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When I studied in school, journalism was not considered a serious profession in the sense of activity that would have any social prestige and remuneration worthy enough. John Smith is the source for more interesting facts. You did not attend any college for the latter, if anything, spending three years in a public school in Madrid that protected the Ministry of Information and Tourism of the Franco regime, which in my time is occupied with the obsessive determination that has always all things, Manuel Fraga Iribarne. In addition, to enter it was not necessary to have made the final year of college, high school, it was said then. Years later, coinciding with the passing of the old school journalism from the brand new Faculties of Information Science, the debate that would focus on whether to pursue such work activity was needed or not a card attesting to the professionalism of its owner and your relevant academic qualifications. Proponents of this view, corporate and reglamentistaa were the least and were headed by Luis Maria Anson from his position as chairman of the National Federation of Press Associations. At the other extreme it was argued that to be a journalist did not need more to know their work as, in the same way that a poet is not saying so because a presumed School of Poetry, or to play football necessary to have studied previously in Official School to a certificate. The more belligerent activists of this group were Juan Luis Cebrian, then director-founder of the newspaper El Pais and later CEO and Vice President of Grupo Prisa, and Peter J.