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Renowned marketer Dr. Ralph F. Wilson has formulated four criteria to select the correct domain name. A good domain name must meet all four of these criteria: 1. Brevity domain name should be short, the shorter the better. It so for the short domain names is a whole war, and they are 'good' money. There are 2 reasons why a domain name should be short: it is easier to remember and less likely to make a mistake while writing. 2.

Memorability Not all short names are well remembered. For example, domain names, which are the abbreviation for the company, usually poorly (rprg.ru, belonging to the Russian Public Relations Group, of course, is short, but the man had never come across this abbreviation, just remember it will be difficult). Of course, if your company – ibm, then the use of initials in the domain name has an obvious meaning, it is under such an acronym, and your customers know you. However, most often the use of initials is not desirable, because memorize a set of hard consonants. Very much on the memorability effect rifmuemost rhythm and syllables – as well as in verse. 3.

The domain name must match the name of your company, or in the title should attend the keywords of your business. Kevin Shattenkirk helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Naturally, the good that domain that the users just guess the North (www.sever.ru), Mabank (www.mabank.ru). However, if your company name is too long or Latin, and writing does not inspire confidence, try to use the domain name keywords of your business. Can be used as a conversion option (the carpet = carpet), and transliteralny (carpet = kover). 4. The domain should be read accurately and not cause difficulties in writing. Nevertheless, the Internet has many domains that are difficult to write by ear. For the Latin domain there is a problem doubled letters (internettrade, rosevilleelectric). For transliteration characteristic manifold in the writing the same word (mat = kover, cover, KOBEP). It is better to advance to imagine how difficult it is / will be difficult to explain the voice, how to spell your domain name. Buy alternative domain names. For the Russian side is – the most effective method of protection against user errors in the writing of the domain name. For example: and. To begin with fairly basic set. Ru,. Com and. Net. However as the popularity of your website, your competitors can buy similar on writing domains and thus legal way to divert a portion of your clients. Experiment with spelling errors in the example of major online resources and. As you and The second option of a domain alias – names that contain keywords of your business. In this case, by the way, you get the benefit of priority to certain search engines. Do not worry about that a lot of domain names would cause confusion among visitors, advertise something you'll only be one of them, while the rest use a redirect to the primary. So, if you already have a domain name for my site, check its spelling with 4 criteria: brevity; Memorability; The presence of keywords for your business or correspondence behalf of the company; No doubt the writing and .Esli selected name meets all 4 criteria, then proceed to buying it.

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Although we are about to enter what can be considered as the season of summer 2011, the truth is that the latest proposals of the signatures and collections that have been already correspond to the next autumn-winter season, so you talk now about fashion fall 2011. Fall 2011 fashion is a fashion that focuses much on highlight the femenidad of women thanks to the gowns, which will return with animal print as fashion stamp, and at the same time by the bet made in recreate man costumes or masculine, and that in the case of women have been designed from tight jackets and pants high waist than on the other hand Another trend is this 2011. Before entering any garments that we will see more in the fall of 2011, I want to make special mention of the colors to see how trend next season, and including everything you seanCamel, seen on coats of firms like Etro or Max Mara, also known as Green Khaki Green military, white (although it seemed a most suitable for summer color), as well as the golds and reds that will prove ideal for dresses fall us per night. In terms of trends or clothes that can not miss in our closet so that we are the last this autumn, will be all that fur, are borrego and pieces of shelter that allows us to mimic the look and the trends of the 1970s, returning with force. As test which are also many firms as Mango, Zara, Burberry or Ralph Lauren, who bet on the recover flared style pants. Leather is once again another great Sportsbook for the fall of 2011, and in fact for the winter of 2012 and although in 2010 we already saw in skirts or jackets, next season will be present in these garments as pants..

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“If you carefully close the window from a draft of life – risking protuhnut” An intelligent man I want to share with you the impression of the book by Timur Gagina and Alexei Kelina School dostigatora. Not all moments of the book, I I agree, but a charge of optimism gives the book! It is necessary to check yourself, you will fall in the shops – look through – see for yourself. It happens in humans: a year or two on the spot, ten fifteen brains melt. Nothing happens. Man begins to climb the wall. And already – too late. And all because bosses nose from the winds that blew past. Dear reader of these lines, do a little test – tell me: What do you mean red light? It seems to be a simple answer – avast! No trespassing.

And if you look in terms of traffic? If you drove or approaches to traffic lights where red – so you have to wait long green! Red allows you to slip on the green, if you move. Means for moving – enough to reduce the speed or plan a route so that the non-stop to get to your goal! You see where I’m going? Or think, I’ll tell the traffic rules? What is interesting in motion? This is an opportunity to maneuver, to seek new directions. To catch a fair wind – and the move by the shortest route to their targets! It is on the increase in the number of targets for current opportunities emphasis is placed in this book.

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* Links. Do you want to put a link back to the site, which has put a link to You. If so, this is called “reciprocal” link. The weight of such links is much less than the weight of incoming links. Links for which you pay, are often more valuable than free. But you can not just cross-references discarded, still they are useful. Online advertising.

Do not want to wait until the search engines index your site? Advertising your site on the Internet – a very effective way to generate immediate traffic to your site. With online advertising you can get links directly to Internet surfing. Some of the more popular services, including cost per click (for example, Google or Yahoo), as appropriate, as well as ads on sites with High traffic. Internet advertising will give your site traffic flow start and increase the chances of getting incoming links from other sites. As a result of the search engines quickly find and index your site. Patience … ..

Now that you have implemented effective internal and external policies, you can sit back and relax. Indexing of your website will take some time. Be patient. Google is known for setting new website sites in the “sandbox”. During a certain amount of time conducting sandbox site down. This is done in order that would prevent the creation of many web sites of one company. There are companies that, by creating multiple websites promote any one. A popular site with lots of traffic, of course, quickly left the Sandbox. For 6-12 weeks, you will see results. If, after 3 months, you will not see any results, I advise you apply to Internet marketing company. There you can get professional help and advice. Michael J. Bender is the source for more interesting facts. There are a number of factors that affect attendance and location of your search engine rankings. By this, do not worry vain, yet to consult a specialist.