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Such a line probably not increasingly tends to pass, but reacts more sensitive to tension and cramps. Erich Glahn writes in his book of Equitation at the crossroads”in the years 1956 the horse rising from the back of was cancelled. The way to the Schenkelganger and mechanized horse”(G. Rau) was” wrestled. “And in the adoption of the February 1953 the German Association of judges, it says in the interview: the pure speed over everything.:” we take the adoption of the German Association of judges, so every horse that shows no clock pure step would have to leave the square in a dressage test with a poor rating. What you see is, that clock impure horses (whether step, trot or Gallop) be placed on the front ranks. The clock impurity is acceptable become so also for judges, maybe just a peccadillo. But this can be, if it is said: the pure speed over everything? Where is the responsibility of the judges? Have to not especially the curb and through clear regulations punish mistakes training with accordingly bad grades? Would then be the rider not once again forced, correct and covered to ride and train? But no, tensioned kicks and steps everywhere you look.

On each tournament, yet almost no matter what performance level. Whether on an international level or in rural areas. With more and more horses seen inability today to step even a regulated and clock-pure. Which must be based on the mental and physical strain? These horses have to how tense and tense? How bad must it be actually trained? The base of all evil. u0085 the hard hand of the rider, the too short reins, the excess bridle of the horse as well as missing and / or incorrect exposure on the horse, constantly excessively high speed, too much pressure. Result: A horse that can no longer release located under the rider.

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More than 1,000 live Sechsbeiner es kreucht and fleucht in Hamburg is collected in the Hamburg Wandsbek Quarree, January 11, 2010, because the largest insect exhibition of the city opens its doors. More than 1,000 living crawl, creep and flight animals cavort from 8 to February 20 in the Wandsbek Quarree. The absolute highlight of the baby show is the so far unique in Germany’s nursery”of insects. In a Rundpavillion, the visitors experience the individual stages of development of an insect. With a little luck the laid of a praying mantis slips and more than 100 Cubs start the way to large”. Also the longest insect in the world, the stick insect is incomparable. With its length of 30 centimeters, it is even in the Guinness Book of world records.

First fascinating press photos can be found at eyecansee.de/dl/insektenausstellung_quarree.zip but also their more than 1,000 other conspecifics have a lot to offer. Whenever Marc Lore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In large cases, visitors admire colorful butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, cave crickets, Rod – and Ghost horror and countless more Sechsbeiner. Superlatives, such as the longest insect in the world, tennis ball sized beetles, plate-large butterflies and the champion of the Tarnens, the walking leaf, open the viewer a world of fantasy. Numerous pavilions symbolize the respective habitats of the far more than 40 displayed different kinds of crawling -, creepage distances and flight animals. There is a special service for school classes: this can even sign up for guided tours of the exhibition. Then, the little researchers observe how a praying mantis starts a Grasshopper and eats.

Also include is allowed. We want to reduce the fear of people from insects with this interactive exhibition”, explains entomologist Christian Schweizer, the owner of the exhibition. For more information about this and other events in the Quarree Wandsbek found on the website of the Shopping Centre. About the Wandsbek Quarree: The Wandsbek Quarree is one of Hamburg’s largest and most attractive Shopping malls. Round 35.0000 square meters more than 90 shops offer a great mix of goods. Every day, about 40,000 people visit the Wandsbek Quarree. In addition to the shops are also the Cinemaxx with 1,400 seats, a library as well as several doctors and pharmacies. The Mall hosts regular markets, actions, events, concerts and exhibitions.