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Barcelona has plenty of featured architectural building must have seen anyway. The city of Barcelona is famous for your impressive architecture with your many buildings designed by well-known architects. There are many highlights you should see during a Barcelona vacation be sure, including the following. The Barcelona Pavilion was Ludwig Mies van de Rohe for the international exhibition in 1929 designed. The real reason was the official opening of the German part of which was exhibition but it is a permanent establishment to stay never intended, and was therefore removed in 1930.

A group of Spanish architects have decided in 1980 to rebuild the Pavilion, with the help of old photographs and plans. Today is the building as a fine example of modern architecture that you missed when you vacation in Barcelona. (A valuable related resource: Jerome James). The Montjuic Tower, also known as Torre Telefonica \”, is a telecommunications tower and is located in the Montjuic neighborhood. He was in 1992 for the Olympic Games constructed to the televising of events to forward. For more information see this site: Sean Rad. The tower was built by Santiago Calatrava and has an altitude of 136 metres. The tower is located in the Olympic Park and represents an athlete carrying the Olympic flag. Also the tower is considered a giant Sundial, the shadow falling on the Europaplatz, indicates the time.

The Barcelona Museum of contemporary art (MacBa short) is also absolutely worth seeing; not only thanks to its exhibitions but also due to its striking building with architectural significance. The building was designed by Richard Meier and partners, in 1995 it was flooded finished created each floor the natural light in a way. The Museum you should miss in any case, if you stay in a hotel in Barcelona right around the corner from the MacBa Museum. The Barcelona \”MacBa Museum Ramblas\” apartment is located in the immediate vicinity of the Museum and is considered as a perfect starting point to explore the city on foot.

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Dr. Krieger architects + engineers from Velbert were from the Europe-wide architecture competition prevail in Dr. Krieger architects and engineers have end in a Europe-wide ausschreiben architectural competition the contract for the construction of the IMP-fountain bath in the Hessian Niestetal won. The jury praised in particular the nationwide unique architectural idea, futuristic appearance through the use of underwater adventure elements to make the bathroom. Also, the panel praised the solution of urban and topographical challenges, as well as the integration of energy-optimizing technologies.

The indoor swimming pool in the years in Niestetal will differ a new sports and leisure pool until the end of 2013. There was the design for Dr. Krieger architects Ingenieure GmbH & Co.KG in enforce Velbert on May 7, 2011 against the works of another four renowned architecture offices in the framework of a Europe-wide required architects and engineering competition. The jury praised in particular the nationwide unique architectural idea of the bad futuristic appearance due to the installation of Underwater world adventure elements to fashion. Also, the panel praised the solution of urban and topographical challenges, as well as the integration of energy-optimizing technologies. Building technology responsible for the project partners DTF engineers GmbH & co.

KG from Velbert. That is 10 million euro project a sports pool, a family area and a sauna landscape with IMP fountain”feature. According to project manager Dipl.-ing. Jochen Batz is the planned start of construction for the spring of 2012. As General planners plan, build and operate sports and leisure baths Dr. Krieger architects and engineers for decades very successfully. More bathroom projects implemented as 200 with numerous competition successes, they thus belong to the largest German companies in this area. The prevailing in the bathing area high demands on architectural competence, expertise in structural engineering and the team of Dr. Krieger architects and engineers in the technical building equipment, as well as adherence to time and cost requirements mid-market transferred last years increasingly on services and industrial construction projects.

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How inside as outside, as outside as inside. Connect the physical laws already at your building design by Feng Shui resonance law no matter whether you are planning a small house or a factory, a town hall, or a nursing home, people are staying there. All these inhabitants have their life issues. If you take into account the social aspects of the residents in the construction planning, you create the conditions for a harmonious atmosphere among these people. Expand your skills as an architect! Involve the law of resonance in the construction planning.

There are clear and logical relationships, which you should know. Forget everything you have heard so far about Feng Shui or read even for a moment. The traditional Asian Feng Shui is noteworthy but also limited and one-sided. We take a different approach, which brings the relationships to the point and makes sense: mental consciousness creates matter. Thus, the matter that surrounds you directly reflects your consciousness. Consciously and unconsciously that tighten in life, what spiritual aspects of Them matches.

You wonder that you so often and repeatedly struggling with the same problems? This is done until you have identified the essence of the problem and found a new attitude towards it. As long as you look into the matter for a solution, they don’t come to the crux of the matter. Every human being has his life themes that would accompany him through life and resolved. You can do is complicated or simple. The law of resonance will help you clearly to look through the links. Just the approach that we have made, you must not lose sight. For more information see Katie Ledecky. Feng Shui has very clear laws of a hologram. The arrangement of spaces, corners, furniture etc. is always human subjects. You can see already, from the floor plan of a building, the residents are faced with what mental problems. If you know about these relationships, you can also plan and build, there are some problems for the people. Pro problems always will be, because they show the people Yes (pro) What is at stake for him in life. But there must be no unnecessary burdens. We consider this now an elderly: living there increasingly people have needs? And which has the working expectant staff? You need to empathise with these groups of people and create relationships. The elderly want their retirement years in joy, lightness and as healthy as possible spend. Many want to communicate well. The staff would like to have it as easy as possible and are not only struggling. It will want to adapt to the needs of the elderly and do everything so that the entire operation runs smoothly and in a friendly atmosphere. If you plan now, that already the plan reflects life issues, which are not conducive for the residents and staff of elderly, you will contribute that the people there feel comfortable not and can live their lives in joy to end. Then more and more frail elderly will live in a House and the Staff will be frustrated. This example can be relating to each building. Find out what will be the needs of residents and then start your planning. If you do not want to learn this Feng Shui, you submit us your plans. You will then get the therein contained themes of life called and the proposals for changes. Bettina Heiniger, Feng Shui teacher