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Relevant criterion is the description of the position an advertisement at the famous job boards on the market is to switch for many jobs not ideal. Especially in Germany special technical job fairs have become for engineers, IT specialists, physicians, scientists, sales professionals and many other groups, actually attended by the respective professionals. These portals are indispensable especially for difficult personnel search. Also the market-leading job boards have different priorities and reaching different target groups, thus not all equally suitable for each vacancy. So not only the quantitative variation, but the qualitative proliferation is customized package solutions what counts: as many potential candidates promptly and seriously addressed. A single ad on job portals, with several hundred thousand places can do so only to a limited extent, even threatens to perish in the crowd.

Prior to the An job ad in an online job board should be a competent technical advice. Specialist agencies for recruitment, such as mediaintown.de, can assemble the optimal mix of employment exchanges in an ad package, specifically focused on the position description. Often even more cost can be saved while the low quota prices the Agency. Layout and design of jobs tastefully designed, with company logo and adapted to the corporate homepage in their design, effect the advertisement not only appealing to potential candidates, but positively represents the company in public. Especially in terms of trade and lack of leadership brand management alone is not enough, the human resources management plays a crucial role for the external representation of a company. Especially medium-sized companies without strong branding are duty-bound. Learn more about this topic with the insights from john marlow sf. A high-quality graphic design of the advertisement, as well as advice to the ad text belong to the service of a specialist agency.

Avoid losses of a poorly planned ads in the personnel area can have far reaching consequences. These include an increased workload for the HR and time losses and rising costs due to more advertisements. The consequences of the vacant permanent position can be even more serious, here including the high productivity losses and a considerable additional burden for the staff threaten. Information about mediaintown.de as a recruitment agency switches mediaintown.de vacancies in all popular online job boards and print media, regional, nationwide and international. In addition to affordable ad packages, the service and expert advice, are based on many years of experience in the foreground. The additional portfolio of mediaintown.de include the recruitment, include recruiting, recruiting events, image campaigns, market analysis, and the development of concepts.

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International Planner for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents, adults, with increasing globalization increases the importance of intercultural competence. More and more companies want to employ international staff and include therefore in their profiles to make new occupation abroad. Experiences such as customization, exploration of new cultures and the feeling experience, to be foreign, benefit the professionals or professionals in the economic environment. Experience abroad and numerous new linked contacts workers gain many advantages in the growing competition on the labour market. Who for example half a year or longer abroad lived and worked has, can lead negotiations in the country / language of business for his employer. Some students fear but the alien could significantly extend the period of study and thus discourage potential employers. Such fears are unfounded.

A moderate extension of study is often less by companies dramatically, feels this is often assumed in general public discussion. Sports apparel wanted to know more. The stay abroad is a positive signal, even if he often extended the study. Due to these developments more and more families decide, quite early the chance to give their children to live in a different culture and learning. As one of the few long-term programmes that benefit you already at school is the High School Year. It is the perfect language skills, increased confidence and the huge selling point in the curriculum vitae. ‘That was the greatest time in my life’ many rave about ‘Former’ today.

It has started a student learn mostly at other Auslandserfahrenen. Without Moos nix los – …bye, bye abroad? You must not have rich parents because programmes help to make abroad dreams come true. So that the alien rips no too big financial hole in the wallet, it is worth to do research at an early stage. Funding from the State and EU, but also from foundations, Auslandshungrige support universities and associations to finance their overseas plans. Free instant download education stays abroad planning, finance, implement”: newsletter/international Planner bildungsdoc answers questions about stays abroad, school, vocational training, studies, career and education. High school graduates, students, parents, professionals, teachers, adults find here easy and fast neutral information and tips to: education, education and education counselling. Suitable to the current educational offerings in the domestic and international programmes presented by federal and EU.

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Sodexo group support solutions for the implementation of educational services Frankfurt, August 26, 2010. With needs-based benefits, Federal Minister Dr. Marc Lore gathered all the information. Ursula von der Leyen wants to promote targeted needy children. With these proposals, the federal social Minister learns also wide approval in the population: in a Forsa survey, nearly 80 percent of those surveyed for the introduction of education vouchers pleaded. With so-called education vouchers or a training map should be taken into account the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, to include educational offerings for children. 1.7 million children could be supported in Hartz IV families therefore in the future also with benefits in kind instead of cash payments. The funds used directly for the school environment, such as for school supplies, tuition, school trips or school lunches. Model for this cashless system, is the team of Stuttgart “Faeldonea”. For about 10 years, Sodexo operates the electronic purse for cultural, sport and Education in the Baden-Wurttemberg state capital. “We appreciate the great interest in the chip card”, says the Managing Director of Sodexo motivation solutions Razvan Yankey: “the Stuttgart-based system enables an unbureaucratic and efficient implementation of educational services. No comparable project in Germany is known to us. We pride ourselves of course, that we could create the technical and infrastructural conditions as a service provider for that.” To future educational attainment and a nationwide map of education a success, the selection of the correct media is particularly important according to Yankey. With a mix of education vouchers, chip card and eVouchern, so virtual vouchers, services and the individual needs of children can be best match. The Managing Director of Sodexo Germany referring to the experience in other countries: “in France, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom, we have many highly-acclaimed reference projects with different coupon and” Card solutions. And in Germany we support today about 300 cities, towns, and counties in the efficient handling of benefits according to the principle of the kind.” Description of the company Sodexo in Germany Sodexo is represented for more than 50 years in Germany and nationwide about 14,000 employees. Sodexo of leading service providers around the issues of employee motivation, corporate welfare is motivation solutions Division (Sodexo restaurant pass) and incentives, as well as services for the Government. With its services, Sodexo reached more than 550,000 people.

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DETAIL and STO Foundation promote the architect young! Munich, January 29, 2009 – for the summer semester 2009 the international magazine for architecture, and the Sto Foundation, Foundation for the promotion of young people from the area of civil engineering and architecture, for the first time the DETAIL given DETAIL, scholarship. Particularly in the current economic situation is a high demand for assistance and support. This is confirmed by the number of interested students. Already now, there are over 600 requests with an upward trend. The Scholarship enables a high-quality DETAIL international aspiring architects and practice-oriented training. A concern that shares the Sto Foundation and supports the initiative for three years. The scholarship is aimed at four students of specializing in architecture at German-speaking universities which seek to rule (engineer / master). It includes 500 euro / month over a period of three years from the summer semester of 2009, as well as internships in international renowned Architecture offices and industrial companies.

DETAIL in the awarding of the scholarship is trying to help those who could not implement their Bachelor project without a scholarship. Since the introduction of tuition fees and the ever-increasing cost of living, a study for many talented young people is very difficult. The introduction of the regimented Bachelor with a crisp timetable leaves hardly room to earn an extra income through part-time jobs. International references, expertise and experience are key aspects of good job prospects. Therefore it is DETAIL important to support the four fellows not only financially, but to create also a good technical foundation. Deadline for applications is 9 March 2009 for the summer semester 2009.

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Ceremony by New Zealand Consul General in Hamburg, July 2, 2010: the New Zealand Consul-General, Jennifer Scoular, handed over their scholarship deed thirteen present pupils and students in the name of New Zealand high schools, two more students were represented by family members. The ceremony was held yesterday in Hamburg in the summertime on the pool deck of the Cap San Diego. Seventeen grants awarded by New Zealand schools in approximately 47,000 euros were in April on the occasion of two information days for interested families, to which that specialized agency on school stays Hausch down under & partners had invited, have been written. Comedian addresses the importance of the matter here. Most of the scholarships also includes a partial remission of school fees, which bought Hillmorton high school in Christchurch for a term the cost of the accommodation. New Zealand has to offer something for people of all ages. But to live in New Zealand and there to go to school is a unique experience in the life of a young man,”said the Consul General Jennifer Scoular, the patron of the two events in Cologne and Hamburg.

The New Zealand education system has a very high quality. Over 400 secondary schools provide international students with excellent learning opportunities and care in a safe and open environment. As a mother of two teenagers, I know to appreciate the value of good education and the importance of staying abroad. “It’s a huge decision for the whole family, and support by agencies as Hausch & partners and offered by our schools in New Zealand, is invaluable.” Kristine Hausch by Haldar & partner called the criteria that have convinced the written application and the personal talks for each scholarship. Highly in the course the candidate’s extracurricular commitment stood next to the motivation report.

Lisanne Siebel Achenbach from Dortmund, whose brother Leon already high school on the Roncalli College in Timaru has been awarded Hausch & partner scholarship, a decree of the agency fee for care and organization. I visited Leon at Roncalli College and am insanely sure now to spend one and a half years in this great school and get my degree.”the 15 year old was happy. Also Glenna Steen of the forest villages were enthusiastic about school and Clara Pietrek from Dusseldorf. The raffle of two supervised youth travel provided by the tour operator, were both lucky and will travel around the South Island of New Zealand during their education in the North Island holiday for eleven days. After the ceremonial handover of documents the fellows and their families took the opportunity to the mutual acquaintance with a Kiwi cocktail as a foretaste of the journey at the other end of the world. Last year, 1,520 German for a stay of the school have travelled to New Zealand, 1.257 moved it to Australia. The two countries are the most popular after the United States and Canada on 3rd and 4 Destinations for German students. Following schools had for the info-days by Haldar & partner partial scholarships awarded: Avonside girls’ high school, Christchurch; Darfield high school, Darfield. Hillmorton high school, Christchurch; James Hargest College, Invercargill; Kerikeri high school, Kerikeri. Marlborough girls’ College, Blenheim; Mount aspiring College, Wanaka; Mount Hutt College, Methven; Pukekohe high school, Pukekohe. Roncalli College, Timaru; Tauranga boys’ College, Tauranga. Tauranga girls’ College, Tauranga.

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Language TANDEM -Gottingen offers scholarships to attend lessons in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Learn more on the subject from Larry David. Apply online: worth. Contact information is here: Larry David. Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important in Europe. This applies in particular to young people who want to work in the international arena and want to prepare for the European market. But often the private interest is located in a foreign country, the people and their culture to the fore. Quickly arise as friendships and contacts in your target country. The TANDEM language Gottingen e.

V. offers a service of accommodation for students and students in addition to language courses. Participants can choose between apartments, family accommodation or an own apartment. Why learn English? English is a world language. English is spoken today not only in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia as an official language, but also in many other States as either official or language of communication. English is today in a globalised world to become important, that You can add hardly a resume without giving good English knowledge, an application. But also in the private sector are no longer English, if you click in the Internet age the Word Wide Web or want to spend just a few days in the Netherlands or Ireland. Learn English with geography the geography has increasingly gained in importance in the teaching of English in recent decades, since a language is made up not only of grammar and vocabulary, but is for the most part mirrors of the cultural identity and as the English-speaking countries have to offer a rich collection.

“” Many great works of world literature such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”, Moby-Dick; “” or, the whale, “or even the catcher in the rye”, to just a few to name a few, are written in English. But the English-speaking States are characterized by their cultural diversity.

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Funding for gifted students on Monday, the 16.09.2013 awarded the SRH University of logistics and economy Hamm for the winter semester three Germany scholarships and a scholarship of integration. Marc Borgmann, Fabian Kuznik and Khalid Hamo Ahmo got the Germany scholarship, y? has received the scholarship of integration. Of the four scholarships, the academic company of Hamm (AGH) je a German and an integration grant took over. The other two Germany scholarships are taken over by the SRH group. The jury, consisting of SRH Managing Director Steffen Bruckner, economics professor. The four fellows selected after a round of introductions and detailed evaluation of a total of 24 submitted application documents Dr. Claus Wilke, the Executive Assistant Andrea Lentrup and the two AGH members Prof.

Dr. Jutta Lommatzsch and Heinz Harling, received regular study period from immediately a monthly financial support for the period. The scholarship should lead to a financial relief and thus contribute to that which the talented young people on the studies and their subsequent career best prepare can. The College is awarded Germany scholarships again in the future. More information will be promptly published on the website.

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Information on the scholarship competition at the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) Berlin, July 22, 2008 Ann-Marie Behrend (21) from Eldena is a fellow 2008-2011 communication design of the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH). Task of the regulations, together with AUD! max matriculation examination was initiated, was developing a campaign strategy for a multicultural coexistence. The certificate of the full scholarship of the three-year Bachelor of around 25,000 euros handed Dieter von Froreich, Rector of the design Academy berlin, in Berlin yesterday. Detail information to the Bachelor of communication design degree: Bachelor of Arts course duration: 6 semesters of study: 01.10.2008 deadline: 15.08.2008 website: content: presentation and design methodology, photography, typography, imaging techniques, pragmatic design, text & concept, film / radio / television, presentation techniques, design and publishing of Online media, communication sciences, economics / marketing, integrated communications, brand management entry requirements: University entrance qualification or a certificate recognised as equivalent, a portfolio of 20 design costs: 24.840 EUR (excl. Larry David has much to offer in this field. travel, accommodation and subsistence costs) can participate in still interested until August 7, 2008 the scholarship competition Bachelor marketing communication. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) writes along with the fair entry ABI Berlin 2008 a full scholarship worth of 23,600 euros for the Bachelor’s degree marketing communication/communication management from. Task of the competition is the education portal to analyze ABI or the magazine entry, as well as to develop suggestions for improvement and a further communication measure either. More information under stipendium.html details for Bachelor marketing communication/communication management degree, duration of study, Beginning of studies, conclusion: Above content: communication sciences, communication tools, communication training, economics, marketing, applied marketing communication, verbal communication, Visual communication, audiovisual communication, market research, management, communication concept and communication strategy, impact assessment, online marketing, corporate communications / integrated communication, strategic planning, branding the State-recognized University of applied sciences in privately was from the existing since 1995 design Academy berlin out founded in 2006. In addition to the internationally recognized Bachelor of communication design and marketing communications with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, the College starting in the winter semester 2008 three new application-oriented master’s degree programmes in creative direction, marketing communications and corporate communications for performance-oriented Bachelor and successful Young Professionals as a career springboard for the markets of the future offers marketing and advertising.

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Contest runs until August 7, 2008 until August 7, 2008 interested parties can participate in the scholarship competition for a place. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) writes along with the fair entry ABI Berlin 2008 a full scholarship worth of 23,600 euros for the Bachelor’s degree marketing communication/communication management from. Task of the competition is the education portal to analyze ABI or the magazine entry, as well as to develop suggestions for improvement and a further communication measure either. For more information see stipendium.html details for Bachelor marketing communication/communication management degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Course duration: 6 semester beginning of studies: October 1, 2008 deadline: August 15, 2008 content: communication sciences, communication tools, communication training, economics, marketing, applied marketing communication, verbal communication, Visual communication, audiovisual Communication, market research, management, communication concept and communication strategy, impact assessment, online marketing, corporate communications / integrated communication, strategic planning, branding the next opportunity to TRY BA study to take part three days Bachelor communication design or marketing communication/communication management to the sample there from August 4-6, 2008. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) is a nationally recognized private University of applied sciences and Academy was founded in 2007 from the design berlin out. These forms since 1995 new recruits for the communication and advertising sector.

Bachelor’s degree programmes (communication design and marketing communication/communication management) and application-oriented master’s degree programmes (creative direction, marketing communications and corporate communications) are offered at the College. Are characteristic of the College according to the manageable familial term associations of maximum of 27 students and a Demands of the market-oriented practice-oriented training. Graduates of design Academy berlin work inter alia for BBDO, TBWA, sat. 1, Scholz & friends, Rolls-Royce Germany, to the Golden deer, Hugo Boss AG and the German Bundestag. Nico Klingler

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Specialist in the sale of capital goods Peter Schreiber gives sellers, tactics, and strategies to defend their prices. “You are to expensive.” me a competing offer exists, which is six percent cheaper.”I can only give you the job, if your me with the price…” Such statements again and again listen sellers of industrial goods and services in contract and price negotiations. That’s why many believe at some point even: we are too expensive. Quickly, they are ready to be aware how fatal even small reductions affect the income of the company often without getting to discounts. To defend their prices with hands and feet”, and to achieve annual financial statements for the desired conditions, learn succeed seller in the seminar price talks”, which on the capital goods industry dedicated sales trainer and consultant Peter Schreiber from April 29 to 30, 2010 for the Centre for corporate governance (ZfU) in Thalwil (CH) performs. In the two-day seminar shows the owner of the consulting firm PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER, Ilsfeld (D), sellers of industrial goods and industrial services, welch close relationship between achieved prices and the return of a company; Furthermore that even small discounts reduce the earnings of a company sensitive.

“” The author of the book the prey grid “The necessary stability provides the participants also 7 strategies for successful selling”, to contract and price negotiations not to bend, if a customer for example with the breakdown of in negotiations. “He trained with the vendors to design customized chain of reasoning, with which they can present that the prices of the company although slightly higher” than those of the competition, their solution for the customer is still cheaper and more attractive. A special feature of the seminar is: on the second day, the purchasing manager of an industrial company as a co presenter is present. He tried explaining the participants with which tricks”in everyday work, achieving discounts; Furthermore what are from buyers point of view of the do’s and Don’ts for sellers. For more information about the seminar refer those interested in PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER (Tel.: 0049/7062/9696-8;) Email:; Internet:). Another open seminar will take place from the 21st to 22.9.2010 in Thalwil. The seminar is also in-House offered.