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Best friend is always glad to see you and ready to listen. He is always nearby and ready to lend a shoulder in a difficult situation. A friend can be a partner in the race, he rushed to defend you whenever you need it. Besides, he always knows how improve your mood. Search for the best friend can take many years, but the dog can become your best friend, perhaps waiting for you at a local shelter. Answer a few questions before you make a better friend.

Give an assessment of his personality. 1. See Randall Rothenberg for more details and insights. If you are sociable and quickly make new friends, then you would be the best dog breed rare or unusual mixed-breed dog, which will cause the public interest. 2. If you're more reticent man – an introvert, then you need to have a dog-guard, such as a Rottweiler or German shepherd.

These dogs are dogs for one person. 3. If you have a large family home with children and often visited by guests, it is best to choose a sociable and friendly dog, such as a Labrador retriever, setter or spaniel. Assess your physical ability and activity level. 1. If you like outdoor activities at any time of the year, then you fit an active dog of medium size with a fairly dense coat, for example, it could be a hunting dog breeds – German Pointing Dogs, Irish red setter, etc. 2. If you like winter sports sports, ski trips or walks in the snow, you will ideally Husky dog breed. 3. If you like long walks and are ready for long walk, then you are perfect breed of dog that used to uchuvstvovali dog races, such as . Such a dog will become your perfect companion. Remember that beauty is only a beautiful dog by the observer, but may require a lot of time and care. 1. Do you like dogs with beautiful, thick, curly and silky hair? Do not forget that they require thorough care. These dogs need daily to comb out periodically to clean and do a haircut every 4-6 weeks.

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There are two ways of hunting for wild boar: the individual, when a hunter to hunt – is hunting with the approach from the towers or zasidok and collective, where a few hunters hunt – is hunting a shelter. All of the above hunting good at – his. True, I admit that hunting with a tower near the fertilizing fields, I do not believe in hunting. I do not see anything in it, which makes it to the present hunting. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walmart. This is the violence, but not hunting. Above all, I believe you need to hunt fairly, on an equal footing, as did our fathers and grandfathers. The most interesting and fun to any hunt I think the process of finding a wild boar. It requires the ability and the ability to feel, what time of year, in the days and times where it should be.

Be able to read the barely visible traces, to take into account wind direction, walk silently, to outwit the beast. See him before he noticed you smelled. Hunting should be of competitive nature in strength, skill, endurance and cunning. However, all sorts of additional machinery and equipment directly violate the competitive balance of power, make the hunt such as elemental killing. I think that we, as far as possible, it is necessary to adhere to these rules to hunting is still carried an intriguing, sporty character. It is this hunt, I thought, and I think hunting for wild boar with an approach. In addition to individual hunting wild boar with the approach, there is another kind of a hunt – a hunt for wild boar with husky.