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Relative the scientific production to the area of High Abilities/Superdotao (AH/SD) still is sufficient incipient in the Brazilian context, even so the precursors of the area have searched and divulged its works from the decade of 1920-1930. You may find sports apparel to be a useful source of information. It has some reasons that can be evicted to this fact, amongst them the popular myths and beliefs the respect, that not rare hinders the same identification and the attendance to these people; the lack of information, financial resources for the Education and, consequently, the Special Education and the formation of the professors, who if feel incapable to identify and/or to take care of to these pupils and the lack of trustworth official statisticians in this area. (PEREZ; FREITAS, s/d, P. 01) As in he says the citation above to them, still he lacks very for an adequate attendance of the superendowed one taking in account the preparation and the information that still is scarce in the educational way. Conflicting aspects For being the school the field of discoveries of these true talentos is for there that we will start to observe the vulnerable points cited the top.

Generally, the support given to deficient pupils and to its parents are bigger of what the given assistance the superendowed family of one. The difference is clear, the deficiency most of the time leaves external marks and signals, evidentes to that they see while the superendowed one possesss internal challenges. No physical or intellectual aid is necessary, however it is necessary special care, attention and psychological accompaniment. In many schools it does not have necessary accompaniment, does not have rooms special, the resume is static and the same for all, what many times result in the alienation, it disinterests and fidget on the part of the pupil who is in a school that does not attend it adequately and it provides an inadequate environment to it for the development of its potentialities.

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One day it is presented to he wants whom it of truth, makes that it to feel itself full, desired, true super hero that he came to make the difference to the world, to perhaps save the humanity. The first thing that this super hero makes is not to obtain to save itself, much less to the others. The fancy is delivered to it, to a life and a feeling that never it knew, that it never thought about feeling, a complete human being, nor that is for few hours. 4. Parents that finds that the more severe they will be, its children better will be.

Its word of order is Not, adores to police the words, attitudes, education, school, clothes, friends, music that had and all more than the children they make. As perpetual jailers who are with the responsibility to take account of a prisoner to any cost. These children dream of the freedom, they look at and they analyze the other parents and they are always asked: because my parents not s to thus Mrs. Liberdade, that it of the everything what it dreams, never flies for seen ways, for true paradises, where it does not have oppression or the word not if they deliver to this momentnea freedom of body and soul and never more wants to come back toward the arrest where they lived. Gentlemen parents, I could write here pages and pages of cases that I come across myself as psychoanalytic and clinical psychologist every day. Young that they arrive me, not only with an immense emptiness in its heart, life, future and soul. With the certainty of that never they will fill this emptiness that increases to each day where they wake up after being drugged.

They are felt not as human beings, but as the slag of the family, the world and the universe. They arrive without esteem some, peace, life, hope of a future. Eye in the eyes and I always see the same thing: one to look at without brightness, soul. Somebody of vocs already gave to attention in a person deceased with the eyes> opened, it does not have brightness, it does not have life is as soon as they arrive until me, Dead! Who knows one day the parents will be acquired knowledge that they are not perfect, that they erram, erram many times more than the children, but that also they are not worried in such a way in making right, because for them, the way whom they educate and they act with its children he is total correct. That nobody can intervene with the education of the children, the son is of it and it knows to educate it that nobody better. Nobody Serves to give advice or to educate of better form. Nobody Drug if will not have a deep sadness or an immense emptiness in the soul. VOCS HAD BEEN, ARE AND WILL BE ALWAYS A FAILURE AS PARENTS! Nobody is infallible, but at least we try to make right, to search information, to talk with our children of open chest and mainly to say it who you are not perfect and as human being imperfection and that it can help to improve it as father or mother. That we always can recommence, either of that point we stop in this life.

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to yes surprise a day and another one to me also, by its odd habits, their topics, many reiterative situations that of negative form occur one season after another one, by the enormous wastefulness that clubs realises with presumed signings of cracks which often they get neither to be moderately acceptable players to play nor in third division, by incredible, capricious decisions and absurd of incompetent leaders who are the more pending than they read in the sport newspapers that to manage the club which they represent with a mini level of intelligence. With thread kilometric of this incapacity manifest of that many do finery we could to leave commits it of wastefulness and incoherence arrived at sky and examples can to put thousand than I say and bad it is that some until see normal what happens, since of another form not explains that measures are not taken, that would dare to say to me, would have to be concerning cabinet. Recently and we are not going to give names, although it is of public dominion, left in the press ranking (some managers can feel proud and to even hang medals by the wonderful realised work) of clubs of soccer Spanish of first division with the debts that they had and with the sum than they must would occur to eat to all the African continent like minimum during a year, but this is soccer, and soccer is thus and those that command so calm and without colors leave to them (of the shame or the lack of her).. .

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Unfortunately, 95% of which initiate a business in house fail, and the main cause by they do which it is that they do not acquire the knowledge nor they obtain the tools necessary to be successful in the modern one and competitive present market and so that this does not happen now you have two options at the time of constructing to your business 1) – 95% of the business proprietors continue practicing the game of the numbers that occurred in the old school. This is: you must contact sufficient people until you are able to make a sale. 2) – 5% rest are distributors TOP of any company multilevel, which are positioned in the market so that it allows us to the interested prospectuses to find them, and to contact them. The option number 2 is undeniably the election superior by many reasons, but I would like to indicate a dynamics that is the key of all this concept, so that it does not forget to you: What the success of the prospection marks it is who finds and contacts to the other person In option 1, you persecute to the prospectus. In option 2, the prospectus looks for to you, which means that you are perceived as the expert and you maintain all the power and the value in that situation. It has invited us to the prospectus to its world and basically it asks to us that we sell our goods or services to him, or that we let to him enter this opportunity of Multinivel business Automatically you pass all the barriers and walls that all the other distributors of your company will have to break. Consequently if we did not strive, to secure a good company, where they offer to ample knowledge and the tools us necessary it stops to turn us into an expert of Multinivel, would cost long time obtaining to us that the dream is fulfilled, Why? Because if we did not prepare ourselves well we will not manage to have a high percentage of success but of only a 2% people interested really in each 100 prospectuses. .

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It's good activates all the necessary receptors and saturates your body the necessary energy. Signet also good for the sensitive part of the human soul and is able to awaken all the best and worst of our emotions and vices. If properly compose it to its proper place, then we can forget about the hatred, vanity, gluttony, greed, and develop the courage, agility, dedication, because Ring this affects our intent. This is a perfect creation of Atlantis will help you in solving complex problems. Hear from experts in the field like NBA for a more varied view. Ring and Mark is very helpful in meditation, he as our medium communicates with Higher Intelligence. Try to listen to his voice, and you will hear the wisdom of the universe. Everyone carries a different energy, and not all of them far are positive.

There are people who have serious eye or evil thoughts. Hate her, they can set up on anyone. In this case, the Signet is very useful, because it is able to protect from any evil spirits, black magic, and Lessons from the (evil eye) and Curses different. Sign of Atlantis, made in the form of a medallion, protects the well from all the trouble, and at the same time is a powerful amulet created around human positive defensive stronghold. For more specific information, check out Doug McMillon. And most importantly, that this Ring, protects from exposure to bad places unclean. Good idea to hang this sign in crowded places. Stasis was there, it becomes easier to breathe and for the people it will be cleaner and healthier. Sign of Atlantis is located in wicked place neutralizes malicious forces and transforms them into positive energy.

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Very easy to shove all the mishaps of life on anyone. There are banal cases where a peasant village on drunk broke his arm, and when he got home he said, that he was attacked by a pack of yetis. Very lush fantasy allows you to create images of monsters, passing legends about them on from generation to generation. Another option, when a person sees something inexplicable from his point of view. But in Later it turns out that it is actually simple. Bigfoot turned out to be a bear, bigfoot – child Mowgli and saskvach – an ordinary monkey. People deliberately make of "molehills" in order to draw attention to the object.

Yes, There are children who are lagging behind their peers in the mental and physical development. Most often this occurs in remote areas, where the circumstances of life surprises. And then nature stands up for rights, so as he is already unable to educate their offspring. This is a very wild and unusual cases out of the ordinary, but they, unfortunately have a place to be. A simple man, seeing such a child, naturally frightened and in his understanding it appears as something horrible, never seen before in such a moment comes to mind only one thing – it's Bigfoot.

Such frequent confusion knocks society astray, driving on the wrong track. Ghosts. When the burning of ghost, then usually mean the souls of the dead appearing in our world visible to the living guise. According to the testimonies of those who claimed to have seen ghosts, they usually are pale images with indistinct outlines.

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Fetichismo: Sexual pleasure only in contact with some close part of the person of its sexual fancies. Necrophilia: Uncontrollable desire to keep sexual relation with corpses, not importing the age. These individuals frequently look for to work in places or professions that facilitate these types of contact, as funerary, in the cemetaries and the justinian codes of medical jurisprudence, in the autopsy rooms. Masochism: Term created from the name of Leopold Von Sacher Masoch, romancista of the end of century XIX. is characterized for the search of the suffering caused for the cruelty, to reach orgasmo.

Sadism: The capable one to reach orgasmo inflicting pain and or suffering to if the sexual partner. Pedofilia: Sexual compulsion for children, being able to occur sexual violence until the homicide. Nymphomania: Sexual compulsion of character mrbido for multiple sexual relationships, or with some partners of the masculine sex. Essentially feminine characteristic. Masterbation (Masturbation): When in excess it can bring physical and mental consuming, feeling of guilt, etc., depending on the familiar, social and religious established concepts. In some situations of anorgasmia in the relationship with vaginal penetration, where orgasmo can be obtained with the simultaneous auto-stimulaton to the act of the penetration. Voyerismo: Sexual satisfaction only in the condition of observer of couples in full sexual relation. Froteurismo: Term that comes of the Frenchman (Froter) and that it means to roar, to rub; practised mainly against women, but for homosexuals in places also pressed together of people, mainly in the collective conductions.

Zoofilia: Sexual preference for animals, common fact in the interior when in regions or places where a bigger difficulty exists to find partner sexual men or women. Narcissism: Irresistible sexual attraction for the proper body or image, that is, the impulse does not move to other people. It is of utmost importance that more people take knowledge of scientific form regarding its sexuality. Thus the reason of as many questionings without answers can be understood, almost always confusing sexuality with promiscuity.

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Between the four and twelve months, many times if extending for a bigger period, the child uses chupeta (peak), if grasps to a diaper or the one piece of blanket or still to one bichinho of pelcia or cloth, puts the fingers in the mouth, produces sounds and if it becomes attached strong to these objects. They remember Zavaschi, Brunstein and Costa (2001), that Winnicott (1983) called such transicionais facts of phenomena or objects. They would be forms of defense against the anxiety of separation of the mother or against the depressive ansiedades. Such objects, sounds or sensations represent the mother, lived deeply object as good, which the child if becomes attached intensely. The child will have the impression of that she protects it to the object, if moves, it of the heat, possessing more qualities of what these objects really have.

That is, these objects possess the qualities of its mother, of care and protection. Approximately around the thirty and six months of age, the baby already inside possesss of itself the base for its future relationships. The symbolic capacity of the child, in full outcrop, still needs the parental look, but now, of intense form. The language determines a great change in this aspect of the emotional life, since it provides to the children a new way of expression of its feelings, contributing for a sensible reduction of the open expressions of clera and of I cry. (COLL, 2004) the PROCESS OF ADAPTATION To the SCHOOL OF INFANTILE EDUCATION Exactly that the mother has that to divide its ' ' function materna' ' about other people, it is worried about the cares physical, affective and desenvolvimental of its children. When entering the school, the child, mainly when if she deals with child of little age and that she enters the Infantile Education, finds a new world, with very different environment and people of those where she was accustomed to be: classroom, teachers, other children, shouts, choros, collective disputes of toys, snacks.