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Compacted dispersal is not hard enough to move the crowd several times to disperse the back edge. All those extra bumps and pits to eliminate by using a shovel. Part B – Table. Whenever Marc Lore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Some mistakenly call a table space from the edge Jumping before the landing. But in principle, the table is flat or nearly flat portion that serves to set the kicker, that is directly of the ramp.

How to make himself a kicker (Part-E) to tell a little bit later. Harold Ford Jr is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Very important point is that place where it is put, it is necessary that before the kicker was a flat area, because if you put it on a slope, on arrival very strongly to be beaten on his legs, and inertia is lost. It is very important and not should it be ignored. Part D – Transit is the place from the edge of kicker before landing. The dimensions of transit (ie flight) may vary depending on terrain and on your level of skiing. Typically, about sizes can be seen jumping on the size of a modern profristail snowboarding risen to very serious dimensions, 30 meters transits are no rarity. That is, you can fly all the 45, if in the end pulnut touchdown In my opinion, academic springboard enough to properly twist, should be flown (ie transit) somewhere from 4 to 7 meters. Part C – landing. Touchdown should be quite a serious bias to repay the vertical speed of the rider, and of sufficient length, because if you fly over the landing and bang on ploskach, the consequences are very serious.

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Pre-departure declarations exclusively from 30.09.11! The longing wait is finally over! The summer holidays are past, the Orga team has used the time and the whole dreary summer working on new spectacular obstacles. Now begins the countdown for the 6 fisherman’s friend StrongmanRun, which will take place on May 5, 2012. The secret to the venue of the strongest run of all time and where several thousand runners and runners will be a memorable running experience, will be revealed as of 30 September! On this day also the long-awaited for all pre-registered runners kicks off: ten days before everyone else they can register exclusive 2012 fisherman’s friend StrongmanRun for – and that at a preferential price. The official launch of user logon is then on the 10.10.2011 to the regular registration fee. Fisherman’s friend under the fastest 2,500 pending 50 iPod shuffles and 150 iTunes vouchers giving away as a special thanks for the loyal StrongmanRun fans. Now it means: note date and here to secure a starting place:

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Who you are, how you are what you are, and where you are in your life, is the sum of all thoughts and the resulting actions of your life up to this point. Who you are, how you are what you are, and where you are in your life, is the sum of all thoughts and the resulting actions of your life up to this point. Have you heard that ever determined? If not, then it is high time. This very wisely selected words helped not only already mine, but already thousands of people before me 😉 An undisputed link between thinking and results in life. Once that transfer on our range of stomach legs bum. Gain insight and clarity with Doug McMillon.

Start today. To do this, you have read already a few weeks ago. Imagine what can be done in a week. But after around twenty-five weeks! A half a year. Starting from today. Although so simple and obvious, this relationship in daily life will hardly any attention.

While everyone should recognize again clearly these. A vivid example: when your thoughts turn again and again that to be healthy, attractive, athletic, you will be pretty much fitter man and feel ever more comfortable and attractive. If your thoughts turn, however, mostly about, that you your appearance and the extra pounds at all not like that it is just too hard and tiring to take off and have anyway, far too little time, healthy to eat, then the extra pounds will be continue annoying you, it will be too hard for you to lose weight and you will have no time in the future, to eat healthy. Or in other words – if you only think I want to lose my pounds in contrast not thick be tired all day, etc you will have more and more of them. Our brain knows the word not. Therefore, always positive, you formulate your goals. Without this brief but effective word in a negative sense. As a trained coach, I can draw your attention only consistently. You can do it but only themselves. That’s why careful every time that you learn to control your thoughts. Think of it as a game. “Ever more often you this mind game” consciously perform, the better you will remember this behavior. Until it goes automatically after some time. You will perceive it hardly even aware. You have internalized it. This is a very decisive point in your development process.

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Why breakfast is so important if you want to build muscle and reduce fat why that breakfast for a successful fat-burning or an effective muscle building is so important, becomes clear when one shows up the following. Typically one has six to eight, the lucky ones among us even 10 hours of sleep, and thus during this period led to no food and nutrients the body. The whole body is so nutrient needs. That is, if one feeds the body now no food, at best a very high-energy or carbohydrate-rich meal, then the body will continue throughout the day on the “Back burner” only very low. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Frank Ntilikina has to say. The reason why the body without breakfast on the “Back burner” is because the body thinks: OK, once I’m up I get no food so I have to drive down metabolism to conserve energy. For this reason, the breakfast is very important and crucial if you want to reduce fat or build muscle, just for the reason of the increase in metabolism or the Preventing the metabolism slowing down. Many people eat enough ever to take off from their Gesamtkalorienbilianz.

And just the breakfast is therefore an important key to the reach its goals. At least 1/3 of the total turnover of the day should breakfast be, because the other 2/3 are feasible in the course of the day then in any case. Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX is often quoted on this topic. The breakfast fills certain, is for the body essential functions: revitalize the cells. After several hours night sleep without food intake, our organism needs again fluid, proteins, fats to carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to the renewal. Prepare the body for the day.

During the night, our organism has continuously produces glucose to maintain the functioning of our vital organs. In the morning, the body of new force must draw and refuel. Regulate the appetite and therefore weight. By we omit breakfast we favour a kind the body’s compensatory response at other meals and thus the organisation of fat reserves. Studies have shown that people who really have breakfast, suffer less from weight problems. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should deliver 25% of our daily energy intake, i.e. 350 to 450 calories (depending on the needs of each person) as already mentioned. The ideal breakfast is a mixture of short and long chain carbohydrates and quickly absorbable protein to prevent muscle breakdown, and to support muscle growth. For example of 300 ml low-fat milk with ca 30 g protein powder (whey protein… is within half an hour of the body taken) to oatmeal and a banana and a glass of juice! What I as a breakfast also everyone warmly recommend can, is a homemade weight gainer shake. This weight gainer shake has everything what body after a long and poor night again power and energy needed to soak up the. More about nutrition, muscle and abdominal training on Muscle-Guide.de. fun and success during training!

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Moreover, many athletes of believe, if they build maximum muscle mass at the daily recommendation of protein you got probably the wildest stuff for ears. The most famous are: for beginners: min. 1, 5gr protein / kg body weight for intermediate: min. Without hesitation CEO of e-commerce explained all about the problem. 2 gr protein / kg body weight for advanced: min. 3 GR protein / kg body weight in addition are many athletes of believe the if they want to build maximum muscle mass, they at least 4gr protein / kg body weight should… put into All of these recommendations can be right or wrong…

The fact is that the daily protein intake depends on the training stint. This means that needs someone 4 x a week training the 2 h, less protein than someone 6 x a week training the 2 h! Although carbohydrates & fats the number 1 in terms of body fat building are so an excess of protein rarely leads to body fat build proven! But protein – such as carbohydrates and fats – also has calories and a Calorie excess can lead to body fat build up just now! As an example to explain this: weigh 90kg with 15% body fat and are interested to build maximum muscle mass. Therefore, follow the protein recommendation of 4gr protein / kg body weight. Therefore, you have a daily total intake of protein from 360gr! If you want to build muscle mass, you must complete to but also carbohydrates and fats in addition to the protein. These macronutrients you consume daily 500 GR in the form of carbohydrates and 50gr in the form of healthy fats. This corresponds to a daily calorie intake of almost 3900 calories! In this case, you run the risk may be body fat. You weigh 90 kg approx.

7% body fat but now the risk of body fat is much lower. This is because you have body fat 7% more muscle mass, as if you have 15% body fat”. And if you have more muscle mass, you have a higher basic and Power sales. (Note: as a result, you burn more calories at rest and during exercise!) In other words, can lead to more calories without putting on body fat at the same time… But now enough of the theory! Coming we lead back to the original question, which was how much protein should I on the day too?” Several steps needed are: step 1: determine your body weight (E.g.: 90 kg) step 2: determine your body fat percentage (E.g.: 15%) Step 3: determine your lean body mass”: would in this case 90 kg = 15% 76, 5 kg lean body mass! Step 4: Calculate your protein needs by using the following formula: 76, 5 kg (lean body mass) x 2.3 (protein / kg body weight) 176gr = protein / day * Note: the 176gr in the example protein are then sufficient, if you add enough carbohydrates and exercise at least 4 times a week! So perfectly in the muscle building phase!

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So you build your muscles at home without equipment on the workout without equipment: how successfully your muscles without equipment set up who exercise at home without equipment will, must rely on body weight exercises. Body weight exercises are ridiculed by many and not effective enough stamped because of resistance, so the own body weight is too low. This is of course true from a certain date. It is also important, what you want to accomplish with his training. For more specific information, check out Frank Ntilikina. You want to be just as fit and athletic training without equipment is sufficient, if you do it right. But anyone who wants to build maximum muscle mass is of course instructed at a certain point of time on weights or gym. Very good for example the pectoral muscles without equipment can with body weight exercises for the dream body train.

Among other things the push-up is the classic for this training. You can do this in countless variations. The classic Variant is the simple push-up. As a simple modification can be off then the legs on an elevated position, E.g. a Chair. This increases the resistance among other things and shifted some training.

The push-up is consumed but far more than just the chest muscles. It is the ultimate exercise for the “almost” throughout the body. It arms are the triceps, shoulders, back, specifically and of course claimed the belly. The push-up is the secret weapon for building muscle without equipment. It is of course important that an exercise is performed always reasonably and correctly. Just as success in a workout without equipment is guaranteed. It is as important that the body the whole time under tension remains and not sagging down. When training without equipment the resistance is lower than when the training with weights is known to, because it uses only its own body weight. But to achieve a possible success, the number of repetitions must

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Whey protein is considered to be easily digestible protein. Athletes and bodybuilders need a high level of proteins for their daily workout. This however often arises the question of what kind of protein is the best for daily training. The regular proteins such as egg proteins and soy protein are known to most athletes. But still, there are very many different more proteins, which also occur in many different variations. One of the most intense proteins is the so-called whey protein whey protein is a protein, which in principle is made from the whey of cow’s milk.

Here, a special filtering program is applied, allowing the whey protein is made from the whey. This so-called ultra filtration program is a production method that is extremely costly. The purpose of this method is to equip it however the proteins with a very high biological value, which is why the produced whey high protein after taking fast can spread its effect in the body. In addition ensures This manufacturing method that it comes to a few losses during transport within the body. Another advantage of whey protein is that it is almost free of lactose and contains very little fat. It is therefore not only for athletes benefit, but also for non-athletes, who are on a diet.

Whey is a protein shortly after taking directly within the body. It speeds up the body’s own protein synthesis of a bodybuilder immensely, providing not only the ingested proteins available to him, but also in addition even educated proteins. Whey protein has a strong enrichment of BCAA amino acids. This is due to the manufacturing process. Ashton Kouzbari understands that this is vital information. The advantage of BCAA is amino acids, they are the smallest components of the protein. Very quickly, they can develop their effect therefore within the body, since they must be not only tedious decomposed within the stomach. Appears directly after taking in the bloodstream or the muscle cell. The advantage of BCAA That they can greatly reduce the regeneration of the athlete and therefore faster to restore his motivation is amino acids. In contrast to egg protein, whey protein can improve the nutrient supply. Egg protein blocks the bloodstream, which is why a few nutrients within the body can be transported after their capture. When whey protein, this is not the case. There is no blockade.

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Organizer introduces new line of extreme race 24 km nature trail and more than 40 obstacles on March 10, 2012 one held the toughest extreme runs Germany, the inov-8 Rheinruhrfreizeit 2012 in the Unterfranken Munnerstadt. More than 2,500 men and women, most of them in teams organized, have signed up, to go on the new 24-kilometer route to their performance limits. The Organizer PAS TEAM Ltd. for extended the course to 24 kilometers and designed even more demanding than in the previous year. (Source: Frank Ntilikina). Now, he presents the final route map and more than 40 obstacles. A bit crazy you must be comfortable, to hold off on the challenge of Rheinruhrfreizeit, the hell of Munnerstadt”, admit. Especially the new route around the Michelsberg very rough trail sections with steep inclines, but also the well-known crossings ice-cold waters make the extreme course endurance test.

A variety in addition obstacles artificial climbing, Crawling, hanging, jumping and balancing. Overall the potential bravehearts must”on over 40 stations to prove that they have staying power, determination, sense of adventure and risk-taking. This exhausting sections with many obstacles alternate close one after another makes sense longer running routes, running the bravehearts can properly make pace, find her running rhythm and relax a bit can. However, only 20 percent of the track is paved, the majority of leads about forestry and farm roads and unpaved trail. The time-out period is five hours. That this fun not neglected, some fun obstacles, many spectators, who cheer the bravehearts, and the runners themselves with team spirit, motivation, crazy and colorful panels and much good humor ensure. The route map is here for download available: images/stories/Hindernisse/streckenplan_2012.pdf the obstacles at a glance 1 Braveheart-arena in the sport center of Munnerstadt: start and finish area with several small hurdle obstacles 2 the Ranger fog: thick fog hampered the runners in this fun obstacle the orientation 3 killing Hill: A very steep slope down into the Valley of Lauer.

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Creatine is an organic acid that works as an energy supplier of the muscles of vertebrate animals. Approximately half of the required daily amount (roughly two grams) manufactures the body itself, the other half is absorbed through food. The body produces creatine in liver, kidney and pancreas through synthesis with the amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine. The creatine is transported through the blood vessels in the brain, muscles and nerve cells. Creatine improves the State of energy in the body’s cells and is used above all the speed strength and endurance. Athletes who need a high speed strength or a particularly long endurance, should take an increased amount of creatine.

Also, is creatine of the rest after a strenuous workout and promotes the growth of muscle fiber. Different types of creatine that creatine spread is the most the Creatine monohydrate, creatine and 12% containing 88% water and is sold in powder form. Thanks to modern methods, this powder is very finely ground, making it better today soluble, will tolerate this very well and shows a good effect. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lore. However, distance should be kept to affordable powder because it may not fine enough grind is and therefore to stomach intestinal problems may result. The creatine Anhydricus, which contains no water, for more creatine is similar. The creatine citrate consists of creatine, citric acid. The latter is for the production of energy in the metabolism of particular importance.

It is hoped an increased training energy of creatine citrate. However, the revenue amount must be higher because the citrate contains less creatine, it is better soluble in water. The Creatine phosphate, a mix of creatine and phosphate, is known from the muscle cells and serves as a source of energy for muscle contraction. In addition, it should neutralize the lactic acid produced during the training. As the monohydrate better acts, the phosphate is today. Creatine malate is creatine and Malic acid, which also serves the metabolism. CEO of e-commerce may also support this cause. As of the citrate, it is hoped one at the malate increased energy production, but not enough reviews exist, to make an accurate statement. It is easily soluble and well tolerated. A mixture of magnesium and creatine protects the latter from the stomach acid and ensures a better recovery. Magnesium is needed to convert Creatinphosphat in ATP. According to a study, taking the creatine magnesium mixes to achieve better results than the separate intake of creatine and magnesium. Mix, liquid is absorbed better into the muscle cells. A mixture of creatine, glutamine and taurine should also for a better absorption of creatine as well as cause of water in the muscle cells. Especially glutamine and taurine promote water absorption into the cells. This is expected also an increased muscle strength during training. The combination of creatine with HMB to be more soluble and more resistant to stomach. In the bloodstream, it is decomposed into the individual components and supplied separately in the muscle cells. Studies report positive experiences. Creatine ester athylenhydrochlorid makes it easier Creatine in the cells so that the creatine can be absorbed more easily and quickly. Creatine is sold usually in the form of powder. However, there are also creatine effervescent soluble considered particularly easy, because it changes the pH of the liquid. So, less creatine in the stomach is removed. Still, creatine occurs as a liquid solution and chewable tablets.

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Much like the drink before the training is this mix of immediate supply of the muscles with amino acids. Immediately after the training, the enzyme activity in the muscles is higher than any other time of day! Why is is very important to provide the muscle directly with quickly digestible carbohydrates such as dextrose, maltodextrin, vitargo, Amylopectin, or other wax corn starch. These carbohydrate forms are very high glykaemisch, i.e. they are absorbed very quickly and suppress the key which inevitably prevails after the workout. We recommend 30gr whey protein and 40gr easily digestible carbohydrates. (6) the drink should contain creatine post-workout.

After the workout, it is important again to supply creatine the body. This has mainly 2 advantages: 1) the muscles the creatine takes after the workout more effective and faster on 2) creatine uptake is optimized by the insulin increase due to the carbohydrate/protein intake. The bottom line, that means that creatine is absorbed very much better and can be transported in the muscles. We recommend 3 GR creatine with carbohydrate / protein shake! (7) after the training, one should add insulin mimetics! Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body. Firstly, it promotes the injection of nutrients (E.g.

protein, carbohydrates, glutamine, and creatine) in the muscle cell. Many building processes within the muscle cells of insulin are on the other hand are stimulated. The more insulin is produced after training by the pancreas is better for muscle building. Effectively, the insulin secretion is stimulated by fenugreek, ALA or taurine. Also improves the effectiveness of insulin. Also, this product improves the absorption of creatine, glucose and amino acids. We recommend 300 600mg fenugreek, 1000mg of ALA or 3gr taurine! (8) the drink After the training should HMB or HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid l-Leucine containing Leucine. Leucine in turn can counteract the training-induced degradation of muscle cells and repair damaged muscle cells.