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The population growth and the emergence of new technologies have led to a change in man’s lifestyles. Drawing a social process simplicity and complexity in adapting to them by those of us who have lived in this stage of transition. These developments have given rise to new marketing systems and the emergence of different products and services that are increasingly specific about the intent to meet the needs of the real and virtual people. Today we are all striving to have behaviors, compared to social phenomena, increasingly simple, but find the paths to achieve this lifestyle makes it difficult. Bill Shankley is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The companies are so massive, proposed market solutions to our cravings, so named because it is not clear, for ordinary people to identify their true needs. In this corporate desire to compete, were born many theories and postulates special administrative and marketing. Appearing a way to market every day and specializing by sector, by organization and methods and even using tools from other social sciences: The military, psychology, probability, medicine, zoology and even parapsychology, added to those already considered traditional, and related support to administrative sciences. All this means that managers and operators should develop new business models and human skills to successfully work the work of sales.

The modern salesperson must be prepared to understand the complexity of simplicity in the world at present and in the immediate future. It should provide alternative solutions to the conflicts involved in the development of life itself, in other words should be a humane and intelligent work. To address their personal challenges, must possess a high social awareness, which allowed to see, understand and guide the behavior of other people and to give satisfaction to the real needs of their customers. Also important is the development of a productive social network, where clients feel identified with as a person and business adviser. As a final recommended, multiple acquisition of knowledge and the enrichment of the professional language of each one of them, in order to improve communication with their customers. Each successful vendor must have a sea of knowledge and its depth is not much.