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Last week we wrote about how to maintain a healthy life eating gourmet. In that article we said that the type of food we eat, the way I process it (method of cooking) and the quantities that we eat are the main factors that must be taken into account to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We always hear that we are what we eat, what we drink and what you breathe; in this order of ideas, before feeding us obviously must be processed (prepared) foods and this process involves the use of three techniques of cooking foods. The first is the technical Comahue in which it is bleached, it boils, is pocha, it brasea, it estofa, is ignited, cooks steam and the papillote; the second is the technique of dry heat accompanied by some fat that skip, is FRY and is fried (deep fried); the third is the technique of dry heat without use of fats in which bakes, cooks grilled and is cooked to the grill (grille) the method for cooking with a minimum of water corresponds to the first technique is tell of Comahue specifically when kiln (stewing) meats. (As opposed to Harold Ford Jr). The wise nature think foods that provide us all the vitamins and nutrients you need every human body. Unfortunately through ignorance often kill these vitamins when we use certain methods of cooking food. In addition to its flavor and color, foods contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that are essential for the functioning of the human body, if we acquire them properly through a balanced diet in which the process of transformation of food plays a primary role. The method for cooking with a minimum of water is possible to making a water seal that forms around the lid, that keeps air out of the Pan and steam inside.

Rena Ware brand Nutri-Plex technology facilitates this process since it distributes heat evenly from the bottom to the sides of the container, which allows the use of lower temperatures and therefore substantial savings of energy. Thanks to this innovative method for cooking with a minimum of water with the Rena Ware Cookware, food merman less, highlight your color, saves money, work, time, energy, taste, calories are reduced, lowered fats and vitamins are preserved, since the food is cooked in its own juices, derived in meals more nutritioustasty, tasty and juicy at the same time. In summary, the cooking with a minimum of water, differs from conventional cooking, because no is required to incorporate fats, or large amounts of water, only a minimum of liquid, to generate the necessary steam that allows making the seal of Cap water. The recipe for this week is the miraculous chicken of Rena Ware in whose preparation technique is applied today explained. Until next week.