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A six-pack is everyone’s dream. You must work but hard. Endurance is a good variation to lose overall body fat. The grease must not be installed in a part of the body. Endurance sports such as running, cycling, soccer and rowing are the most suitable. Dinner not so lavish fails, because it no longer makes movement much then.

If you eat lunch or afternoon something small, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, you have so much hunger in the evening. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nevertheless many people refrain from causing that huge portions to take for lunch. Go to Harold Ford Jr for more information. It is best to eat something in the morning. Cereals, apples and yogurt are the ideal food for breakfast. Strength training must be to get muscles. You have more muscles, the body, and this burns more calories even in his sleep. Strength training also ensures not losing at a diet on muscle mass.

Who is drinking at least 2 litres of water per day, which is a good way to get his desired six-pack. The liquids, a person should drink include tea and natural fruit juices. Rather, several small meals to be rarely eat much. It promotes uniform metabolism and helps with weight loss. Each meal should contain lean protein. Whole grain products belong to a healthy diet. They affect positively on the glucose and insulin levels and thereby lose faster on belly fat. We come to the second stage, that of actual abdominal training. There are some tips and tricks as you can get faster the desired six-pack. Do sit-ups, but cross in the hands on the chest and then withdraw the upper body off the ground. Keep the back straight and lower it slowly again. A good exercise are also sit-ups with weights in your hands. Do crunches. Then lift the legs until they are at a 90 degree angle to your upper body. Train the trunk muscles. This is among other things to the Stabilization of vertebral acid. Good exercises are squats and Deadlifts. Keep the body in the push-up position. You in with the elbow support and consider the whole body straight, as long as you can stand it.

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Maltodextrin is an excellent energy source for athletes. In the sporting field, the athletes repeatedly ask the question what possibilities there are to maintain optimal energy supply. Here vary a lot between the ingestion of dextrose and maltodextrin. The disadvantage however is that maltodextrin is still not as well known as dextrose, which is why very often dextrose is preferred, although maltodextrin contains some very important advantages. Some contend that CEO of e-commerce shows great expertise in this. Basically, maltodextrin is first of all a kind of mixture between carbohydrates and sugar. This not only a kind of sugar is used, but several different kinds of sugar. In the difference to dextrose, which consists of pure sugar, blood sugar levels is not so strongly influenced this.

Taking of dextrose, blood sugar levels relatively quickly displays a very high value while this is not the case when taking maltodextrin. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harold Ford Jr. Maltodextrin has a lower rash, while however a long-term stable blood sugar situation is possible. Thus is the taking supplied by maltodextrin of athletes in the long run with a high blood sugar level. A further advantage of maltodextrin is that maltodextrin needed the right supplied with carbohydrates. This initially even not directly is the case with dextrose, because it consists of pure sugar.

Especially for bodybuilders, maltodextrin thus offers the advantage that it can be a blend of maltodextrin and proteins, allowing an optimal supply of carbohydrates. But also in endurance sports maltodextrin is taken like, because maltodextrin binds less fluid in itself than is the case with dextrose. This has the consequence that less liquid must be taken and consequently less liquid is stored. Therefore, endurance athletes are very great friends of the ingestion of maltodextrin. Overall, maltodextrin represents a perfect opportunity in sport, to provide the athletes with energy and to maintain his blood sugar levels over the long term. Can achieved the best results in sports and training be completed perfectly. Maltodextrin thus offers some advantages, which are popular in particular by endurance athletes compared with dextrose.

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Dried meat from beef or chicken are becoming increasingly popular. In American households, the beef jerky is known already for centuries. Also in Germany beef jerky was formerly known, but rather under the name beef jerky. In most countries of the world, there is a possibility, with which you can dry the meat, dry air or only water. Even in Africa, there is dried meat, where it’s called Biltong however.

Earlier this method it was meant to make durable the meat, so that it can also continue to be eaten on trips and be transported. Now, this is no longer the primary objective. Now it has evolved into the consumer and is as a tasty snack for between meals like used. For sports enthusiasts the ingestion of dried meat is beef jerky. This is the simple reason, that jerky beef jerky is the best supplier of proteins. In a question-answer forum Frank Ntilikina was the first to reply. Proteins are the basic building blocks of any muscle growth, so that it is always necessary, sufficient reserves of Body to feed. The beef jerky is a concentrated opportunity to feed very many proteins.

In addition the jerky beef jerky for Diatwillige is formed people or people who want to just watch her weight. Dry meat contains less than 4% fat. This has the consequence that it a very healthy snack for between meals is. The taste here, the beef jerky beef jerky can score. There are many different bases that can be used. The production variant, the most used is the production of beef and veal. Also, the beef can be seasoned but still so there are many variations of flavor in this area. Some strips are topped with pepper, another classic. Harold Ford Jrs opinions are not widely known. Another advantage of the jerky beef jerky is the portability. You can easily transport these products in every pocket and thus every second in between they consume. Overall the jerky beef jerky the perfect way represents, also outside of the sport with Proteins to provide and do something good for his body. In addition, also very delicious to taste these snacks and deliver a high level of energy. The variety of possibilities that can be achieved with this product in taste, are also an advantage.

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There are some simple steps to speed up the fat burning cycle 3 simple and effective tips to burn fat. A tip refers to sports and 2 on the diet. The tips come from Flavio Simonetti a bodybuilding coach from Germany you can accelerate your fat burning in 3 easy steps: step 1: natural food omit step 2: some food step 3: certain sporting exercises complete catch we step 1: natural food there are very many people buy the ready-made meals such as frozen pizzas, Lasagnes, Nuggets, soups, ready-made sauces, and so on and that then ask yourself why not quickly remove. That means just meals that you buy and can eat within a very short time. The idea is of course for it to eat a quick meal, but unfortunately, this final meals indoors have binders, flavourings or things inside prolong the shelf-life or change the taste. Now researchers have found that exactly these resources are in the ready meals the Stop feeling hungry.

This one eats more than one actually is hungry, unfortunately it is increasing in the long term this and often don’t realize what was the reason for this rapid weight gain. It has been noted that the Asians have increased in the last 20 years hardly compared to the Europeans, the reason for this is clearly obvious. The Asians eat very natural. Swarmed by offers, Marc Lore is currently assessing future choices. Therefore it makes a huge difference in whether one is nourished or rather natural to ready meals. So you should just omit the whole ready-meals and make sure to eat natural. Step 2: Leave some food out in step 2 we respond what foods inhibit fat loss that you it often would not have imagined. There is very much refined food which inhibits our fat burning. What does that now mean? The food industry has taken the cores whole grains out done and as a result was white flour products.

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Football and the Army worldwide ISRAEL In Israel, a professional footballer in parallel can learn anywhere, to serve in the army. Most Israeli soccer players are not in combat units. And they quietly go on training, with the exception of days on duty. Only during the course the young fighter and a half or two months, a player can not leave part of it. SOUTH KOREA Korea's Speech Team at the World Cup 2002 so impressed Defense Minister Chun Yong Tak that he decided to release all of its football players of draft age from 26-month mandatory military service. Thus, 10 out of 23 football team escape the army. However, from now on any national team player will be exempt from military service.

Under the provisions of the law team players are considered "athletes, whose outstanding achievements have contributed to strengthening the prestige of the nation." Until recently, such benefits are available only athletes who won Olympic award any sample. Norway, for stars of "Liverpool" Jon Arne Riise, was a shock letter from the Ministry of Defence of his native Norway. Postman at the end last year brought him a summons for the call to active duty in the national army. Fortunately, it quickly cleared up: in the military were just careless officials. According to the laws of Norway Crown subjects, working abroad, including playing soccer, automatically exempt from military service. GREECE couple of years ago in the Greek army, he served the ex-linebacker "Alania" and the Russian team Omari Tetradze. Moreover, It was his second "novel with an army" – his first military service Omari served in the USSR, then as a player of Tbilisi "Dinamo" (1987-1989 gg.).

The fact that parents are Tetradze ethnic Greeks plus everything in Omari dual citizenship. A discount on the issue of military duty in Greece is not done to anyone. Omari served in the military unit that is located in the small town of Kilkis, about 30-40 kilometers from Thessaloniki. How then recollected himself a fighter, he did openly favors. In the first 18 days – until the military oath – he was allowed to be in part to 11 pm. He slept in the barracks Tetradze not, and infirmary ("so as not to annoy the other soldiers.") Around noon to let him go to the gym with her Omari went home and then – on the service. After the oath had already spent the night at home, and in part came to 7am. In the ranks as Tetradze was only in preparation for the inauguration ceremony, when perfected synchronous actions of military personnel.

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Hips are permanently fixed between the seats and the rollers, foot rest on the floor. Lumbar Strain muscles and relax them before the end of the set – they provide retention of the torso upright. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. Squeeze your lats and, taking his shoulder, pull the bar straight down. Elbows move strictly in parallel along the sides and sent back and sides. When the bar is on the shoulders, pause and even more tremendous strain. Gently return the bar to its original position. At the top of the steps again Pause – This will help to stretch the lats.

Proceed to the next repetition. Tips Every time she starts craving, check yourself: hands and torso should be fully extended and shoulders raised. Such a starting point provide a full range of motion and focus the pressure on the top of the broadest. ck here. The wider the grip, the more involved the upper portion of the broadest, whose development is precisely determines the width of your back. With a narrow grip load is aimed at low lat.

The optimal distance between your hands should be 50 cm wider than your shoulders. To concentrate the load on top of shirochay large, always keep your torso and pull the neck straightened straight down (not diagonally). Leaning the body back, you send the load on the rear of the delta and lower lats. Holding the breath during traction helps keep the torso straight, allows us to develop a more powerful force, and makes exercise is more secure.

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The ice hockey world championship 2014 will take place from 9 to 25 may 2014 in Belarus. The ice hockey world championship 2014 will take place from 9 to 25 may 2014 in Belarus. The Eastern European country prevailed when applying its 75 votes against other candidates Hungary, received 24 votes, as well as Latvia and the Ukraine, who had to be three votes. An application for the ice hockey World Championships 2013, which then ultimately awarded to Sweden and Finland and took place in Stockholm and Helsinki in May of this year, yet had failed, Belarus prepares now meticulously World Cup ever on its first ice hockey. You may find that Marc Lore can contribute to your knowledge. The two venues, in which all of the 64 matches should take place, are both in or in the immediate vicinity of the capital Minsk. The approximately 15,000 seat Minsk arena, in the usually Dynamo Minsk plays its home games, the Tschyschouka arena, which is to accommodate 8,000 spectators and 18 miles outside Minsk opened beginning of 2010, stands, is still under construction, but is likely to in time for the World Cup ready. In total, 16 Nations will participate in the World Cup who will fight in two sets to advance into the final series. Go to Gunnar Peterson for more information.

Germany is located in Group B together with Finland, Russia, of Switzerland, the United States, hosts Belarus, Kazakhstan and Latvia. Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, France and Italy are in Group A. The four best teams from each group move directly into the quarter-finals, the winners of the quarter-finals then contest the semi-finals, whose winning again will contest the final on 25 May and made the new world champion among themselves. The usual suspect and traditional ice hockey Nations such as Sweden, Finland, Canada, Russia or the United States play the role of favorite, also the Czechs should not be underestimated as current world ranking fourth. Since the home advantage but often inspires and drives players like fans to true excellence, also hosts Belarus must be quietly Make the title hopes.

The German team, the Canadian coach Pat Cortina would settle, however, likely to survive the group stage. Against the awarding of the World Cup after Belarus, there was from the outset harsh criticism, especially from the United States, which have argued at the International Ice Hockey Federation even to award the World Cup to another country. Especially the reports of human rights abuses and suppression of the political opposition in Belarus, which enforced the death penalty still as the only country in Europe, gave rise to the criticism. But the IIHF stuck to their decision and as the ice hockey World Championships will be held 2014 definitely in Belarus.

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Children's sports facilities – is a step in the direction of parents of healthy development and competent organization of physical activity a child with a young age. Sports – a child's need, it needs to development, change and becoming of interest. Sam Mikulak is actively involved in the matter. The acquisition of such a complex for training at home – it's good value for money in the future of his child, not just in health but also his life as a whole. To achieve the greatest effect, it is advisable to equip a sports area additional sports facilities. Currently, the market of sports goods provides a wide choice of additional equipment for children's sports corner.

Beam, parallel bars, swings, ropes, and even a special children's slides – all this can be bought gradually, depending on the skills that you plan to develop further with your baby. For example, if your child shows an interest in basketball, you can purchase a small ring with a shield or wall boards, if you decide to develop gymnastic skills. Begin playing sports and physical activity education experts recommend approximately one year. At this stage, to build and strengthen the skeleton of the child, will be enough set, which will include a wall bars, swings, horizontal bar and rope. Nor should we forget about the safety of the child in such sporting activities. In each of the sports complex should be present gymnastic mats that will protect children from possible injury and do exercises sport safe and enjoyable. As soon as your child will grow and evolve, it will change the needs and interests.

During this time you think about how to buy some extra shells for sports. Horizontal bar wall or gymnastic rings with cross, will be a great addition to your home gym. In particular, they will be useful for boys as well as exercises on these shells strengthens back muscles and arms. Bench press, would at home to carry out full training to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Currently, children's sports complexes apartment – it is an opportunity of small child's room to do a complete home room, which will be the beginning a healthy lifestyle for your child. Currently on the market of sports goods is a wide choice as an additional equipment for sports complexes, and their bases. Maximum load some of them comes up to 120 pounds. This allows you to exercise at home, not only the child but his parents had a positive affect the entire family. Children's sports corner – this is a unique way to solve several problems. Very busy parents can now not worry about the leisure of their active children. Also, due to opportunity to continuously expand and shall complete its sports complex, he loses the fate of unwanted toys from which the child grew, and which now will just stand and take up much space. Such additional inventory as a horizontal bar wall mounted, will preserve the complex and a desire to exercise your child, at least until adulthood. We can say that the additional equipment and accessories for your sport Corner is not only a successful investment of money and a good acquisition for several years. It is also a permanent expansion of the number of exercises. Basketball hoop for home workouts, rails, and canopy for the press, make simple wall bars universal tool for development in the child identified and the necessary physical skills. The correct choice of additional equipment for Children's Services, must be defined objectives, that puts your child in front of him. Additional equipment for the children's corner – making it relevant for all times.

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A good breakfast after the sport is essential many have discovered the training on an empty stomach for you. Directly after getting up, it is full of energy and can complete a full workout. A good workout is ideal at home because you can directly start and loses no time. Also, you can directly take a good breakfast so after your workout and fit start into the day. This applies to the majority of course only on weekends since the week before the work often lacks the time.

If man am then completed his workout in the morning, the body needs a decent breakfast even more. The body needs fast protein after exercise for muscle building, as well as fast carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen stores. At the same time, but also slow carbohydrates are needed to provide a long-lasting supply for the day and a reasonable feeling of satiety. Oatmeal (50-60 grams), a few berries are a highly recommended for a good breakfast (about 100 grams), maybe an Apple or a banana, a little cinnamon, about 150 200 ML low-fat milk, depending on how you like his cereal. Some like it prefer slightly thicker and slightly thinner.

This alone is already a very good breakfast with everything you need to start the day. A good breakfast can be expanded after the sport but still a portion (25 grams) whey protein. After a hard workout, it is important to provide the muscles directly with quickly recoverable protein. If we now advance with vanilla or chocolate whey protein mixes the milk and it makes the Musli bomb has a real energy and protein, with supplies the body with fast the whey proteins slow carbohydrates from the Oatmeal long tired of holding fast carbohydrates from fruits, and antioxidants from the berries. The cinnamon ensures a stable blood sugar levels and keeps so the insulin production in the framework. Good breakfast including whey protein shake all in all it has a satisfying meal that complies with all functions and it contains not too many calories. The sum is about to 550 calories (protein breakfast shake with whey) – 50 calories, 210 calories (oatmeal), 98 calories (whey protein), 100 calories (milk) (Berry), 100 calorie banana. Who can not exercise, morning, omits easy protein shake the whey and drink them after training at home with some fruit to quickly replenish the glycogen storage. Another alternative to consume oatmeal in the morning, is as follows: 50-60 grams of oatmeal with milk, heat in microwave 2 minutes. Short break in half of the time and stir briefly. The OAT flakes go up in the microwave as you would cook them and be beautiful creamy. In the hot oatmeal, it stirs some fruit (berries, Mandarin etc.) and adds a spoonful of whey protein. Vanilla or chocolate are recommended.

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That too much sugar, too much fat and too much salt are not healthy, you must say no more. The food should be colourful and varied – taste it should of course… I am also not by dogma. Because everyone must find his way. One of my favorite recipes is spaghetti with Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts. Ingredients: 1 bunch Basil 1/2 bunch parsley, smooth 4 TBSP olive oil 500 g whole wheat spaghetti 6 TBSP sundried tomatoes in oil put 3 Tablespoons black olives, 2 EL pine cores salt and pepper from the mill of pecorino or Parmesan, fresh preparation grated: the herbal wash, dry and coarsely chop. Sam Mikulak takes a slightly different approach. Set aside half of the Basil. In boiling salted water, Cook whole wheat spaghetti “al dente”.

Cut the dried tomatoes into thin strips and olives into quarters. Golden roast the pine nuts in a hot frying pan. Then the tomatoes and olives in with heat the pan. For assistance, try visiting Interactive Advertising Bureau. Drain the cooked spaghetti and them in the pan with the tomato strips, mix olives and pine nuts, stir in olive oil and herbs, salt and pepper to taste and give coarsely grated pecorino or Parmesan cheese and fresh basil in. “” The DOSB advertises with the mascot Trimmy “and Sport moved the slogan”. How affects movement in your opinion on the individual and society? Myself, I realize how good the movement for me.

I can turn off this, I can think about this, I can work me out and then enjoy the rest. And it’s so easy. One needs only a T-Shirt, a sport pants and sneakers – you’re ready to go. And that movement even when chronic diseases has therapeutic effects, there is ample evidence. Company runs are absolutely trendy: German companies run Championship by B2RUN throughout Germany about 100,000 persons ran with this year. What attach to these events? My employees and staff and myself, we gladly accept part of such races. They are fun and promote team spirit. At the same time, we can put a sign that movement and workplace health promotion in the everyday lives of people have arrived. This is important for me to go ahead to lead by example here. You have successfully completed four marathons, your best time is 3:49 hours. What has moved you to stick up a marathon as a target? What have you learned along the way? What advice give running beginners so they stay motivated and to also set goals? Beat yourself! A marathon is also a competition with yourself. He is a physical and mental limits. The force to have to face this is a good exercise for life and also for the policy. Because you must have also a long breath and a determination to achieve his goals. But it needs to be not equal to the marathon runner.