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The fact is that while more guarantees it offers to the Bank, best are the conditions of commercial interests, which rotate between 80 – 10% per year. Rules of funding to study MBA are the same in any market, but students will have to guarantee school where he came. This softens your way to get money and allows you to pay later. Already in the schools of second line, some warranties could be having residence in the country and the increased interest payment or even a payment in advance. A related site: Marc Lore mentions similar findings. Share funds only are released by international banks. Truth: In Brazil, for example, there is no any bank that has lines of competitive financing for international MBAs. The trend for the future is that the student store much of their resources to pay for the course and depend less on foreign banks financing, ends Viviana. It is necessary to have a fluent English to pass the TOEFL myth: of course for those who have a fluent English, pass the TOEFL will be easier, even reaching the notes asking for the most demanding schools.

However, doing preparation courses, students will have a significant improvement in your English. The TOEFL is a technical English. The same applies to the GMAT verbal section, i.e. the student needs to learn technical English defined for these tests, says Viviana. Often, students who work with English-speaking people think that they have good command of the language, but they are far from knowing really something more academic, and not for that reason cease to succeed in negotiations, adds.

The best universities only accept those who have a good academic record. Myth: This is the GMAT, it would be impossible to know if the student’s good performance is due to its quality or because the school attended was weak. Of course, some schools graduation are known for the MBA (POLY, FGV, USP) and already indicate that the student He attended a good school in Brazil, said Viviana. Depending on the country, it is essential to speak the local language. Truth: There is no need to have fluency in the language of the country where the student will study. However, the school forces to make a local language during the MBA course.