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To define the narrative text of form sucinta, we cite Carlos Kings and we will say that the narrative text. (KINGS, 1988, P. 19) Therefore, it is easy to explain because the story, that is a short narrative, is a sufficiently common literal sort and of great proximity, we go to say thus, between pupils and professors. It is that the text story is intense and immediate, without excusing elements. The story seduces, therefore it removes of the daily reality or of the ficcionismo instants, moments, it transforms and them into isolated episodes. CONCLUSION This project had the intention to evidence the importance of if thinking about the education of our children, leaving of the premise of that the education of the reading and the writing must contribute so that they can learn to outside continue learning of the school.

We inquire to the ending of this work that the question of the writing with meaning is very important for our pupils, who when they become involved and search the knowledge in facts related to the daily one of them the construction of the knowledge if becomes natural and pleasant. An entire village is necessary stops> to educate a child, says an African saying. The intuition of the wise peoples has much time already dealt in well realistic way with a question that today occupies important place in the scene of the Brazilian education. Thus, the partnership between the school and the family is primordial, necessary and absolute for the intellectual formation of our pupils.

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Its economy is come back toward agriculture with the culture of beans, maize and cassava, the cattle one with bovines, goat ovinos and, the predominant vegetation is caatinga and the ground is dry. In the City it possesss 54 schools divided for nucleus, adding itself 17 nuclei, (5) five schools are of Basic education II (6 to 9 year), ademais of Basic Education I, a Particular School with Infantile Education, (2) two Polar regions of Average Ensino and more two extensions of the same education. The present project will be developed in the Municipal School Dom Avelar Brando Vilela, situated in the Av. Antonio Carlos Magalhes, s/n, center, Rafael Jambeiro-BA. This school was established in 21.05.1990, is the biggest school of the City with 1,100 pupils approximately registered, functions in the two turns: diurne Basic Education of Nine Years (6 to 9 year) and nocturnal with offers of Adult Young Education of e. The body Administrative Technician is formed by a director, three vice-directors, a coordinator, a secretary, two public agents, the faculty is formed by 63 professors, the support staff is added approximately in 30 components (storekeeper, administrative, agent technician of computer science, doormans, librarians, assistant of services, merendeiras.). The school is composed for 15 classrooms, a library with a rich and multiple quantity, a canteen, secretariat, room of the director, room of the vice-directors, room of the pedagogical coordination, room of computer science, bathrooms for pupils and employees, deposit, a small patio and a external area.

Not it possesss squares poliesportiva, nor audience. 7. OBJECTIVES: 7.1. Generality: Promover in the pertaining to school environment not prejudiced attitudes showing to the origin of the ethnic relations racial gifts in the state and city where it inhabits, making use of the literary knowledge gifts in books and the culture of a people through studies, research, readings, productions, among others didactic-pedagogical activities, with intention to mobilize the sense critical-reflexive valuing and assuming the identitrias expressions afro-descendants.

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In the Poetical one, Aristotle elucidates the difference between history and the poetry. While history presents a description of the real facts, that is, what it really happened; the poetry demonstrates what it could happen, the point of view of the probability and the necessity. Being appraised as the quality of what it is likely or verossimilhante, it is similar to the truth having appearance of the true one, that is, approach of the real world. We can stand out in the Lisstrata workmanship the probability, for being tematizado in the text true events, descriptions and Reals. Although that, in way to the workmanship improbable events for the reality of the time to exist, as already it was cited previously. The dialogue between Lisstrata and Cleonice that the part opens is rich in concernentes aspects to the representation on the woman. The protagonist affirms that ' ' if it was for a bacanal or seemed thing, nor would have been necessary to invite them.

As she is for serious thing, so far no woman apareceu' ' (ARISTFANES, 2006, P. 13). Lisstrata speaks of the vision that the men had of the women as being malicious beings and Cleonice agrees to the illustration of malicious, but alert the friend for the fact of that the social situation lived by the women made it difficult the exit of them. In this dialogue between Lisstrata and Cleonice the function is clear that both exert. While second it fulfills the paper conformistical of the woman, the first search to show the action potentialities that they can exert. Through the dialogues the characters of the personages are observed, all they being well or badly succeeded as the ideas and the character that demonstrate in the actions. In the tragedy, catarse is the release of the tension that the spectator feels when attending definitive actions of the part.