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Audi delivers new touring car model Audi R8 LMS ultra on luximo holding UHC speed from Wurzburg/Neckarsulm March 2012. On time at the beginning of this year’s season gets luximo holding UHC speed two of the new Audi R8 LMS ultra. Learn more at: Frank Ntilikina. The 570PS-starke successor to the successful model Audi R8 LMS is characterised by an advanced aerodynamics and an optimized chassis. Just two weeks ago, succeeded Christopher Mies and Christer Jons along with Darryl O’young, the Ingolstadt GT3 cars 12 hours of Bathurst to win. Learn more at this site: David Delrahim. This month the ADAC GT masters with the all-new touring car will compete in the race team sponsored by luximo holding from Roth the first race in the frame. For the racing team of luximo holding UHC speed everything according to plan is currently running.

A few days ago, the new luximo holding and ZDC energy received sponsored racing team is one of the first copies of the Audi R8 LMS ultra, the successor of proven Audi R8 LMS. Udo Zink, Managing Director of luximo holding UHC speed, it did not take, the new cars personally at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm in reception to take. Overall, Audi will deliver 20 units of exclusive sports car to customers in Japan and other Nations that racing enthusiasts. In addition to luximo holding UHC, speed the new top automotive receives only another German touring car team. Like its predecessor the current bolide characterized by a multitude of technical refinements that were refined again by the Audi engineers for the new model. Audi powered by a V10 Engine with 570 HP R8 LMS ultra has an optimized aerodynamics, a more efficient cooling and security package, has also to some advances in chassis. “The long inspection intervals remain a rennsportlicher advantage as the first model introduced in 2008 for the first time: after approximately 20,000 kilometres of racing R8 LMS is a major overhaul at the Audi ultra usually” due.

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Also the founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard, again from the devastating effects of drugs in society warned at the worldwide campaign “operation drug free world” it is to the largest and most comprehensive drug education program, which is financially supported by the Scientology Church International. An integral part of the information materials is the “Drug facts” reconnaissance Kit that consists of 13 different booklets. These booklets to inform the effects and disadvantages of each special drugs. Drug education is becoming increasingly important in the social environment. Also the founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard, has repeatedly warned against the disastrous effects of drugs in society.

Educational lectures get the booklet “Truth about drugs” as well as the police in schools, drug consultants, doctors and already drug addicts and their acquaintances and relatives. The specially produced documentation DVD with the same name (“truth about drugs”) in Word and image, shows any drug that is listed in the booklet. They are complemented former dependent information contained in the books, with reviews. The enlightenment is thus at the same time at home, in the classroom and in communities. The drug education initiative “operation drug free world” was the target of drugs to rid city for city and country by country.

For this reason, the name was “operation drug free world” chosen specifically for this global initiative. Last October, Guatemala National Commission against illegal drug trafficking took over all elements of the initiative “operation Drogenfrei world”. Since not a drug problem in Latin America can be taken independently in attack, Guatemala passed the idea on to Ecuador. The National Council for the control of narcotics and psychotropic drugs adopted the proposal and immediately implemented. Information events of “operation drug free world” were in rural rehabilitation centers in the midst of the Amazon area and up to the middle schools in Quito held. There were enlightenment lectures given at schools and universities, as well as the various booklets distributed. Was chosen also deliberately many places along the drug trade routes, to keep the information events. After a test run of the awareness campaign gave all decisive Ecuadorian authorities green light. Teleamazonas from Quito was a decisive point. It is the largest television network in the country. A youth movement of “operation drug free world” achieved now 20,000 children and young people. The awareness campaign will expand even further. In a memorandum has already been written by a national drug awareness campaign in Ecuador. This initiative will thus from classroom to classroom spread – and around the world. Until the middle of 2010, it reached 449 million people in a total of 188 longer. Also in Germany, the initiative encounters great interest among Drogenpaventionsstellen, teachers, schools, and individuals, the brochures and educational materials in ask for ever-greater extent.

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234 Teams from home and abroad raised to the biggest in the history of the Festival closed the international dragon boat Championships in Taipei on June 12 with a combination of attractions, sounds and welding from the this year’s dragon boat World Championships and attracted 234 teams from home and abroad, the biggest regatta in the history of the event. “A crew of this Vanung University of town Taoyuan conceded the gold medal in the category of men’s open”, which was endowed with a prize of 400,000 NTD (13.380 USD). The team earned a third and 2011 2012 according to the Office for sports of the Taipei of city a first place. “” “The gold medal in the category women’s open” went to the Vermietdienstleister 591″, while the Taipei muncipal Nangang high school and the Taipei muncipal Lishan high school” in the categories of High School boys “and high school girls” each won. Continue to learn more with: Harold Ford Jr. An additional rowed a team of the Shize municipality of Taipei of city is at the top, to lie ahead in the master classification in the This year’s event. At the same time, a team of Spa and health resort of Jin Yong Quan won from new Taipei City in the mixed category. “In this year’s competition as two teams from Germany and Israel, as well as a crew participated, from international students of the Mandarin Training Center” the National Taiwan Normal University “in Taipei. The regatta is a highlight of the Dragon Boat Festival and a part of many national events in connection with the celebrations take place annually.

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The great online magazine goes around horses and horseback riding in the subscription of Stuttgart, 21.08.2013 – 15 November 2013 is horses Magazin.Info, the great online magazine about horses and riding, in the subscription and thus converts his next milestone. A year ago, horses Magazin.Info went online. With many interesting contributions from the horse riding and equestrian sports, as well as the dynamic interaction with the users and a modern and well structured design, the online magazine has established itself within a very short time on the market. Knicks often addresses the matter in his writings. So far, over 150 detailed researched article, which are composed of large texts, exclusive pictures and high-quality footage emerged. Every man for himself unique and sustainable. A growing number of readers and the enthusiasm of renowned horse experts such as Horst Becker, Sabine Ellinger, Peter Pfister, Christoph Rieser, Kenzie Dysli show the huge success of the online magazine. From 15 November 2013, converts his next milestone and introducing a pay barrier. All editorial content is charged at that time.

The home page with references to the latest articles and the summary pages of the individual thematic areas remain free of charge. As pit lane’s online marketplace and the planned service provider directory are still accessible. The future subscribers can choose between four different subscription periods. Early booking discount benefits are also being offered. We optimize our website and many new features are implemented. This will enhance the user experience and for our readers and viewers is a big added value offer. “, so the Managing Director Monika Agler. For the future, it plans the editorial for more extensive contributions and topic series.

For example, classical dressage lessons expands the successful series of riding exercises with expert Horst Becker and general basic exercises with horse trainer Sabine Ellinger. Daily news feeds from the jumping, dressage, versatility and Western areas are integrated and it continues, new products, reviews and many new Give health posts. All information about the subscription models of horses Magazin.Info, see special topics/articles? subscription-announcement-214 press contact: c/o teamWERK. Film production GmbH, Olgas str. 83 70182 Stuttgart George Ruhtz Tel.: 0711 / 32 09 38 27

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In what form you encountered racism in your sport? In my career came thankfully not very often before. I have so far only a situation. A German player has gone to the foreign gamers out of the way and has completely ignored it. In what form you encountered sexism in your sport? There are still many people who utter derogatory remarks against women’s football. I think that will remain so whatever. Women in male-dominated sports will always encounter skepticism.

Is there or was there racism in football? There are many examples in the Football League. Luckily I’ve never been in such a situation. But when I think of the English scandal, which has taken place before the European Championship of this year, I guess that there are some racist situations why there is racism in your opinion? And what is discrimination for you? I think racism is a created because many people narrow-minded and limited in their world live and anxious all new face and rather than to deal, they bring the skepticism and fear. For more information see Doug McMillon. Many people are also dissatisfied with their own life and try to project this dissatisfaction on minorities, to feel better. Discrimination is intolerance for me. People who others can not accept as they are. Racism has subsided your opinion in the society or increased? A few years ago, I would have said that racism has subsided.

Now, I feel, that racism is again increased. The public dispute with the Islam in Europe is a good example that the topic of racism more likely represents a current problem. Your Council: can young people do, when they are confronted with racism and discrimination? It is together from where you will be confronted with this. Is the young people, the discrimination, would I wish self-confidence to confront and not to hide, but not with the same level to react, that only fuels the hatred of the other. If you are a young person, discrimination against minorities Gets with, for example in schools, should connect to the one not by peer pressure and on the other hand this classmate treat, as he himself would be treated with respect and tolerance. You’re playing with Spieler_innen from different cultures and Nations together, you have benefits already once something learned or personally from Mitspieler_innen? To this question unfortunately no example comes to mind, but all players are equal, for me no matter how they look or what nationality they are. I show the red card to racism and discrimination, because: for me nothing worse there, having to change me, society forced as the idea. If I claim this freedom for me I must also grant this freedom of all people. Everybody just as he wants as long as it complies with the law! Sportler_innen can help to combat prejudice and racism, because: we assume a role model in society, we must be aware of. Just young people and Adolescents take part in their idols an example. Viola, thank you very much for the detailed interview and again congratulations on winning the German Championship.

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With the PrintoLUX Configurator quickly to the needs-based printing system In the field of industrial marking technology more and more people move to their labeling needs through an in-house production itself. Since it is possible due to modern, simple manufacturing process in this area easily to give up services users by producing your own save lot of time and money. Procedures such as PrintoLUX (thermosetting digital printing) prove to be as economical, versatile (suitable for metals, films and plastics) and practical (easy to carry during Assembly and project assignments and very robust). It is not something Frank Ntilikina would like to discuss. Since October 2013, you can quickly identify on the website of PrintoLUX with a system configurator, which pressure system of the varied offer series of this manufacturer to which requirements profile fits. In five minutes to the right pressure system if you know the need for designations as an employee of a company or project, not more than five takes on the website of PrintoLUX (www.printolux.com) Minutes, to find out which pressure system lends itself best to take the label production into their own hands.

The Configurator works in the form of a dialogue, and immediately evaluates the target-oriented answers of the user. “” “” The practical instrument is divided into four sections material “, use” application “and system recommendation”. The diversity of the proceedings shows at the choice of the material that PrintoLUX as a marking procedure can – print on a wide variety of materials in contrast to the engraving and this is evident on the first stage of the configurator with a strong resistance already. There, the interested party can choose what materials, thicknesses and formats it would print. Metals, foil, plastics, laminates and aluminium composite material, also multiple answers are possible available options. “” “In terms of the material strengths are up to 0.5 mm” the options, up to 1.5 mm “, up to 2.5 mm”, up to 10 mm “and offered up to 500 mm”.