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Every man or woman who wants to conquer the treads of true leadership; you have to face sooner or later with himself and develop the ability to coordinate your time properly in the four areas that make up the life. The essence of good living is to the self realization, and as a result gain the power to do; taking the ability to have this simple equation. Many want to have; without having previously done, and many want to do; without first having been. Sadly the universal laws of matter, time, energy, and space do not work in a different guideline; First you have to be, to be able to do; and then have. Many human beings engaged in the wonderful profession of executives do not understand that without aligning your life within the appropriate framework; No matter how many professional achievements Captivate; If not learn to master the art of properly handling the time at the end of his days will experience pain and regret not having done the right thing.

I want you to think as follows: what are the actions that determine higher priority in your life? Personal development, his family, his company, his executive position, your physical health, your money, etc. In the end you determine counting from one to ten position gives to each one of these actions in your life. The expression is well known in the corporate world: I would like to have more time paraesto or what but I cannot. Many times are identified as leading people who are very far from fulfill the basic requirements to appoint them leaders; and we must remember that a true leader is one who puts the example at all times. It is important that all humans do not lose sight of and understand the goal proposal to our appearance and existence in this life is the be happy; No matter whatever the situation or condition that the world faces.