds: pink flamingos, swans neck black and flocks of herons contribute to forging the rugged charm of the place.

Nearby, the witches cavern proposes venturing into a different world beneath the world: explore the caves and caverns, with their whimsical Interwoven’s stalactites and stalagmites is an experience so dazzling as impossible to forget. The landscape becomes volcanic arriving at the zone of La Payunia, where herds of friendly guanacos, absolute owners of the landscape, greet tourists. At this stage of the journey, you will be totally amazed by the incredible possibilities ecotourism holidays in Mendoza can offer.

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Nature makes the men we like each other and us together; education makes us different and us away. Confucio Dia, sucintan new developments in many aspects where humanity, finding involved in science, technology, health, politics, economy, which have given way to new knowledge, to the requirement that Governments are very attentive about the role of education, unfolds to schools, colleges interpret the needs that require the countries where they operate in order to define its responsibility, commitment, train, train needed professionals in the various disciplines that provide performance solutions, know the challenges and above all to give transformations, changes needed to ensure its development to the country, having an education that gives them excellent results. The truth, than the current reality, invited to assess, define, what should be the new vision of education to the present facts, that lead to this will redefine, update, to adapt to what the present is required. The connection of this concern, there is an interesting contribution of Prof. p.

Krishna, former Rector of the center of education of Rajghat, Krishnamurti Foundation of the India, Varanasi-221001, India, which tells us that key challenges humanity is facing today, they are not due to lack of education. They are not created by illiterate villagers in Asia or Africa, but by highly educated people and professional minds – lawyers, managers, businesses, scientists, economists, organizations and businesses – who make plans and direct Governments, organizations and businesses. We need therefore observe what correct education that is giving and not quantity.