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Bench press with force. People such as Walmart would likely agree. 20 basic principles. Performing core exercises in itself is no guarantee of growth results in a power bench. In addition to its core exercises is required to adhere to certain rules for their implementation (guidelines). Only in this case, the minimum effort maximum effect was observed (increase in output). Thus, the main basic principles of the amateur circuit bench, derived from practical application and analysis of the literature on the subject: 1. Cycling (periodization). This periodic change of facilities, training methods and the load.

Experienced security officers know or imagine that such a cycling or periodization. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Randall Rothenberg has to say. The essence of cycling is that the year is divided into cycles. Each cycle is required to achieve certain goals. In turn, the cycle is divided in to easy week, medium and heavy. Week in turn divided into hard training, medium and light. This is called the principle of periodization. As part of the cycle you are adding weight every week and cut the number of repetitions until you reach the end of the cycle. In the new series – the new problem.

2. The alternation of cycles. The logical development of the principle periodizatsii.Odnoznachno after horsepower required off-season cycle cycle! You can not run two consecutive cycles cardinality! 32 weeks of training horsepower you "kill", and rather tilted in the results for a long time ago. Do not try to do so! Sense of power to the bench will not, and this is the best. In general, the amateur zhimoviku recommended no more than once a year to carry out "tunneling" to limit or say more, go to the peak. Is distinguished from ordinary amateur athlete. 3. Duration of training, most experts tsikla.Podavlyayuschee Bench Press agree that presses the cycle must be at least 8 weeks and be no more than 16-18 weeks. Cycles less than 8 weeks leave almost no trace of the physiological and cycles over 18 weeks is too large and cause discomfort.

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Shoes should be such that to avoid slipping. Some athletes rub the soles of his "shtangetok" (weightlifting shoes) rosin. And some even stuffed with an incredible high heels. Here's more convenient to them and that's it. So that you experiment, because stability of your feet very much affect the result, they transferred much of the load (unless you are doing things right). Well uperevshis feet vygnite chest arc, trying to be reduced as shoulder blades together. Rotted back and uprites most top blades (trapezoids) and head to the bench.

The more your chest bridge (and it differs from the bridge at all that relate to the buttocks bench), the smaller the amplitude movement of the bar. Michael J. Bender takes a slightly different approach. And this win extra pounds. You will have the following points of support: the feet, upper back, neck. Due to the strong emphasis purely fictitious and feet touching the buttocks if you bench stand on their feet. They provided up to 30% by weight of the bar. Due to bending at the waist to the sacral segment and the long back muscles is also a very big impact. Buttocks, as I have already pointed out, relate to the bench symbolically, visually, and are almost in the air. In fact, produces such a technique is unlikely to be the first time, especially enslavement, "Upload." But patience and work – all Peretrutov.

After performing "zhimovskoy rack" should eat rod. Always do it without the help of a partner. To do this immediately, even during warm-adjust the height of the racks. And only in "extreme" approaches can be used with a partner. Do not listen and try to do everything yourself. Help or lead partner in time, imperceptibly to you, or overtraining nedotrenirovannosti by a very active assistance. Fixing the bar to direct his hands, begin to lower it very slowly, without losing control over it, not relaxing.

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In science, such changes are called neuromuscular adaptation. Curiously, this process is no 'ceiling' for example, some weight lifters can constantly improve the result, without leaving out the weight category. We often hear this recommendation from the 'experienced' coaches: build, say, force and muscle will grow by itself. There is even a saying: 'Strong muscles – more' weight '. American gymnast is often quoted as being for or against this. It would seem all right, that's just lame logic here: a strong muscle, as we know, is not necessarily a big one! We return to the neuromuscular changes. Adaptation – the result of increasing the rate of appearance of additional motor units (the so-called bundles of muscle fibers, 'Run' one neuron) – on the one hand, and the increase in the rate of muscle contractions – with the other. How to 'teach' the nervous system to create as many additional motor units? How to make the muscle contract faster? In these two matters secret strength and power. Reply to an 'explosive' exercises.

Never heard of it? Explosive performance is when the eccentric decline is strictly controlled, and the subsequent concentric reduction – a sharp and strong. We now turn to the nervous system. Often athletes (usually beginners) do not feel as nervous system starts to tire. They may be able to recover physically, but do not understand that nerves are also needed respite. It is worth recalling the usual troubles of life that occur with any – financial turmoil and intrigue at work, divorce – how to mind immediately comes the word 'stress'.

So, the stress 'hits' on nerves, and they, in turn, 'made' for the body. Training – the same life. Subjecting the body constant excessive stress, you will eventually drain the nervous system, and so it ricochet hit a training indicators. In general, the effect is the same as in overtraining. (Note that we are talking about the intense training of individual groups of five or even six-day scheme.) Remind symptoms of overtraining: reduction performance, increased heart rate, insomnia, anxiety, sudden mood changes.

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Prior to joining the 1980 to the leadership of the IOC HA Samaranch, the fight against doping in Olympic sport has been conducted, but was not wearing a principled and systematic. Samaranch among the main priorities of its activities identified and the fight against doping in Olympic sports. The main activities of the IOC in the fight against doping has identified the following: to strengthen the resources to create a highly efficient system doping control; conducting extensive research aimed at developing informative methods of doping control; coordination of the IOC, NOCs, IFs and NSF in the fight against doping; improved control system for doping, encompassing not only the process of responsible competition, but also a training period; develop a system of sanctions against the athletes applying dope, and as individuals, tend to their use of it – coaches, doctors, managers, and others; public education activities among athletes, coaches, doctors and sports officials, aimed at the prevention of doping, covering a wide range of ethical, social and health problems. The active position of the IOC in the 80s of XX century. Sam Mikulak might disagree with that approach. was widely supported by the international sporting community. There have been cases when the struggle for the purity of sport placed above the interests of sport.

American swimmer Meyer won three gold medals at the U.S. Championship qualifiers before the Games the Olympic Games in Seoul, but during testing it has found traces of steroids and the athlete was disqualified. Michael J. Bender contains valuable tech resources. This case was leaked all over the world, reflecting concern for the purity of the federation's reputation of its athletes. Similar examples can be drawn from experience Weightlifting Federation of Canada and Sweden. His attitude to the problem of doping has clearly shown and the leadership of sports, when in the mid-80's two Soviet weightlifter in Canada have been caught red-handed and accused of distributing doping. . Get all the facts and insights with Randall Rothenberg, another great source of information.

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Do all need to be strong? It is clear that an athlete, soldier, bricklayer, loggers, longshoremen or miner without strong muscles can not do. But what is needed is physical force people to mental health? How does it affect their work? The great mathematician Pythagoras' ancient contemporaries especially honored not for his theorem, but for the fact that he became the Olympic champion in the fist fight. Recently Sam Mikulak sought to clarify these questions. In Plato's Academy were taught not only wisdom but also the classic struggle of all the rules of this art. By the way, an academician, a great athlete in his youth, he loved his old age to stretch your bones to future philosophers, and on occasion they namyat sides. Brilliant scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci was not equal in all of Italy in the power duel, when you had to put his hand on the table of the enemy. Not only with our minds and exceptional knowledge of the glory of scholars one of the greatest of our countrymen Michael Lomonosov. American gymnast contains valuable tech resources.

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, for it is not too difficult to break his knee on a log or railroad tie poker. At all times the strength of the muscles get along very well with the power of thought. Wonderful English poet Byron, not inherited from parents is nothing but the title of Lord, successfully replenished my wallet with … fists. In between work on the sublime poetry, he regularly participated in boxing matches to bet and usually won them. They argued that the training helped them in their mental work.

But is it really? To answer this question, we need experiments were strict, and they were held. It was found that students with well-developed, strong musculature is much easier to learn: they are less tired, more quickly restore power, more time to do it. Similar results were obtained from observations of young engineers doctors, teachers, which was checked by special assignments.

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Do you have everything you need for sports: the shape, stock, desire, time. What's next? And then – to get together and forth to the gym! Now the hardest thing: to put all so that it will take up little space, it was easy, convenient, and, opportunities, beautiful! Uh, no easy task! Something of the above conditions will definitely donate! Of course not! Sports bag, backpack, bag for shoes – that's our choice! How not to get lost in the vast number of proposals? To begin with remember: backpacks, bags, pouches, bags are designed for different purposes in different ways! It is therefore important to define exactly what you will use your purchase. They all have different shape, size and equipped with various pockets and compartments. What should we look for when choosing the most suitable "case" for your equipment? The main thing – shape and size: choose what is right for you! For example, There are bags on a number of volleyball or basketball balls, sports bags to carry equipment for various purposes, and others. If you want to leave your hands free, your choice, of course, the backpack! They are both much larger and less capacious. Thus, the backpacks that can be used in campaigns, allow yourself to fit in more things than backpacks, designed to travel minded and running. The latter are more light and flatter than hiking backpacks. If you face the question of delivery to the gym just shoes, we certainly want to use a special bag.

Dense bottom and comfortable lace-tie will not only quick and convenient to carry shoes, but make your hands more free, because the cord can be used as backpack straps. Of course, skates for figure skating and roller skating will be more convenient to carry around bags. But there is universal models that fit not only for sports but also for travel and travel. Activities and sports reader, please! Sports bags and backpacks – it's not just a place to store and move your fitness level, but also a super – clever design brought to life with new technology! And only the really high-quality sports "case" will live with you long sporting life! Stay form! Tasha Interest

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The only approaches, in both cases occurred on faults or corner kicks but never in a transparent manner. All mano had his best, and only, option to have equalized the contest in the 17th minute when Portuguese Eliseu stepped area behind a wall and proceeded to finish without opposition. However, the ubiquitous Dani Alves was able to put the foot and thwart the auction of zaragocista. Only in the last minutes of this period the team managed to break Jose Aurelio Gay slightly indent match, as he backed toward his goal of a private Barca team ball, although this did not translate into any opportunities. In the second half left the Primera Liga decided to seek the goal of bringing unmatched speed and getting more sense of danger to the area of Barcelona, with a couple of corners followed, including, but leaving more space behind by rival went to the counter driven by a very rapid Messi. In the 53rd minute the visitors and warned of a backlash against three defenders and five in 62 Messi was forced to the center post.

These two moves were a prelude to the second goal in which Messi in the 66th minute, it was all that was put forward to stop beating the Aragonese team’s goal, though locals complained of a player’s previous lack Argentina at the beginning of the play. Despite the 0-2 started as a slab in local players and twelve minutes after Argentina returned to pull out of the hat are female genius and another victory with his third and both of his team. When it seemed appeared the figure of Adrian Colunga freshman to score two goals in just four minutes to 2-3 with just two minutes plus added but again often appeared the figure of the Argentine player to then force a penalty that ended up closing the scoring and illusions zaragocistas. – Fact sheet 2 – R. Zaragoza: Roberto, Diogo, Jarosik, Contini, Ponzio, Edmilson (Lafita, min. 46), Gabi, Arizmendi (Colunga, min. 62), Anderson Hernandez, Eliseu and Suazo. 4 – FC Barcelona: Valdes, Dani Alves, Pique (Puyol, min.

69), Gabi Milito (Marquez, min. 73), Maxwell, Yaya Toure (Iniesta, min. 63), Busquets, Keita, Messi, Ibrahimovic and Pedro . Goals: 0-1. min. 5. Messi, 0-2. min. 66. Messi, 0-3. min. 78. Messi, 1-3. min. 84. Colunga, 2-3. min. 88. Colunga, 2-4. min. 90. Ibrahimovic (penalty). Referee: Delgado Ferreiro, C. Basque. Shown the yellow card to the local Diogo, Contini and Jarosik and visitors Maxwell, Dani Alves and Yaya Toure.

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In addition, the boy in the forest seems to be in good physical shape and shows no signs of violence except for a small scar. Those who have spent time with him say that it is a friendly person that knows how to use cutlery, showering and enjoys playing bowling and watching television, according to the Daily Mail reveals. Now, Ray location is kept secret to scare away journalists while he is interviewed by the police, psychologists and experts in languages that they try to solve the riddle of their origin. Trauma, amnesia or invented fantasy La Interpol, the largest international police organization, it investigates if the young man or his father are on the list of missing persons from the United Kingdom or any other country. The German authorities know that the version given by the mysterious Ray can be a fantasy invented after having fled from home but will continue investigating until they find out the truth.

It is possible for example that He has suffered a trauma that has led him to adopt the identity of the boy in the forest. Psychologists call it a dissociative Fugue, the syndrome suffered by persons who a day embark on a journey and later found in a generally distant place, without remembering how they came, nor exactly who they are. The psychologist of the Humbolt University, Jaap Denisissen, does not rule out that you can treat of some kind of amnesia, after which the teenager began to invent stories that includes his father because perhaps this has some involvement in his loss of memory. Experts, police and journalists are still trying to solve the mystery of the boy in the forest, while no one knows what goes through the mind of the thoughtful Ray. Source of the news: the enigma of the boy who lived for five years in a forest: invention, trauma or amnesia?