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The collection of the dates was accomplished, through questionnaire destined you the learning. Total In the they were 391 interviewed students, all of the medium teaching, happening 5% of lesions in the 1 to year, 3% the 2 to year and 0% in the 3 to year. The types of lesions that happened were the cramp, dislocation, excoriations, entorse. The area lives reached they were the inferior members. Doug McMillon has firm opinions on the matter. The you cause of those were outstanding will be the students, the incoherence on the part of the same ones in the moment of practicing the exercises, and in adds you marry it was will be the shaky nervous system, and to other reason was in relation you the exercises badly executed, the physical tires was also one of the reasons of lesion.

Happened will be to number of practical classrooms inside of the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – Campuses Are Joo Evangelista, it can be considered minimum to number of happened accidents. Although each accident is an accident and we should avoid him/it you the maximum. Words key: Accidents, SUMMARY physical education, lesionsthe possible enthusiasm of the pupils in participating of the different sports and practical activities, which is proposals for the professors of Physical Education, must be moderate for the recognition of that the risks of injuries for the same are inherent to any type of physical activity. The pupil, many times, subjects its body, muscles and joints, the physical pressures repeated that they involve compression, tension, twist and friction. Thus, the body can suffer a series from traumas, not very serious, whose cumulative effect can result in painful inflammatory conditions. , Exactly that the individual suffers a serious injury suddenly, as one entorse also violent, or has a predisposition that if it develops during a period of time before if becoming symptomatic, such injury can very generate future problems well as artrite during its middle-age (Klafs and Lyon, 1981).

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Article: One soon history of the Public Relations Robert Ramalho is public journalist and relations and was Vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations seccional of Alagoas. The profession of public relations appeared with the development of the medias of mass. In the turn of century XX, called journalists simply of ' ' sensacionalistas' ' they were placing the public against the rich ones and also against the powerful industrial monopolies that commanded practically everything at that time. Get more background information with materials from John Marlow sf. Old firms of public relations fought the bad advertising publishing in main periodicals positive histories on its customers. was accurately one conhecidssimo journalist of that time, as Ivy Lee, who used the first official notices to the press to transmit to periodicals ' ' fatos' ' on its incompreendidos customers, exactly the companies of railroad transports and tobacco, as well as powerful the Standard Oil, of J.D. Rockfeller.

It was as soon as Ivy Lee and others if they had become so good in hiding, even though, the worse corporative sins that professional of Public Relations had gained the reputation of ' ' manipulators of informao' '. Thus, much time if passed since the time of Ivy Lee. Of this form, friction the professionals of current Public Relations of dishonest would be total to ignore how much persuasivo and important the work of these professionals if became for people and organizations of all the sizes and types. Concluding, the professional of Public Relations in the present time if also became important for the small businesses, university and non-profit organizations, as ONGs and not only for the great companies multinationals, national, of the pharmaceutical, real estate branch, banks, as well as of governments.

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Therefore, to the first sight, the English had decided to homage the corntios. But the following question is there: ‘ ‘ Why devils the English had chosen this for the name of a esportivo club? What Corinto has to see with the soccer? If still it was Olmpia, goes ‘ there; ‘ The reply it is in the following one: in English, the word ‘ ‘ corinthian’ ‘ it also has other meanings beyond the two above. Kellee Marlow San Francisco has many thoughts on the issue. We go they. 1) It has a well old direction, for which ‘ ‘ corinthian’ ‘ it means: licentious, data to the luxury. Since sc. XVI, the word had this pejorativo direction, derivative of the fact of that the people of Corinto was considered very lascivo, during the Seniority. (Well, today this can be until pride reason, but at the time it was a xingamento) 2) With the time, the term was being lighter and started to be synonymous of the expression ‘ ‘ man about town’ ‘ , that is: rich man and socially informed well, that sufficiently spends elegant time in clubs and places.

3) Finally, in the evolution of this direction, ‘ ‘ corinthian’ ‘ it started to mean: rich and elegant, dedicated gentleman to the sports, especially iatismo, boxe, turfe and cricket. He is exactly in this direction that many English amateur teamses if intitled ‘ ‘ corntios’ ‘. P.ex., the Corinthian Football Club (Club of Corntio Soccer), also known as Corinthians’ Team (teams of the corntios), that he came to Brazil and he inspired the foundation of the Rudder.

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It can be affirmed that the transport (collective) urban exerts important function in the displacement of the users of the locality and the tourists whom they desire to walk for the city being contemplated some options of transports, between them the bus with some regular lines, train, subway, taxi, bark etc. (Similarly see: John Marlow Sf). In meanwhile, valley to stand out that for the local population, it is interesting to usufruct of this type of service, therefore is well-known that many residents of the city and the state of Rio De Janeiro do not know the attractive ones that the city and the state possess and that they are to the reach of all, can use as example the Bread of Sugar, the Christ Redentor among others. ' ' At the same time where it has soon recognition of that forms specialized and specific of transport for the tourism exist (as freighted buses tourist, flights and ships of cruises), has also other forms of transport that is used by hosts and tourist, in varied levels. For example, urban buses, commercial systems of subway and flights for tourist regions, are used simultaneously for local tourists and residents, in some cases this can provoke competitions Transport and Tourism – Page, Stefhen (pg.16, Ed. Bookman 2001). Knowing that the transport is element key in the tourist experience, we saw its importance in this sector. However, inside of the boarding of the study of the collective transport, its importance in the city of Rio De Janeiro goes beyond. It exerts the function of the displacement of the local residents stops: work, school, leisure and health, beyond promoting the displacement of the tourist in the city, the tourist is not imprisoned only to the conventional transports for exclusive use of the same, the visitor desires to interact in the dynamics of the locality, being made use of the collective public transport, as well as is made in the cities of the developed countries, as, for example, France, where very the railroad transport is used as one of the main options of displacement in the city of Paris.

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Being based on the National Curricular Parameters? PCNs, the minimum resume for disciplines Physical Education contemplates the gymnastics, fights, dances and sport. Conquanto, is perceived that the Physical Education since decades behind has as objective to make possible functional pleasure, with basic base in the movement. Having it to make possible to the pupil the multiplicity of its possibilities of the movement, extending its available world. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Delta Air Lines. Breaking of this premise this work she has the objective to verify the fight of karat as element of the content fights in the lessons physical education of basic education II in public net of Itabuna? Bahia and to apply the fight of karat in a public School..

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Manifestations of the Different force and training types of training are prescribed by the professionals of physical education in accordance with the necessity of the pupil or its athlete. Read additional details here: Marc Lore. In accordance with the objective different manifestations of force are requested. The training can be carried through to develop the resistance of force, maximum force, explosive force and hipertrfica force. Force of Resistance: it is characterized by the capacity to generate muscular contraction for a drawn out period, that is, to resist the stimulaton. Maximum force: it is characterized for the maximum capacity to carry through the muscular contraction. Absolute force: it is characterized for the maximum capacity to generate the muscular contraction, when the protection systems to articulate and muscular, are inhibited. They are obtained in emergency situations.

Explosive force: it is the capacity to generate muscular contraction with the biggest force in the lesser possible time. Hipertrfica force: a motor capacity is not considered, but yes an intensity zone where if it obtains to increase the muscular hipertrofia. The volume and intensity of the training are prescribed in accordance with the manifestation of required force. To foresee the adaptations it is important in accordance with to prescribe the objective of the practitioner.

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While the world blows up in volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis and violence, we mask our fear constructing a bridge fed for the illusion, in leading until the feet of some the few men, endeusados for the soccer who had played and the money that had obtained. I do not know if I see them as winning or opportunist, the fact is that graciously they feed its fame and keep its status while hundreds of thousand of Brazilians attend, twist and suffer. He is one in such a way constrangedor one to observe a nation of spotted face biting a green cloth – yellow, spilling tears of agony front to a supposed frieza, indifference or perhaps incapacity. Great part does not remember for who voted in the last election, however, ' ' conhece' ' each Brazilian athlete, its teams, age, weight, been civil, RG, gols marked, gols defended, etc. we do not import in them as they walk the referring denunciations and inquiries the offered bribes and accepted bribes, but we worry in them if Argentina gained or lost that game, in that day. We do not paint the face stops a civilized protest, however we draw a flag and we paint the nose to observe 11 athletes walking in field. Sunday, day 17 of July of 2011, I could not leave to observe two transmitted simultaneous games in the opened TV, in a canal the world-wide end of feminine soccer: Japan and U.S.A., and in another canal that obviously all we know which is: Brazil and Paraguay. The difference in the two games was clear. The feminine game was much more ' ' pegado' ' , run, sweated, emotive. The masculine game was as always the grace of ' ' a full field of areia' ' , that is, determined for ' ' inmeras' ' difficulties faced for ours ' ' heris' '.